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  1. Got to admire your posts mate. Always manage to shoehorn some reference from nineteen canteen in there 😂
  2. Was a genuine question. Just wondering why we aren't using our own facilities.
  3. How much are they paying for napier uni facilities? Do we not have our own gym and training requirements at the stadium?
  4. Yip. Making a rod for their own back right away with that
  5. 100% this. They have made a right royal f**k up here. Couldn't paint a brass neck on that statement, the whole poor me angle is quite frankly bizarre when we know they have turned down money. Not sure how they can try and worm out of that one. Surerly they can't have decided Sheerins 'biggest in the league' budget based on ST income that they are having to practically beg for after knocking back investment.
  6. Hahahaha fuckin hell man. Take a day off
  7. Has any other club in the country announced plans for refunds yet? The Motherwell deal aside.
  8. I'm more putting in context the absolute bizzare behavior from Connahs quay's assistant manager that day. That even all of the above mentioned were not as mental as him.
  9. And that includes folk sitting in a hot tub at the corner of the stadium watching the game.
  10. I for one am shocked and apalled at the announcement of his departure being singled out. No one deserves this treatment. #durnanslaw #freetheperutwo #worryingtimes
  11. Que caractuss Potts coming in to say its a disgrace the club haven't announced this first.
  12. He is absolutely shite and offered zero with us. No better than Leitch.
  13. I actually didn't mind Kelly too much either tbh. When he wasn't crocked that is.
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