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  1. "The number of announcements lined up in the next week or so that will have our fans excited" better not even think about being the news of those 4 signing.
  2. Need to announce something pronto, this itk source patter from every second poster is a fucking riddy. Scroll past half the shite to be honest. Just one big dick swinging contest about who has the most exclusive news.
  3. How much managerial experience does Ross Wilson have? Being a manager previously has absolutely nothing to do with being a successful sporting director.
  4. I'm assuming there is going to be another fans q & a with holt, deans, new coach before the season begins. Why not just straight up ask holt exactly what he does as dof?
  5. I'm looking forward to the first defeat, SheerOUT! Class A team? Mare like shite B team amarite lads hahavdbskdkdkdl
  6. I actually like the idea of Sheerin. Even more so when you see all the other absolute has beens and duffers being mentioned.
  7. OK then, he may well have been perfectly fine for the Premier league but would do a great job in the 3rd tier of Scottish football. Pretty sure no one questioned why barca never kept on Arnau Riera when we signed him as if he wouldn't do a job for Falkirk. An extreme example, but feel it's just, so I can get my point across.
  8. Appoint an Aberdeen 'legend' in glass or give the job to the assistant manager ? Bit of a no brainer really. We need to remember Aberdeen are fighting it out to be the 3rd best in The country. We are are in the 3rd tier, our expectations are certainly not the same just now so he might well be perfectly fine for this level. Apples and oranges.
  9. Deary me, I've been prone to a bit of knicker wetting but this is just daft. This season hasnt even finished yet and players are still under contracts at their clubs until the end of this month. I don't expect us to make any signing announcements whatsoever until then. Same as everyone else.
  10. Was it not him that cleared the North stand with a shot?
  11. Thought Livingston have done well on the park this season, certainly didn't see a need for this cull.
  12. Possibly just said to McCann he is welcome to apply and go through the interview process, he then said na I'm fine and that it was it.
  13. If we pay money for Darren Young then we are even more of a joke than I thought.
  14. Hasn't Darren Young just signed a 2 year extension last week yet is 2nd favourite?
  15. He still supports us and doesn't hide it from his mates or that, wears his tops with pride and always enjoys himself at the games and the build up on a Saturday pre covid. I just feel he's not getting the same back from the club that I did at that age. f**k knows, probably looking too much into it on the beers last night but just a bit scunnered.
  16. There in lies the crux. We are no where near any games like that and he has never experienced any games like that. My first game was the B&Q Cup final in 93, his was a defeat to Stirling Albion at forthbank in the league Cup group stages. Pretty much all downhill from that game. Maybe he's a jinx.
  17. It's just hard man, I grew up with jeffries in the 90s when I was primary school, then the 97 final. I always thought, growing up, we will get better, we haven't been anywhere near and that was nearly 30 years ago. My son still wears his Falkirk top, and still follows us, but it's all very second hand to appease me I feel. Hard to understand the passion at 12 year old when we are served this nonsense.
  18. I have aye, happy to hear why you disagree? I'm prob just a bit scunnered but never closed to opinions
  19. 100% correct The cons of supporting Falkirk far outweigh the pros. I feel like I'm forcing my son, the sun will come out tomorrow type pish, he was 1 year old last time we were in the premier. He now starts high school this summer. So I'm quite happy to let him enjoy teams like man city. Falkirk don't deserve my sons support.
  20. State of these new accounts coming on to post about how it's bad PR the way Durnans release was announced. f**k me that's new levels petty. He is owed zero and was a player everyone wanted to see leave and one that everyone had a grumble about with him not being on the first list. Happily have the club announce each an every imposter that is being released in this fashion. My only gripe was the lack of trebuchet.
  21. I can hear his voice clear as day when just reading that. Has to be the most used phrase this season.
  22. Morton fans slagging off Falkirk realising that rabble of a club is about to join us in our seaside saga
  23. The right manager can get the right players though. Like the Brendan Rogers effect at celtic. The entire top tier was always empty at parkhead, crowds of about 30k. Then he came in, St's sold out, brown and forrest looked like new players and along with his contacts and draw to play for a 'big name' manager completely changed them. I no longer just want to scrape out of this league at any cost. I want a great manager with great players playing great football (all relatively speaking of course) I want to be excited about my club for once.
  24. Whoever is calling the shots is really going to have to pull it out the bag to get any fans back on board.
  25. 100% I mind when I was in primary school in the 90s folk used to slag me because I support a diddy team like Falkirk, that was when we had the jeffries era playing in the Premier league and also got to the Scottish Cup final etc. I can only imagine what my laddie goes through at school with this absolute rabble of a football club right now.
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