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  1. Any chance Miller might start himself up top with Keena?
  2. If that was the case we would have had the league wrapped up before Christmas. I'm guessing it's because there is a lot more production and staff involved and overheads to cover, unlike say Forfar with zero commentary, and just the camera automatically following the ball. Now I say that because logically it makes sense, I am not saying its any good mind you.
  3. This genuinely gives me the fear. I will be utterly seething if those idiots play those idiots.
  4. f**k off with that patter ya welt. Some amount of wanks in our support honest tae f**k.
  5. Would take a hell of a manager to get any sort of tune out of some of those players I omitted.
  6. I think we'd do a lot better if all of our players were actually fit. Wouldn't mind the below set up and would be confident we would put on some decent performances. Mutch Neilson Miller dixon kelly Morrison gomis Alston connolly Dowds keena
  7. Aye hindsight. For if it had succeeded would you still be moaning about not having an academy? Well probably aye because that's all you ever do.
  8. So what you are exactly saying is that promotion is all about the right manager and recruitment. Absolutely f**k all to do with having an academy or not. Which is exectly my point. Let's have it right, if we had a competent manager in place who had the backing Hartley did to recruit well nobody would be moaning. The academy was hardly producing world beaters anymore and was rightly scrapped. In a horrible fashion? Yes. But logically the correct decision. Its only hindsight that's putting yous on a high horse
  9. Being told you are not elite status and can't compete with the those who are was surely a factor. The fault can also be thrown at the door of these sfa decision makers which surely forced the hand of our own.
  10. Ferguson Lawrie Hughes James mcquilken Kerr Crunchie vaulks sibbs Coyle samuel Lee Miller top XI that he's played with. Was never a big fan of ferguson but that's a cracking team.
  11. Aye let's sign Jordan White as well cos he scored against a shite celtic team.
  12. Didn't see any knicker wetting but certainly, and quite rightfully questions raised as this company wasn't mentioned at the EGM and it is also included in addition to the rawlins, not instead of or masking as them. If we never asked questions with the coffee man, where would be?
  13. Who the hell is that? New company just incorporated in novemeber?
  14. Aye I agree, they would have a free hit, not having to care about results or performances, and plan for the next season in the same league whilst maintaining match fitness.
  15. If there is no relegation to league one then any team in the championship that doesn't have a chance of promotion are playing friendlies for the rest of the season. What a farce.
  16. Absolute shambles but what did the SFA expect? They played right into the government's hands by shutting us down in the first place. Did they honestly think it would be their shout whenever they wanted us back?
  17. Whilst I agree you have to look at Andy Irving, hearts now scrambling around to offer him a new deal and yet was very mediocre with us. Possibly the case that players just can't be fucked performing for us once here.
  18. Saviour? No....Better than what we currently have had to endure? Absolutely
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