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  1. If we get a penalty awarded, we just might score from it today.
  2. I apologise that my memory was very much mistaken. Anyway enjoy the game tonight.
  3. Don’t know how your geographical knowledge is but Inverness to the Rock is a lot less distance than to your place, if memory serves me right I think you will find a lot of our players had a viral bug and requested game be postponed as other teams seem to do.
  4. Congratulations on an emphatic win last night County. I am sure your new management team are more than capable of having County play at a higher standard and good enough to stay in the top flight. Best wishes for rest of season.
  5. Definitely not. Sophia I searched through thread and found where I put a thumbs down remark, that was me trying to say this loutish behaviour was totally out of order. Sorry if my remark looked otherwise.
  6. Sophia, I don’t know what you’re referring to but I would no nothing to do with me. I have not been to any games this season and won’t be returning till next season at least due to health issues. But if you want to expand on what it is. Please do..
  7. Well done to ICT, felt we were better team overall, but lacked cutting edge. MacKay was superb when he came on and set up Carlo T for a fine goal. Unlucky Dumbarton, hope you will be back in cup finals again soon.
  8. Oh I know that time is precious, and watching ICT is 2 hours I won't see again
  9. Every week it's the same from us, don't bother wasting my Saturday afternoons watching ICT anymore, worst team since Craig Brewster was in charge.
  10. Ah well, we had to beat them on our way to winning the Scottish Cup in 2015, more of the same again please.
  11. I would say the pressure is all on ICT and Richie Foran, but if we get an early goal it could settle the team and a win could be a real boost to kick start the league where our our form is shocking.
  12. Congratulations to Celtic on winning their 100th trophy, is this a record number or have Rangers or any other Scottish Club achieved more than this total?
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