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  1. Anyone hazard a guess as to how we can buy tickets for the Dundee game? Meant to be on sale from 9:30am today, no link anywhere on the website and straight to Answer machine at club shop
  2. We all know your a fan or a part of the old shitey regime but by f**k try and make it less obvious.
  3. Went to have a look at the match gallery and there are only 9 pictures uploaded, any reason for this? I know it was an uneventful game but I was hoping to see a picture of the KM7, as from the queues to get in and from where I was sitting it seemed the stand was pretty full. Would have been nice to see a picture of the minutes applause as well.
  4. Aye but the main issue is that once he marauds forward he doesn't bother his arse to burst a gut getting back to defend an opposing attack from one of his many wayward passes.
  5. Donaldson, mackie and mckay were brilliant. Yeats will be some talent. (he already is) PJ collected a few crosses really well which was good to see. Yeats would be great at right back cos Williamson is really bad. but I like him in the middle.
  6. Na, he is fucking rank rotten. Waste of a Jersey. Mcguffie had a positive influence when he came on, not sure why he never started. Morrison needs to learn how to pass to our own players. A game we probably would have lost last season, first thing mcglynn had to do was stop us losing goals. So far so good, very impressive defensively.
  7. Buzzing for it as well, pints and fitbaw back!!
  8. @Senor Bairn has out done himself this time.
  9. Really wish we still had Anton Dowds. A crying shame how that panned out.
  10. Would take Giroud in a heartbeat to be fair. Should be able to do a job in league 1, but we've heard that all before.
  11. That will be why it says Falkirk Stadium then I suppose eh.
  12. Was it not the season Loy came back? ICT were the premier team in the group, sure we beat them and pumped Stirling as well, can't mind who else was in the group. Only to get beat off livi in the next round.
  13. Aye I had to register new details as well, apart from that, pretty seemless. Just hope the stream works out now
  14. I Managed fine, What issues are you getting? Just went onto the website, logged in, clicked on Falkirk TV and chose the ppv. Just waiting on the stream to go live.
  15. Who under the age of 50 actually goes on club websites at all for info these days? Do you get a free wallpaper download and can change your mouse icon into a steeple?
  16. Very simple. Being called gay should not be an insult or a slur. Being called a sheep shagger is an inuslt and a slur.
  17. Mckay and hetherington are like new signings. Mcann was outstanding as well.
  18. I done similar to my hibs supporting mate at half time in the Scottish Cup semi when 3-0 up.....I take full responsibility for our downfall that day as well. Would understand being shunned.
  19. Genuinely thought Loy and Austin were going to tear the league up.
  20. I Got my hopes up after the league Cup group games in the season Loy came back, I thought we looked excellent and was so excited about the season ahead, first game of the season and Austin scores in the sunshine at a busy St Mirren Park after only 2 minutes, this was going to be 'our time' then everything went to shit, Loy got injured and from that moment it has just went downhill for 5 years......I no longer bother too much about any games until the start of league now. Its the hope that kills you
  21. I think the fact that 5 different managers (Sheerin, Gretna, Dalbeattie star, rennie & McGlynn) have had a look at him in a year and he has managed a grand total of 3 games for Dalbeattie star in that time, tells us exactly how good he is.
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