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  1. Because it would be PPV and not on TV, therefore a chance to create more revenue, not just a fixed payment from the TV company. Simples.
  2. Exactly, I still hold him in higher regard than any of the last squad that won us promotion.
  3. Farid was class, great player for us and rapport with the fans, but dunno if he was here long enough to be classed as a hero or club 'legend'
  4. Quite enjoying this road to hampden 97. Hard to believe I was my sons age back then, shame he doesn't have any Falkirk heroes of his own yet, crunchie was my idol then but there's just no one like that or hasn't been for quite some time now. Probably vaulks the closest to being the last one for some of the younger lads.
  5. Had one the best days that day as well, amateur team I played for were playing in the Scottish against some Fife mob, 5-1 down at half time, we came back and won 7-5, all back to the pub to celebrate and watch the Scotland game, scenes when caldwell scored and we won, thought f**k it and majority went home and got ready and we headed to destiny in Glasgow and got utterly MWI but the full place was buzzin from the game, Sauchie Hall Street was bouncing into the wee hours. Good Times.
  6. Correct. Presley wasn't some sort of maverick that had a light bulb moment to give the youth a chance. He had zero option but to play them, and it just so happened they weren't dug meat. He can stay well clear thank you very much. Next.
  7. 1 point out of the last 9 is unacceptable. Simple as that. Need major changes, I was happy to scrape by with 3 points every week, now we can't even muster that. Fuckin crap
  8. We are absolute shite. Like, really really bad. Todd is worse than useless, mercer is pish, Hall is a bomb scare and sammon is scared to score goals. One commentator is so full of life it seems he has sucked it from the other boy, who sounds about 102 years old.
  9. One thing I will miss is the east fife pies. Ended up getting 2 last season they were that good. The hilight of the day after a pish 0 0 draw.
  10. Aye that's what I was trying to do, however the link supplied by @Rbon worked, all set now cheers.
  11. This is what I get when I click on 'sign up here'
  12. So I can't purchase it until after half 2?
  13. Anyone else having difficulty with the link for the game? Keep getting the 404 page not found message when trying to sign up for it on East Fife website
  14. It's clearly not going to be used for just running costs for these smaller clubs with far less need for that amount of money to survive, giving them the opportunity to sign better players, offer better contracts surely? That's the only gripe I can see, and if its supposed to be ring fenced then guranteed there will be loopholes to allow them to spend the money on what they want...
  15. I work for a large construction company, with considerable overheads, large fleet and staff numbers to support, if a site shut down would the same monetary value be paid to support my company as would be one man and his van who is on the same site ? Of course not. So it beggars belief why it has been handled like this in football akin to some kind of prize money instead of support for 'businesses' to continue to operate at the level they were without the restrictions put in place. Not better off ffs.
  16. Some very severe levels of VT type trolling here surely. Never had you down as being this thick. It's pretty simple and marshy has made the correct points crystal clear. This is about businesses surving, should be nothing to do with 'clubs' and 'the levels they are playing at' Not that we need our hand out to survive as we have "cut our cloth accordingly" the teams with far less running costs getting 500k will be rubbing their hands. Surely you can see why some have a bit in their teeth about how this has been handled?
  17. So 18 points in a 36 game league. We are playing a third less so take a third off 18 gives you exactly 12 and the same percentage of points ahead which you deem a canter, the same 12 we are on course for should the first round of games follow suit.
  18. I think you need to be a bit more optimistic as the negativity isn't warranted. If we have the exact same return as the first round of games by the end of the season we would be 12 points clear. I would happily take that and say that would be quite comfortable. I'd also take winning the league on goal difference by a solitary goal. How we get there does not matter, as long as the outcome is the same.
  19. Could not give 2 fecks about any of these performances whatsoever bar the defeat really. End of the day I would take drab dreary skin of the teeth point gains all season if it means we get out of this league. That's the only goal whether it comes through luck, perseverance or shite oppositions.
  20. Don't see any problem with BPM's point, just stating the obvious facts that we are undefeated in the league with a tried and tested system, which shows there absolutely zero reason to change players and formations of recent games if it's working, unless they are forced of course. In the same breath however, it does make for some interesting reading some of these formations and tactics others would like to see, I've done it myself.
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