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  1. Well lot's of very different views on how the league will pan out. But that's what we want, and I think we will get, a season of intrigue and unpredictability. Who know's the student team's to unravel gem's to keep them competitive. The 'Big' teams to power on, or maybe not. What price 'Fergie' at Kelty bites the dust before Christmas, ok maybe not then but Easter anyway, lol. Spartans have missed the boat as to promotion to the SPFL, maybe not always seem to recruit well. The favourites, East kilbride, these days go about their business much quietly, almost paid off last season. Don't be fooled this years Highland League Champions won't be as intent on promotion to the League, EK and such like take note. Cove Rangers last year were determined to get promotion, other teams in highland League lack the ambition
  2. 1. East Stirlingshire 2. BSC Glasgow 3. East Kilbride 4. Bonnyrigg Rose 5. Spartans 6. Kelty Hearts 7. Civil Service Strollers 8. Edusport Academy 9. Berwick Rangers 10. University of Stirling 11. Gala Fairydean 12. Cumbernauld Colts 13. Edinburgh University 14. Gretna 15. Vale of Leithen 16. Dalbeattie Star
  3. University of Stirling 4-0 St Andrews United, as per usual quite a few changes to the university squad.
  4. What's all the fuss about boundaries, Clubs have to be willing to leave the 'juniors' to make this an issue. Seems to be if you are 'north' of a certain point you go into, for eg a north region league to go into pyramid via Highland League eventually, really? Highland League is a closed shop. So if for instance Tayport decided the way forward was to get licenced and move into the pyramid why would EoS be a bad idea, the bulk of the travelling is down to Tayport in most cases the other sides would only travel to Tayport once a season. But then again I don't ever see a time where all clubs will be part of a pyramid, there are teams out there that don't want in.
  5. Considering teams have been, and are still in the Lowland league without lights, I really think commonsense should prevail here and give Bonnyrigg time to get the work done. But can SFA and commonsense go together? As the floodlight rule came in late think this should have been this is what is happening from x date giving clubs the opportunity to get work carried before applying. So if it is true that the application will be reconsidered I hope it is favourable, but the way it has all been handled it has been totally unfair on both Bonnyrigg and Whitehill as neither knows what is happening, how can they plan for next season until they know the outcome. With regards to the teams without lights in the LL, at what point will they be required to have them in order to renew their licence?
  6. Lowland League stated at their meetings that the bottom team would be relegated, even if it took applications to fill the vacancy. So doesn't look very hopeful for Whitehill the league also stated the relegated team could apply if it was application process but having no lights is an obvious reason to reject their application.
  7. The Lowland League stated at their previous two meetings that the bottom placed team, which is 15th placed Whitehill would by the league rules be relegated. In the event of a vacancy being open then an application process would open to anybody that filled the criteria. It didn't matter if as in this case the champions Bonnyrigg were unlicensed, the rules stipulate bottom placed team is relegated, so now the application process will be dealt with, and it is the league committee that will decide on the best applicant.
  8. Apparently Dalbeattie are going nowhere, LL meeting last week stated team 14 will not be relegated.
  9. I am not really into the licence criteria, seems in some cases you just groundshare with a league club and on you go. I hear talk of something in the region of 17 clubs applying for a licence. Now I have been told it will become more difficult for clubs to gain a licence as one thing in particular that they will now require is floodlights. So that raises two questions for me which I hope the experts on here could maybe answer, first one regards licence criteria, if clubs need floodlights in order to obtain this licence, what happens to clubs already licenced that don't have lights, will they have a deadline to upgrade their grounds or will they at some point become unlicenced, and therefore possibly demoted. Second part is the licence gains entry to the Scottish Cup, will the SFA keep expanding the competition or will the clubs play a qualifying competition that doesn't carry any prize money.
  10. I have a couple of questions for the experts on P&B. Now that Edinburgh City have become Champions, I presume they will enter play-offs to possibly gain promotion to the Scottish League. Questions are: Currently playing at Meadowbank, if they win play-off's will they be accepted to the league? Going back to a report I heard on TV a while ago, redevelopment plans at Meadowbank, includes demolition of stadium, what would become of Edinburgh City then?
  11. I spend a lot of time in the Stirling area, following no-one in particular, going to whatever game appeals to me most. Also look through club & league websites, forums etc to try and keep up with the game. Which brings me to Dunblane Thistle, not been able to get to one of their games since the turn of the year, but looking at the facebook page I see they have a 'new' defender Atkins. Anybody know where they signed him from? I did know of an ageing defender at Stirling University called Atkins, he has disappeared from there, thought he had retired, surely its not him, what was that name some of the university fans called him...............Oh Yes, own goal Atkins, seemingly he knocked one or two of those in. Interestingly enough this weeks fixtures include Stirling University v Dunblane, might be my choice this week.
  12. Good Luck to Edinburgh City and Spartans, hope at least one gets through, be disappointing to see both teams put out at this stage.
  13. A mate of mine posts on here regularly its not something that I'm really into, but he kept telling me that the predictor league hadn't been updated for a while. Now I hope I don't offend Cicero here but I checked over the predictions for October and this is what I came up with. But as its Cicero's league it is an unofficial update. Pos Prev Pos Score Predictor Oct Points 1 1 366 Cicero 77 2= 4 352 happy gilmore 80 2= 7 352 Voice of (t)reason 102 4 2 351 doodle 65 5 3 344 Hoofhearted 63 6 5 342 snowball 73 7 6 339 heedthebaa 88 8 8 329 dillinger 83 9 9 323 Jute 88 10 12 311 BassRock 95 11 10 293 Mr Hardy 64 12 13 292 Gophers Assistant 87 13 16 275 mancinirules 79 14 11 267 pantaloon 40 15 14 256 dal45 55 16 18 226 Grim O'Grady 57 17 15 199 gretnascotty 0 18 17 182 GZA 0 19 21 53 madara_666 31 20 19 40 Vale21 0 21 20 30 GerryB 0 22 -- 19 secret_admirer 19 23 22 14 young pretender 0 24 -- 13 cabbageandribs 13 25 23 8 ekboy 0 26 24 4 EdinburghCitybyname 0 Therefore, Predictor of the Month (October).......Voice of (t)reason 102 other top scores BassRock 95 heedthebaa 88 Jute 88 Gophers Assistant 87 The ONLY predictor to do better each week with scores of 9, 13, 14, then a 21 Grim O'Grady Top Score 4/5th 29 heedthebaa 11th 28 Voice of (t)reason 18th 26 Voice of (t)reason 25th 39 Gophers Assistant
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