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  1. This is getting boring [emoji42][emoji42][emoji42] I Hope Darvel win everything this year and progress the way they plan..The cavemen will soon be quiet
  2. Try Marquis Fabrication in coatbridge, It wouldn’t be hard to fabricate/convert a shipping container into a stand. Would be a good project for these guys and cant see it being anymore than 5k-10k. Pretty straight forward work, Installing upstands for support and steel profiles for shape
  3. I can see this post from both sides, You appreciate what’s been done and how far he has taking the team, But it’s painful to watch when the players are strolling around not caring and picking up a wage. I would give the manager the time he deserves to evaluate what’s happened in today’s game and see what the rest of season brings. Changing a manager isn’t always the best option especially one with such a strong community backing. Great progress has been made and I think he’s a good manager, It’s frustrating as you want the best for your team. Time will tell if it’s just a blip
  4. Terrible decision never a penalty it was a shoulder challenge and the Maryhill boy was stronger, Very soft
  5. Great idea, I enjoyed the first match they had v Ardeer. I will be there on Friday nigh, away end of course 🤣
  6. *Disclaimer - Can only play in winter months due to frying in the summer
  7. Ardeer Thistle F.C. are now taking applications for the vacant managers position. Any interested parties please contact Peter Mcblain on - 07767898818 Thanks
  8. [emoji23][emoji23][emoji23] It’s all in the name of banter sir gimp.
  9. I feel embarrassed after reading that...what a gimp
  10. Cheers scotty you’ll all be missed, will catch up with you soon [emoji1303]
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