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  1. There's no denying Livi have done brilliantly on the pitch, I'd be first to hold my hands up and if I could be arsed dig out some comments I made when they were first promoted, along the lines of 'they will be straight back down' 'be lucky to win a game' etc etc. Yet without having any superstars, a large fan base and budget (cos that's what wins games apparently) , what they are achieving on the park is outstanding.
  2. I don't know why but I thought M & M had been offered after Christmas, didn't realise it was so soon, so apologies yous are probaby right, 3 games is a short time. Had the season finished as intended however, I do believe we would have been promoted. It wasn't though so all very much if my auntie had baws.
  3. It's obviously clear you don't like the current management, but you know fine well this is bullshit. We had to get rid of McKinnon ASAP, we also needed someone to manage the team once he was gone. M & M were brought in as a stop gap, but then after some time were given the oppertunity to be permanent. Nothing rushed there, and probably deserved the chance given we were on course to win the league.
  4. I'm from Stirling, a Stirling Albion fan once called me a glory hunter for not supporting my local team 😂 first ever game was the 93 B&Q Cup final so my expectations on what to expect as impressionable 7 year old about to start on his footballing journey might well have had a case to answer after that night, so far from it now though
  5. Exactly, which is the correct and logical move from the board. Things are slipping, but as things stand they are still the most successful team in the league having accrued more points than anyone else, you are a business man I'm led to believe and have your own company, if someone was doing there job and fulling their targets set you wouldn't sack them because they are achieving what was set out to them but in a way you would prefer not to. Help has been brought in because its evident that the way things are going they will need it, rather than sacking them whilst on top or waiting for failure.
  6. Very simple and I thought that was made clear in my previous post. They have the team sitting top of the league. Shite or not, they are fulfilling their remit. You can't sack them if they are doing what is required so far.
  7. This in a nutshell, folk really are thick as shite sometimes. Anyone having a go at the board for the current management still being in charge or even supporting them have just ignored all logic. Is the football shite? 100 times yes, could recruitment have been better, not entirely sure, some really good signings when announced, some just not turned out the way we wanted, top of the league? Yes. And on paper, which is all that matters to the number crunchers, is what decisions will and probably should be made on, whether the entertainment on show is woeful or not. Steps are in place to sort this side of things, and at the first showing of zero improvement, trust me, I will be calling for change as much as anyone else.
  8. Good point, and exactly what I was thinking, we should be going for Jack Ross instead, better pedigree, local lad, knows the club etc and think he would get a tune out of some these players and has better connections than Martindale, of the footballing kind.
  9. This is not guaranteed though, why gamble when they are sitting top of league, pish performances or not?
  10. The managers are still performing enough to achieve the goal set to them, so far, which is promotion. Whilst the football on display is shite, they still have us top of the league. This is basically their only remit which they are adhering to. I don't think the board can replace them at this stage, it would cause a backlash from probably the majority of the support, but what they can do, after seeing the level and results slip, is bring someone in to help them get this over the line, which they have done, rather than wait for failure to allow then to pull the trigger, which is not in our best interests whilst stuck in this league.
  11. This is getting ridiculous Khalis twice the player of Morrison? Jordan White better than keena? absolutely convinced this guy is at it. He never realised anything about giving youth a chance. He had zero option as we had zero money Honestly this pressely chat needs thrown in the bin, was delighted we managed to mug Coventry off when they took him off our hands.
  12. Someone has started on the gin early today. Poor attempt at trolling, must try harder.
  13. There are websites quite easily reached that will give you all the information you need.
  14. You have to show proof of their earnings from anytime this thing started last March up until the end of October so that its not a bogus claim. Makes perfect sense otherwise you would get a load of cowboys putting guys on the books on high wages just to claim 80% or whatever it is back from the government.
  15. You have to be employed by the company since at least October. You can't just hire someone and stick them on furlough.
  16. Yip well aware of this, and after scoring a hat trick against livingston, spoke about going back to them
  17. I'm sure after his hat trick against Livingston he was talking about signing for arsenal. Man was a walloper
  18. Surprising bit of news but happy with that. Someone with managerial experience at a decent level and a fair few contacts qccuired along the way I'd imagine.
  19. Will be interesting to see how that first round of test results goes in the championship. I've had 2 building sites just this week having to send everyone home for 1 positive test result on each.
  20. I don't think that's the case. To continue means to test every week. That's the pre requisite set out. But even if funds were available for this or paid for and supplied to every team in the lower leagues all it would do is cause a complete and utter mess. The amount of positives that would come back from young fit guys who show no symptoms would be through the roof. These guys who otherwise wouldn't have been tested now have to isolate along with everyone they have come into contact with, not just their respective football teams, which will in turn effect the businesses they work for outside of football, then their colleagues there may then need to get tested/isolate forcing entire building sites, garages, etc etc to shut down. The knock on effect is massive. It's so much more than just some football games being played, which btw would be few and far between and the fixture pile up would make the whole thing pointless. Guranteed there wouldn't be a single week without a game being postponed. The quicker some people realise this and take their blinkers off the better for the sake of this god awful thread.
  21. Thats my point exactly, we showed up 2 positive tests at the first try and we are a full time club. Can only imagine the amount you'd get back every week with all the part time teams who are not in as tight bubbles.
  22. I imagine the lower leagues are riddled with it without showing any symptoms, be lucky to get a full card of fixtures each week with some not even having enough players in their squad to field a team if they were tested once or twice a week.
  23. What's the script with the Scottish Cup ties then?
  24. The transfer window is certainly something that would need addressed and cleared up. How can teams do their business if shut down for the rest of the month?
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