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  1. He’s not the brightest and probably just can’t work his sat-nav.
  2. Knows how to play football, but not quick enough to do it at top level. Eric Clapton was Slowhand, Steven McGinn is slow feet.
  3. Great post HtG. One of my favourite ever Killie games. Rugby Park was rammed on a lovely sunny night. You had eleven dirty b……………d’s to chose from. Even Sprake the goalie in his bright green jersey and his mop of blond hair, he introduced Scottish football to time wasting by goalies and boy was he good at it!
  4. Well spotted Otis. The Killie derby is St. Mirren. Ayr are so rarely in the same division as us that they don’t qualify as a derby.
  5. With the Lafferty signing there must be a good chance that Cameron goes back to you on loan. Would you like some others? McGinn? Alston? Lyons? McKenzie? Haunstrup?
  6. Is that one of the Liver Birds second from the right on the back row?
  7. HB you have broken the golden rule of secret agentry, admitting that you are an agent and giving away your identity. Report immediately to Mr. Waverley for a de-briefing and watch out for the T.H.R.U.S.H. agents who are closing in on you.
  8. No, Craig Levein and his 4,6,0 formation against Czech Republic is the stuff of nightmares!
  9. Correct. The standard of Czech football is much better than Scottish football. Half the Czech team come from Sigma Olomouc. Never heard of them? They are the guys who beat a decent Killie team 4-0 in 1998 and Aberdeen 8-1 some ten years later.
  10. Welcome back to the midfield controller. Let’s hope that the big man realizes that he is running out of chances and puts in a shift.
  11. Hold the horses! Jimmy Bone and Ella Fitzgerald!!! This could make me give up the drink. WTF was Ella thinking? Gee Gimmy, where did you get these curling tongs?
  12. Thanks Ali. I note that Kirsten is now working her “magic” at your club.
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