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  1. Has any other club in the country announced plans for refunds yet? The Motherwell deal aside.
  2. I'm more putting in context the absolute bizzare behavior from Connahs quay's assistant manager that day. That even all of the above mentioned were not as mental as him.
  3. And that includes folk sitting in a hot tub at the corner of the stadium watching the game.
  4. I for one am shocked and apalled at the announcement of his departure being singled out. No one deserves this treatment. #durnanslaw #freetheperutwo #worryingtimes
  5. Que caractuss Potts coming in to say its a disgrace the club haven't announced this first.
  6. He is absolutely shite and offered zero with us. No better than Leitch.
  7. I actually didn't mind Kelly too much either tbh. When he wasn't crocked that is.
  8. After trying to be very optimistic given signings that's have been announced, no real qualms about any of them, this has completely knocked the wind out of my sails, has Sheerin seen him play and green lit the contract? Has holt stamped some sort of authority and gave him the contract? Anyone that has seen him play knows he is fucking dug meat, so it's worrying that he has been given this contract.
  9. Whatever that group that tried to buy in are called and have done nothing but moan on here about not getting their own way. That's what I meant by patrons. Amateur hour.
  10. f**k sake geez peace man. All these posters that have come out the woodwork are doing the 'patrons' a disservice and quite frankly coming across as amateurish toys out the pram behaviour. Writing players off before they have kicked a ball to have a go at the board. Just look forward to what might come, then decide.
  11. "children of the 50's" literally pensioners having a go at designs and popular culture of this modern era is also a bit of a brass neck.
  12. Could get a more than decent player for what Alston and sammon combined would have been on I'd imagine.
  13. Why on earth would the club announce pre contracts? These are just notices of intent and not binding. Would you have 4 guys standing with scarfs at the stadium for a big reveal that have not even signed yet? A better offer comes along and then they take that one since we are basically advertising their availability as well? I get that you have a gripe with a lot Shadwell but having a go for not announcing possible contracts is just bizarre.
  14. If we somehow manage to pull off bringing McManus back I will be rather impressed, even maybe a little excited.
  15. Nah, on the contrary I am pleased it's not a well Kent face. At least we have the excitement of the unknown for a couple of months
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