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  1. Losing that goal and still persisting to put Miller and and fucking francis on seal's it for me, those managers haven't a scooby what they are doing. Great effort from the players today on the most part. Deveney and mclelland apart what was the actual point in those other subs? Francis is absolutely honking. Take the points and move on.
  2. Want the lottery numbers for tonight as well? 😉
  3. Don't think that's fair on keena, every chance has been created for sammon, he seems like the target man. Keena hasn't been fed anything at all really
  4. Mitchell having a great game, always thought he was a decent keeper and just unfortunate with his injury at us. Sammon doing everything but score, telfer and Alston controlling things. Durnan doing not too bad but Hall gives me the fear. Straight swap, him for mclelland is all I would change just now.
  5. Mate I'm totally scunnered now, sick to death of that defence. Will be surprised if we manage to get through the first 10 minutes without conceding.
  6. 3-0 to Clyde durnan and Hall are fucking awful and I'm raging but not surprised. Sakes man
  7. Any chance Miller might start himself up top with Keena?
  8. If that was the case we would have had the league wrapped up before Christmas. I'm guessing it's because there is a lot more production and staff involved and overheads to cover, unlike say Forfar with zero commentary, and just the camera automatically following the ball. Now I say that because logically it makes sense, I am not saying its any good mind you.
  9. This genuinely gives me the fear. I will be utterly seething if those idiots play those idiots.
  10. f**k off with that patter ya welt. Some amount of wanks in our support honest tae f**k.
  11. Would take a hell of a manager to get any sort of tune out of some of those players I omitted.
  12. I think we'd do a lot better if all of our players were actually fit. Wouldn't mind the below set up and would be confident we would put on some decent performances. Mutch Neilson Miller dixon kelly Morrison gomis Alston connolly Dowds keena
  13. Aye hindsight. For if it had succeeded would you still be moaning about not having an academy? Well probably aye because that's all you ever do.
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