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  1. Queen's Park v Clyde

    Tough having to compete with your clear superiority [emoji848] and best gloss over head to head records since Clyde dropped down to Div 2 [emoji23]
  2. Berwick v QP

    Aw naw not Kevin Haynes is it [emoji51]
  3. QP v Elgin

    Pretty dangerous going forward though plenty of pace [emoji100] which troubled our defence and first goal was very slick Great open game first 30 mins - BTTS was a stick on!
  4. Queen's Park v Clyde

    So you’d drop Dom McLaren MoM? Not convinced by McKernon at the back altho did a decent job to cover injuries and suspensions Telling comparison of subs at same time as we bring on Kieran Moore who last year was playing amateur football for Lochgilphead Red Star, Clyde bring on Goodwillie Thought Moore had a great impact though [emoji122] his first goal hopefully just a matter of time btw who was ref yesterday? Thought he was excellent, best I’ve seen this season, let the play flow which added to the spectacle and no yellow cards
  5. Bloo Toon v Resurgent QP

    Maybe you should check out Edinburgh City fans take on the Nomad’s brand of total football?!
  6. The Queen's Park 2018-19 Thread

    While we’re on a nostalgia trip this classic photo appeared on my Twitter timeline yesterday. Some well kent faces including a fresh faced Jim McKnight [emoji23]
  7. Clyde v QP

    Beith juniors
  8. The Citizens Vs The Spiders

    By far the best away team I’ve seen at Hampden this season eclipsing Ayr St Mirren and Nomads all full time teams Hope you’ve peaked but fear for QP today if we repeat midweek performance at Central Park [emoji51]
  9. Cowden v QP

    He’s back training...
  10. Queen’s Park v Raith Rovers - Scottish Cup Round 3

    Obviously touched a raw nerve? [emoji23]John McGlynn post match ‘Queen’s you can see they’re a good side they’ll do well the rest of the season I’ve no doubt about that’ tbh impressed by Rovers especially going forward and refreshing to see a team playing the ball out from the back in massive contrast to the Nomad(s)ball we witnessed last Friday A bit risky at times tho - thought QP pressed well in first half and overall a bit unlucky not to score Upwards and onwards to Central Park on Tues night hope we don’t miss Dom McLaren too much, good move to give Lewis Magee some game time...
  11. Queen’s Park v Raith Rovers - Scottish Cup Round 3

    Loving the train chat! Match programme a good wee read and interesting fact Rovers costliest ever signing Paul Harvey at £225,000 Pedantic note from 1984 match programme was Jimmy Ward not Jonny Ward? A silky midfielder and Jim McKnight favourite if I remember correctly!
  12. QP vs Connahs Quay

    Watched a bit of the TNS game on TV 3-0 flattered TNS tbh Strong team big centre forward should be good contest with Gerry and their captain in midfield was excellent We’ve nothing to lose tho as others have said so more of the same please Marko
  13. QP v Peterheid

    Agree with that assessment anyone know what games McLaren will miss and how close Gibby is to fitness? Thought we had winners all over the park yesterday could easily have given MoM to Kieran Moore or James Grant Peterhead physicality makes them hard to like and you can see they’ve got quality players but our energy and pressing knocked them out of their stride Also any team with squad numbers 33 and 99 at this level of football deserves to get pumped!
  14. Queen's Park v Annan Athletic

    Definitely offers more than Josh Peters who looks short on confidence
  15. The Queen's Park 2018-19 Thread

    Ta much for comprehensive update [emoji106] ICYMI tho Fotheringham came off the bench on Sat for Roberts Gavin Lachlan also gives cover for midfield and right back So decent squad developing and genuine competition for places