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  1. Must be something going in with krasniqi not even getting a sniff. Showed lots off promise and composure. Probably just doesn't want to drop hetherington but he deserves a chance for the good of the team.
  2. Probably right, krasniqi for Ruth perhaps and have nesbitt support keena. Doubt we will ever see what our best team will be through injuries and or stubbornness.
  3. Mutch Williamson lemon dixon mcann Morrison telfer nesbitt mcdaid Keena ruth If all available would this be our best line up?
  4. My argument shites all over your nonsense. After Partick lost to Peterhead they only won 2 of their next 6 games. So you can peddle this unbeaten drum till the cows come home to suit your argument. Just because they weren't getting beat doesn't mean they were now firing on all cylinders at this point. We were beaten last week and then never lost on Saturday, so by you're logic you think we are improving? Just accept your point was false, they clearly did not kick on after their first few bad results. Giving Partick far too much air time here. Happy to move it on.
  5. You said they were heading in the right direction by the end of the first round of games, they got beat at home to Peterhead at the end of the first round of games. So aye it was bullshit no matter how you try and spin it to suit your agenda.
  6. Well that's just bullshit isn't it because they lost their 9th game at home against Peterhead and then drew 2 of the next 3 games after that. They never started to click until the scraped that last minute equaliser against East Fife in the 2-2 game which was game week 15.
  7. Aye 100% and I agree it's a shite situation to be in in the first place, you should really know your worth after the first quarter, I was just trying to look for a glimmer of hope. I think it's probably after the second round of games at the halfway point you will have a better idea, especially this season. Sick to the back teeth of scrambling around in January to salvage our season.
  8. Cheers, I should have just worked it out that way. So after the first quarter of 9 games Partick had 14 points. Which we will have if we win our next match, and they went on to win the league. So whilst I understand the point Shadwell was making, it is also not cut and dry that it will show whether you will have a good season or not. Especially in a league where it seems everyone is taking points off each other.
  9. Out of interest where were Partick sitting after the first quarter last season? Genuine question as I can't find the information.
  10. Just get rid of holt please. Useless c**t is stinking the place out and brings nothing to the ideas table. I genuinely think we would see an immediate difference throughout.
  11. Checked the team, Sheerin is going down in my estimation by the day, seems very stubborn. Artin deserves a shot, krasniqi has shown the class he can bring and keena is out best striker. I won't be bothering again with this game until I check at full time.
  12. Aye nae bother keena on loan to Raith after modelling the new kit
  13. Agree with both, actually take Mckay out and put Lemon in and I would be happy with that.
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