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  1. Simon marriot transfer list

    Armadale thistle have placed defender simon marriot on transfer list . Simon is glasgow based .contact club secretary initially thru email at [email protected]
  2. Junior football, what is the future?

  3. Junior football, what is the future?

    Aye daft lochee .a stick on to be playing in the so called BIG scottish cup next year while the majority of the clubs that left the juniors will not ..Defo a complete bunch of idiots at lochee united . ... INSPIRED ...
  4. Juniors In At Tier 6

    Another saturday .another team that cant fullfill a fixture .well organised they said. Better quality they said .chance to better ourselves they said . Its a glorified pub league and the cracks are as wide as the forth estuary .
  5. Juniors In At Tier 6

    The lowland league is not the spfl .the point of the pyramid is to rise to the top .so as you admit this is not your clubs aim .then you are not totally commited to the pyramid .however like most the lure of a big pay day from the BIG scottish cup if sfa membership is successfull .i fully believe non league football needs better facilities, our club are committed to this .but can you truthfully say that facilities in your new surroundings are better than left behind .
  6. Juniors In At Tier 6

    A few points to make .last season pumpherston started the season looking for promotion to tbe premier lwague . Events turned and the club had an option , they chose to play in the new premier south . This season it appears they are happy to play for promotion to the superleague ( going by there run away rresults) if thdy are joined by another west lothian club and the existing west lothian clubs avoid relegation makes 4 west lothian clubs .at least one other could be in the promotion fight the following season .brings a balance to the league . No club will turn down promotion . It was said that clubs left the juniors to fulfill ambitions . That in mind do all these clubs think they are good enough for the scottish football league ( if not what does the pyramid really offer) the harsh fact is 99% of non league clubs are not good enough on or off the field to join spfl. Finally a very good non league man once said he could guarantee 200 fivers thru the prestonfield turnstyle but wouldnt bet on getting 100 tenners , on saturday albion rovers charged £13 adults , £6concessions and £2 under 16 .do clubs honestly believe there traditional supporters would pay these prices .WERE NOT DINOSAURS WERE REALISTS .
  7. Juniors In At Tier 6

    The lure off the juniors is massive .still getting a huge imput from people associated with clubs outside junior football . STILL THE BIGGEST SHOW IN NON LEAGUE SCOTLAND . BTW .enjoy the cup final alan .great achievement in first year of SENIOR football .
  8. Juniors In At Tier 6

    Correct ..simples really .should have been sorted years ago .

    Armadale Thistle have placed midfeilder Bryan King on the transfer list at his request .initial contact should be through club secretary by email [email protected]
  10. Junior Cup 18-19

    Lots of truthz in this .east teams have been mainly poor in scottish ( including the big spenders that have left ) in last decade .lochee united done well last year . Another tough tie for my club . Away to a club with no intrest in our game . Gonna be tough but ill be there ( wherever there is) to cheer on the dale .thats what makes the junior cup.
  11. Junior football, what is the future?

    The thought is having the option to play midweek games is better than not having the option .simple thought process really . Modern lighting solutions makes the burden off floodlighting less on smaller clubs . IMO floodlit grounds should have been a must for superleague junior clubs ,allas this will no longer be the case in the east .
  12. Junior football, what is the future?

    Official attendace 155 . Portacabins will be new toilets .ladies, gentz , disabled and new meeting room . Work starts next week on new enclosure roof . Terracing to east and south to be repaired over time . Also looking at floodlighting options over next year or so . Pitch has been undergowing remedial works for 2 years and starting to look the part .
  13. Junior football, what is the future?

    Very good ..did you get help for that bit o top patter.... high six ✋
  14. Junior football, what is the future?

    More than 150 at armadale for moved fixture . There life outside the superleague . West lothians clubs can buck thd trend .the EOS attendances are no higher than previous seasons as junior so the punters are hardly clambering to be part of the big journey . Lets see how the ex juniors favour in climbing leagues this season .(after all they had outgrown junior football and felt they could go mid scottish fooyball league ) lets see how it works out .
  15. Linlithgow Rose 18/19

    Big dazza spotted hanging around ootside the volley ...could he be next ...