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  1. And here we are, reduced to playing the likes of Clyde. FFS. Score early, score often please, Jags,
  2. Quelle surprise. Last week they did a mass test at the secondary school my kids go to and found 50+ positives. We're COVID-ridden b*****ds, here.
  3. I'm thinking of getting a Kindle. Does anyone know if you have to link a Kindle to a particular country, meaning you can only purchase from that country's site? Or once you have one, can you buy titles from Amazon US, UK, France etc, meaning you can shop around for which is cheapest?
  4. "Moray brewer WooHa goes into administration" https://www.bbc.com/news/uk-scotland-north-east-orkney-shetland-56536432 Were their beers any good? Don't recall seeing any being drunk on here, which may answer my question.
  5. To be fair, it’s probably just as likely that this restaurant owner has bumped off his wife and managed to blame it on the AZ vaccine. The perfect crime.
  6. My brother-in-law is a chef in Madrid. His boss’s wife has just died from a blood clot, a few days after getting the AZ jab. Not what you want to hear, really.
  7. Just opened a bottle of Freixenet Cava that had been languishing in the fridge for over two months and luckily it seems OK. Note to self: must drink faster.
  8. Scariest bus moment for me was on a Greyhound from New York for Cleveland, about midnight, in a window seat, when the Hispanic guy beside me reached into his bag and pulled out a knife. he then reached back in and pulled out a mango, cut it up and offered me some.
  9. Didn’t Shaun Maloney grow up in Aberdeen?
  10. The soles are so much better than Converse. I'm stomping around like a motherfucker. The UK sizes seem spot on, I got a EUR 43 which sometimes means an 8.5 but in this case was a 9.
  11. Oof! Brought this back from Belgium, the Westmalle Trappist monastery/brewery is right by the in-laws. Mad b*****ds, those boys. Definitely one to consume in small sips.
  12. Think they used to equip the French Foreign Legion. Comfy in any case.
  13. Got a pair of these in the sales and they fucking rule. Miles better than Converse.
  14. Didn’t you say a few days ago « that’s it, no more new watches for a while? » Nice-looking piece, all the same.
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