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  1. The right manager can get the right players though. Like the Brendan Rogers effect at celtic. The entire top tier was always empty at parkhead, crowds of about 30k. Then he came in, St's sold out, brown and forrest looked like new players and along with his contacts and draw to play for a 'big name' manager completely changed them. I no longer just want to scrape out of this league at any cost. I want a great manager with great players playing great football (all relatively speaking of course) I want to be excited about my club for once.
  2. Whoever is calling the shots is really going to have to pull it out the bag to get any fans back on board.
  3. 100% I mind when I was in primary school in the 90s folk used to slag me because I support a diddy team like Falkirk, that was when we had the jeffries era playing in the Premier league and also got to the Scottish Cup final etc. I can only imagine what my laddie goes through at school with this absolute rabble of a football club right now.
  4. I mean where do you start really, just another chapter in the absolute hilarity and disgrace that Falkirk football club is beyond the dressing room.
  5. Was it not because when reading the results at half time he referred to ibrox as castle grey skull?
  6. It's the fact the big stupid c**t actually looks to his left, sees Graham, and doesn't even react. Should be sacked.
  7. That is the worst starting 11 we have had this season. 100% holt ain't going for it tonight and looking to the playoffs. Thank f**k for lager.
  8. Mutch Neilson Miller mclell/durnan kelly Morrison Alston gomis fotheringham Sammon keena Grim stuff but that's about as good as I think we can be starting with.
  9. That ref was howling and seemed like he had fell out with the main stand side linesman. Seemed to stop the game early as well. Let's have it right though, if we have telfer, connolly, dixon and even Dowds available we would have strolled that.
  10. Na not having that, those clueless idiots should be able to encourage at least effort. No matter how shite a player is they should still be seen to be trying their best. This was and has been completley absent throughout the team, this lands with the managers for me, the whole team look as absent minded as the ones that were paid to guid them and motivate them, if they had pockets in their shorts I'm sure the players would have strolled around the park with their hands in them, just the like those 2 at the side of the park 'leading' them
  11. I quite liked holts interview, he comes across really well and not a dithering idiot that we have become accustomed to. This will obviously be judged come full time today but was just refreshing to hear thoughts that weren't from the senior chuckle brothers
  12. 40k each = 80k Half of 80k is 40k split between the 2 of them is indeed 20k each.
  13. Not even bothered anymore. That was absolutely howling. Every single one of them can f**k off. Zero shots on target, f**k me. This season is over and was before x mas for us.
  14. This is what was pissin me off. I'm not one to shout and scream at the tele but I was very close to fuckin the remote off the screen at the absolute lack of any passion or animation from those two who could see the same game we were all watching and the exception of any fight and dig from the full team (Morrison and Neilson aside) which deserved a rocket up their arse. These clowns are too nicely nicely to have that very important part of being a manager in any walk of life... Inspiration.
  15. Best commentary I've heard during all these streams. Very impressed. Falkirk however, more specifically the management, can get to f**k. So so bad. 3 at the back against the leagues top scorer and one of them making their first league start is baffling. You could see from 10 minutes in that mutch was looking for the out ball to the full backs that just weren't there. Shambles
  16. We are absolutely fucking shite. These clowns should be screaming at the players. Do they not realise the importance of this match.
  17. Is there commentary or any sound on this stream?
  18. Same. Not looking forward to this at all and I'm dreading the line up. Every game is a must win and these wallops don't have it in them to go for it every game. To be honest though I really do think we have the team to do it, just hope they ignore the instructions from the side and feed off the performance and attitude last week.
  19. Losing that goal and still persisting to put Miller and and fucking francis on seal's it for me, those managers haven't a scooby what they are doing. Great effort from the players today on the most part. Deveney and mclelland apart what was the actual point in those other subs? Francis is absolutely honking. Take the points and move on.
  20. Want the lottery numbers for tonight as well? 😉
  21. Don't think that's fair on keena, every chance has been created for sammon, he seems like the target man. Keena hasn't been fed anything at all really
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