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  1. ? didn't 'crop' anything I'm afraid.....and why feel the need to visit? It tells you underneath the avatar.....
  2. Spiv spiv spiv spiv Easdale brothers spiv spiv spiv This could be like when I had delight in putting ''Bin Laden'' in white text in most of my posts on various forums a few years back, simply to piss off the Yankee monitoring agencies And I note it is only 'spiv' he is worried about, and nothing to do with the fire raising drug dealing gangster allegations that are the norm for that pair.
  3. If I remember correctly, you denied it at the time. Itzdrk or the troll? I think went on my profile and , yep, you were last one there. Then a few screenshots went up. Strangely though, under the 3 above of afca32, guess who was second last visitor each time
  4. My point is I threw McKees name out there to see what developed............Gareth straight in within seconds. The afca32 account I think is Gareths back up / dotting one. So even members of the alias squad have multiple accounts. I have never came across afca before, on any thread, yet he goes on a dot rampage....seems legit....... Last year Gareth haunted my profile every few hours, I posted the screen grabs at that time. Afca32 is doing similar...... So 'they' have the same mannerisms, and Gareth was in like a whippet with the Nelson in minutes. Viewing someones profile constantly, seems a wee bit creepy LM, feel free to deflect/differ.
  5. Ah, it is Gareths then....explains a lot...
  6. Is afca32 McKee? I know he is SlimCharles, but he has been reddieing random posts the last couple of days so I must have ripped his knitting , which was McKees modus. Low count poster, gotta be an alias,
  7. So a wee bit cheaper than Rangers/Sevco/The Rangers International At least they have the right colours....... eta.... though not originally.... didn't know Sean Dundee played for them either....
  8. Dammit, only now do I see tinkerbelle beat me by 3 mins (other page), kick in the
  9. Never checked at the time, but how is Mr Kings South African fitba club getting on? Mind, he paid the Bearz price for it ----1R eta(is a Rand cheaper than a £?)
  10. The richest man in Norn died in that helicoptor crash in Norfolk the other day.... I wonder if his son is a bear?
  11. Lost a score on City minus 2 earlier but a 93rd min goal from Everton and a 3 goal comeback capped with a 92nd minute strikefor the Arabs means both my afternoon lines came up. Gutted I didn't roll the 6 together with a fiver or so..
  12. Wesley Warren Jr dead at 49. http://m.tmz.com/2014/03/14/130-pound-scrotum-wesley-warren-dead/ Was the subject of last years TV thang " the man with the 10 stone testicles". this thread will go nuts for puns now...\0/ waves at sarge, zen etc etc
  13. Bollox. Smith wasn't that good. Now that also throws up the Independence issue, why the feck aren't the Tories behind it? ''Labour'' , would never ever ever gain power in England again.
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