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  1. I was just reporting on what has been widely reported by Killiefc.com and what I had heard from those close to the club. Namely that the idea of the debt being written off was dead in the water. The outcome neither pleases or displeases me. I would rather we paid back any debt we owed, especially to local small business's. The debt was never going to be written off by the bank. I think a much more prudent course and the one being sought by the club, is to restructure that debt and amend the loan interest repayments. Giving the club more space to financially operate in and still paying our dues. The debt is apparently viewed as impaired, meaning the bank realise full repayment is not going to occur. It may well be that a portion of that debt is written off in the future. I cannot envisage the bank, part public owned, will ever write it all off. That is not an emotive viewpoint, merely a logical one. Would I like Kilmarnock Debt free, yes. Do I think it will occur through the bank suddenly deciding they don't like 6 figure sum interest repayments, no I don't. If you or me are overdrawn and fail to pay, they fair chase you up via correspondence etc. I can't imagine a 7 figure debt is something they will just write off. A portion of it perhaps. The term "safe to say" was my way of saying "beyond all doubt" etc. It was a turn of phrase, not one with any emotive attachment.
  2. I think you should re-read the post and the one it was in response to, to see the context in which that comment was posted. There was no attempt at trolling. With regards to the chairman's conduct, I think his track record is there for all to see. I am not on any "side" therefore I have no interest in trolling or bias. I think the best chance the club has of surviving is through external investment, the club attracting more fans back, or a combination of both. I only care about the football club, individuals, chairmen etc come and go.
  3. The chairman recently stated that no such proposal had even been made via the Kilmarnock Standard. So are you now saying the Chairman has lied? It is more reasonable to assume that such a proposal was mooted and discussions are on going. The whole debt will not be written off but I can envisage a restructuring taking place as the debt is viewed as "impaired" and unlikely to be repaid in full in the current climate. That however is just my take on matters, not fact. I deny that it was a negative comment, it was one that I posted as being factually correct. There was no emotive terminology in the post. Therefore I have nothing to explain in that matter. Also, you have again refused to elaborate upon your earlier comments. Could you kindly explain your earlier comments regarding "putting my money where my mouth is" or proving I am a "true killie fan". Also, going by your previous post, is the inference that if I don't invest £1500 per annum into the club I am not a true fan? I have answered all your questions, kindly answer the two I have posed yourself or concede that your comments were ill judged and improper. You are not a better or bigger fan than anyone else just because you have more money. I think you will find most people find such a viewpoint repellent. Answer the questions posed please.
  4. Could "great inroads" with the bank not also relate to a restructuring of the debt repayment and interest repayments with the bank? I have not at any stage said the club is at loggerheads or does not enjoy a good relationship with the bank. We have very prudently never defaulted on our interest repayments and the bank are possibly very happy with the current arrangements and are also more than happy to discuss alternatives to the current scenario the club finds itself in. Just because the bank would not write off the debt, it does not mean that discussions are not in place to restructure the current arrangement. So in answer to your question he has not lied and I am not a troll, Marie or a liar either. Congratulations in investing £1500 within the club. In these austere times that is to be applauded. Again, however I would like to ask you to explain your comments regarding "putting my money where my mouth is" or proving I am a "true killie fan". This is the fourth time I have asked and you have repeatedly ignored the question. If the inference is that if I don't invest £1500 per annum into the club I am not a true fan then I am guilty as charged. I applaud your financial input into the club, but having money does not make you any more of a fan than anyone else.
  5. That is your interpretation. All I did in that post was state that the proposal would not be happening. Indeed the chairman of the club denied recently that such a proposal had even been made. It had been discussed and then disregarded as non viable by the bank, as is their right. There is nothing negative or any negativity implied in my post. Quite how you have came to such a conclusion is beyond me. Again you feel the need to make an incorrect assumption about my intent regarding the club. Why would anyone buy a season ticket for a club they did not have the best interests of for over 16 years. Its totally illogical. Likewise, again there you are with the insults. Totally unnecessary and pointless. There is no need for such behaviour. Lastly, you still have not answered my question, which I have asked twice now. So again, could you kindly please explain your earlier comments regarding "putting my money where my mouth is" or proving I am a "true killie fan". Thank you in advance.
  6. I do not care what your background is, it is irrelevant to the points being discussed and it certainly does not excuse your behaviour. I have not been negative in any way. That is your incorrect interpretation of events. I have no desire to "troll" as you put it. I am quite upbeat about the future of our club. Also, could you kindly please explain your earlier comments regarding "putting my money where my mouth is" or proving I am a "true killie fan" as I cannot for the life of me understand what you are on about.
  7. The term is 'Blaggard' and again please refrain from using such language. There is no need for it. I have no ill will towards Killie, quite the opposite and your assumptions and choice of language towards myself are ridiculously over the top and false. As a season ticket holder of more than 16 years in a row (prior to that attending games frequently for 12 years) and someone that attends games both home and away, I find your previous assertions that I am not a true supporter farcical. As for your comments about putting my money where my mouth is or proving I am a true killie fan, again your comments are ridiculous. Please explain yourself without the need for vulgarity.
  8. I can only assume you are jesting. I am perhaps not "with" the lingo of todays youth, so please forgive my ignorance on what certain terms meaning is. There is nothing strange about passing comment on a topic. I have not at any stage professed a preference for any party. I will be happy as long as Kilmarnock FC's future is secured and the club progress. I would much rather debate about on the field concerns rather than off the field matters. That is twice now you have made assertions about what a "true supporter" is. I would ask who has made you the arbiter of deciding who is and who is not a true supporter. I feel you are perhaps showing an arrogance and contempt for fellow fans that is quite ridiculous. No fan is better than any other simply for any viewpoint they take in discussing the club. With regards to bias for the trust/kfcsa. I know those involved in both organisations and agree with some of their goals. That of making Kilmarnock more involved with the community and fan representation on the board. There is no reason why this cannot be achieved alongside the current regime. However, due to personality clashes on all sides, I doubt this will happen. As for your comment inferring that I am a "gloating c***". Again, that is in your imagination. Likewise, the use of invective language again used by yourself with regards to claiming I am "joyful" at the news, I am not. I do however feel that the club as an obligation regarding its debts. Many posters on here were castigating Glasgow Rangers and more recently Hearts for failing to repay bank debts. Also, pretty much every other club in the country has debt with a banking institution. It is not right that one club has its debts written off to the unfair advantage over others. Again, I would ask that you refrain from using such language. I have no interest in reading such bile and as such I will be reporting your comments to the moderation team.
  9. The paranoia is rife. I am not delighted that the bank has declined the offer. I am however happy for Kilmarnock FC to follow a course of action whereupon all its debts owed are paid. I am also male, so quite how I am called Marie or "one of her bitches" is beyond me. Some of the comments on this thread have been immature and quite frankly horrible to read. It seems to be the modus operandi of certain posters to instantly label other posters negative or derogatory terms if they disagree with their viewpoint. How about debating issues, perhaps reaching a consensus and at least a shared understanding over the scenario at hand. I also find it distasteful the way other Killie fans interact on here with each other at times. I am sure it is all banter, but the terminology and invective language displayed suggests for some posters it is all too personal.
  10. I agree that should be the course taken. Hence why a readjustment of the interest and loan repayments will be under discussion no doubt. The inference that I am Marie Osmond is tedious, she appeared once at the club. I very much doubt she would register on a Scottish football internet forum to voice her opinion. Agreed.
  11. It is safe to say now that the club's proposal for the debt to be written off has been rejected by the bank.
  12. I am actually not involved with either side of the fence but care more about the footballing side of things. I am not one of the protagonists mentioned but I have had dealings outwith football with most. I am a Killie fan, have zero agenda other than hoping I have a club still to support. That post is as ridiculous as the many I read upon Killiefc.com claiming that someone is Michael Johnson for not believing every single negative story put out. The reality is there is no "goodies" or "baddies" just fans supporting their club, folk trying to secure its future and other folk haggling over its valuation.
  13. First time poster, long time lurker and viewer. I have registered and signed up to address and add my thoughts to this thread. Right now at Kilmarnock FC we have a very intricate and complex situation. We have a chairman that has acted as a steward of the club and has tried his best to improve the situation in all respects to the clubs performance on and off the pitch. There is just now a protracted set of negotiations taking place whereupon two parties do not agree upon a valuation for Michael Johnson's shares and as such in the coming weeks/months pressure will be sought via various media formats from both sides in what has already became a bit of a propaganda war. I would state, in my unbiased opinion, that we are at an impasse regarding these negotiations. The present chairman knows the market value for the shares depends very much upon factors that could change very quickly. At present, his detractors, assess these shares to be worth the value of £1 sterling. However, it is very much the case that the bank are in negotiations with the club to reduce/write off a lot of the debt and at the very least a more sensible long term restructuring of the debt could take place. This is not specific to Kilmarnock either, a lot of clubs are in a similar position with varying degrees of debt. One League Two club would have went out of business in the past week if a restructuring of its debts was not agreed upon recently. Now if this occurs, the present chairman would see his valuation of his shares increase markedly. Therefore, a 7 figure sum is potentially being sought for remuneration of these shares, irrespective of the value they were attained for. A certain Mr Bowie recently promised investment in the club and has followed through with his promise. If he had not, one could speculate that wages of playing and non playing staff would not have been met. Be it a result of the "Not a penny more campaign" or the decline in revenues across the board in various areas, Kilmarnock's anticipated income has been reduced enough to severely impact upon its operation to the extent that Mr Bowie's injection and support was essential if not gratefully received. There are however strings attached and it is rumoured that the Hotel may well be acting as collateral to an extent for such investment. At this stage I would like to state that Mr Bowie is not the buffoon portrayed in the fans forums and is a genuine and successful businessman. I would not mistake his "guy next door" presentation of himself in the media to be a sign of weakness. This is a man that cynically and successfully operates a multimillion pound business. Any other negative interpretation of Mr Bowie is flawed in the extreme , as is the assumption that he does not know of all the factors surrounding the club at present. He simply may not be as convinced or as sympathetic to these causes or see merit in them. With regards to the various slander/insinuation about Marie Macklin presented on this forum and others I will say only this. Marie Macklin's involvement in any venture is purely that of a benefactor and as a force for good. She is a successful business woman but also one that cares greatly about the community and wants to give something back on various levels. From regeneration of the town and restoring the prestige of the area. Helping the football club, as a focal point of the communities sporting ambitions, falls within that remit. There is nothing sinister in her involvement with the trust being gifted her shares and she has previously tried to attain the club but was put off acquiring the club through one parties "changing of the goalposts" to use a footballing term. With regards to the trust and the KFCSA's relationship with the club it is clear as day it is a problem of personalities not organisations. The chairman of the club could be forgiven that both organisations leadership are in existence merely to facilitate his removal. This however is not the case. Both Barry and Sandy are good Killie fans with nothing but the club at heart. The amount of time and effort both have put into the club over the years is staggering and I very much doubt it will be matched ever again. Both want what is best for the club, ironically so does the club's chairman who realises a successful club is a better proposition in terms of attaining a higher fee for his shares. I read a thread on Killiefc.com where it is inferred that whilst Barry and Sandy lead their organisations the chairman of the club will not deal with them. That is very much correct, to an extent but I should state this this will occur anyway with Paul Goodwin of Supporters Direct's involvement. The chairman of the club will have to deal with both if his plans for community 'involvement' not ownership are to occur. Either way, this is a distraction to the real issue at hand. To summarise, basically the club is not at war with the fans. The club will likely change hands before the end of the next season and most importantly everyone associated with the club will be able to concentrate on football thereafter. I find the arguing between fellow Killie fans on here and on the forums very distasteful. Although I appreciate that this is common with internet forums never mind football ones. I would ask fans to stop attacking each other and the respective chairmen of the club, trust and KFCSA as these gentlemen have families that read these forums and at times the level of language and "banter" is quite ridiculous. Everything at the club will be resolved by the end of the 2014/2015 season regardless, with regards to the clubs financial position/ownership. The wounds inflicted within the support by itself will take more time to resolve. I won't state Killie til I die, more Lets not let Killie die. Support the team. You can protest etc as well but make sure for those 90 minutes those players in that strip are 100% certain of your support and that your behind them all the way. The players here a lot more than you all give them credit for, be it abuse, cheers or songs. If you love the club, lift those representing them by being the best supporter you can. I would like to thank everyone who has taken the time to read this post. You may not agree with many of the assumed statements and that is perfectly fine. Regards TheWeekThatWas
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