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  1. To be fair he stated that it was just his opinion
  2. He's far too anonymous for the position he plays, whenever he has a good game generally the whole team has looked semi decent. Which has been rare this season.
  3. Awful awful viewing. Why we insist on rolling it out from the keeper every single time is infuriating. We don't have the players to play that way. Defenders should just be clearing their lines and let the attackers play the football. Holding onto a 1 goal lead against a team that has a - 27 GD for nearly 40 mins is terrible.
  4. It says on EFTCV if you do not see match listed click abandon. What should I exactly be seeing? Next to subscription plan it just says live video 1 match
  5. Hetherington is and always has been shite. It's all about expectations and context, Alloa may have loved him. Simply not good enough for Falkirk or better than anything we have had in the recent past. Another Paul Paton.
  6. Great interview. Good questions as well. Put me at ease quite a bit. Just need to trust rennie and the process
  7. Ahh were they? Never checked, cheers for confirming.
  8. If he does then it's pretty much the same travelling time to cove as it is to falkirk, so can't see that being a factor.
  9. I purchased the stream for the last game, will this still be valid?
  10. Just want January done with now to be honest one way or another. Brutal reading the past few weeks.
  11. Well aye this is probably more likely. A new GK, Paul Watson, Liam Craig and a decent striker would be lovely. Don't think any will come to fruition Getting to the tickley bit of the window now that winter break is done and halfway through. I'm sure there will be some unrest if we are heading into the last week with no additions other than ATS and a recalled loan player.
  12. We've scored 8 goals in our last 2 games yet conceded 5. Perhaps they think it's not as much a priority now with Dowds back? Just spit balling here and I don't agree with that approach but God knows what the guys challenged with recruitment are or are not in the process of.
  13. Take him in a heartbeat. No chance he'd drop this low.
  14. I mind being in the pub at firhill an hour before kick off and Zak rudden had managed to extend his loan that morning. I'm clutching at straws of course. But until the team is announced I hope.
  15. What departures have unsettled you? All going in the right direction as far as I can see? Holt had to go, Fergus and his laddie were there for holt so no surprise they are gone, Bateman was bridging a gap which him departing looks to me like the new board are getting a grip of things, same goes for white who's role was always temp anyway? Not quite sure how you can want change without anything actually changing?
  16. I think the most obvious reason was that the Premier league was going to be stopping for a winter break anyway, pandemic or no pandemic, so those weeks without football were already accouted for. They just simply moved them forward. But I think from the announcement on Tuesday up to kick off on this Saturday would still have provided enough time for clubs in our leagues to get things in place to allow all fans to return this weekend. Would certainly have seen bumper crowds I'd imagine with mates that possibly support 'other' teams coming along to watch local football.
  17. Really bad. Often sited as reference in these parts as the barometer when comparing shite players.
  18. If we are bringing guys in on loan they should be better than what we have on the books or for emergency back up. I'd have Ruth as 4th choice which is a waste of a loan for both parties. Just not good enough. Also re McDaid, isn't his loan up to the 16th? Can't see any announcement on him going back until then.
  19. If there are fans still anxious and wanting to keep their distance but are willing to pay to attend a specially suited section where absolutely nobody would be sitting anyway with the away crowds we get in this league, then surely it makes sense if the stand is open.
  20. Dunno how folk struggle to realise its not up to Dowds where he goes, he is our player. Simple. Delighted for him.
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