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  1. Relegation Royal Rumble

    'Ton nerves are fraying, clearly. Excellent.
  2. The Tennents Lager Appreciation Society

    Splendid view that, where are you?
  3. Switzerland

    The town where I live, Annecy, ticks all the boxes there.
  4. Last Book You Read....

    "Nail on the Bannister" by R. Stornoway. First in his Western Isles trilogy.
  5. The cost of drinking in pubs

    ??? [googles it] Perfectly understandable reaction.
  6. That was you, though, wasn't it, talking to yourself.
  7. Taking a step back and looking at it dispassionately, we should be wiping the floor with these Wimpy-eating, 4-wheel driving, puffin-hunting simpletons.
  8. I know nothing about East Fife. Thank f**k. 0-4.
  9. is hair dye acceptable for men?

    Was it a very, very long war?
  10. 19 for ? - The Official Thread

    Cheers, @G_Man1985 1. Plug away in my new job. I'm 6 months in, it's a pretty easy gig with a nice bunch of colleagues. The 3-hours + commuting every day ain't great, I may ask to work one day from home to lighten that load. 2. Encourage/nag my son to reply to me in English. When he currently speaks English, it's patchy and in an exaggerated French accent. That won't do. 3. Keep up my creative writing. I made a simple Wordpress site to publish little pieces of micro-fiction, I'll try and publish 20 things during the year. 4. Make more of an effort to keep in contact with old friends (I have this every year). Staggeringly (to me, and presumably to them), two acquaintances died in recent months. Makes you think. 5. Run 500k in the year. I doubt I've run over 200km in any previous year. 6. Go skiing with the kids three times. There's no snow in the resort nearest us just now, hopefully won't be long... 7. Climb two mountains. I conquered a 3,000m+ beast in a day-long hike last year, knackering but great. 8. Go to see Juventus. Turin's only a 3-hour drive away and they're the wee man's favourite team.
  11. Stags vs Jags

    Abject fare for my first Jags game in a couple of years. First County goal looked offside, Bannigan was OK for the first hour, our big defender with the blue boots seemed OK, and that's about it. A freezing sea fog rolled in with 10 mins to go, adding insult to injury. Fucking Boooo!
  12. Dating disasters

    I was working as an English teacher in a small town in the Czech Republic. I was leaving the job and an American bird had been hired to replace me. She arrived two days before I was due to leave. I took her out for a night on the (small) town, things were clicking between us and I invited her back to my place. I found a bottle of whisky and poured us both large drinks. I hate whisky and never drink it as it makes me sick, but I forgot that in my excitement. We were on the sofa, groping each other, when i made my excuses and went to the toilet. The next thing I knew, it was some hours later and I was sprawled on the toilet floor, hands round the toilet bowl, head spinning, and to my surprise and shame, 'soiled'. When i ventured out to the living room, she'd quite sensibly fucked off. I had to clean up the shit, dust myself off, and then go into work to complete the 'handover' to the American girl. Ah, memories.
  13. Do you like religion?

    A friend has been telling me about her experiences taking ayuahasca, the visions sound mental. I'd be up for giving it a lash.
  14. Watches

    Do watch buyers/fetishists wear watches in order to know the time? I haven't worn a watch in years. And yet, I know the time. Go figure.
  15. Israel v Scotland

    Perspective shifts though, dependent on how good/shit one's country is doing. If Scotland were romping through groups and qualifying for stuff, we'd be loving international football.