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  1. Simple solution to pyramid Juniors are juniors ,lowland league are lowland league ,highland league are highland league .all 3 produce their best club for playoff against bottom senior club .winner takes the prize .easy east,west north playoff with junior champions to get junior club for playoff .dont care how the others get one ,any clubs falling back down from seniors go into wherever they came from . However this is scotland and we need to get the slide rule out to work things out .
  2. Aye .. mobile goals are up there wi drainage in the wee joonyurz. Easy pleased us auld dinosaurs .
  3. Well said geordie .see yi in a couple o weeks ..think its all ticket ..CMON THE JUNIORS
  4. Whitburn juniors v armadale thisle Cental park whitburn 2.30 kick off
  5. Match secretary waiting on other leagues posting fixtures to avoid fixture clashes part of the delay .all clubs had named venues before entry to sjfa .
  6. Been a lot of work done over last 5 or 6 years in changing areas etc .but with asbestos removal and new roof , now the new toilet block under construction and work to east terracing ready to start the place is slowly getting its character back . Pitch has also underwent a lot of remedial works . Looking forward to the new season .
  7. Were looking for game at armadale 28th july if your intrested
  8. The answer is no .there will be a north and south superleague next season . Clubs will have meetings to discuss the way forward . Inside or outside the pyramid . A pyramid that must have a solution for every junior club . So not just the juniors with a bit of sorting to do . Dialogue is the answer . All the best next season .
  9. The structure will change .. as for kinnoull hardly a loss to the juniors . The present structure was devised to speed up balanced leagues following the exodus to the EOS . However with a lot of teams now looking at the lopsided pyramid and the sfa as a big joke plans may change again .
  10. Junior clubs voted to take junior football into the pyramid to allow the best junior clubs to progress , this season has proved that junior football was better quality than senior at tear 6 . Next seasons 100% ex junior eos top league ( conference or whatever its called) proves this . How many clubs are of the quality required to compete in the lowland league or higher will be seen in the next few seasons .also expect more movement on sfa membership criteria over the next couple of seasons . Seated areas must be included for movement above tear 5 . Im sure this will be met with the usual verbal backlash . Its my opinion and no amount of banshee squeeling will change it . ALL THE BEST NEXT SEASON .
  11. Armadale thistle seek friendly opponents for saturday 30 march home or away .contact club secretary initially thru email at [email protected]
  12. I dont believe the statement on the pyramid is correct .but time will tell as to what the true facts regarding east region and the pyramid . Only the people on the PWG know the facts im sure who ever tells the most porkies will be left with egg on the preverbial chin .
  13. I dont disagree with the chaos caused by the junior cup postponements but again easily sorted .no more replays and clubs playing floodlit games . All top junior league clubs should have floodlights . Facilities have stagnated in scotland because the authorities never bothered forcing changes .
  14. That may have been the case with your club .but the late scramble was a case off keeping up with the joneses .and the 2 clubs that returned certainly done so to avoid travelling long distances every second week . Anyway thats all in the past and thats where it should stay .the continued badgering of junior clubs to follow is now a bit teadious .let history show who chose the correct path .
  15. I know guys at linlithgow and boness . Not completelly overwhelmed with the experience . I prefer change from within without panic or foot stamping tantrums when compromise is required . I would suggest that in a few seasons the best teams in the LL will be the ex east junior clubs . My point being outwith east kilbride and spartans the east superleague was and i say WAS better than the lowland league .full intigration of the junior system into the pyramid was the answer with a pathway for the best clubs right to the top if they were capable . These clubs would have always been junior and in the ideal world would have still been able to compete in the scottish junior cup . Allas this was lost
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