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  1. Surely Leon Mccann takes this. Folk were wanting him away last season, a main contender for poty this year.
  2. What a twist that would be What song did you sing to me on my birthday?
  3. Keep forgetting about Jordan Allan as well, surely Burrell and him will feature at some point. Also big lawal could be in the picture for an appearance too I'd assume
  4. Aye this is my thoughts as well. It would be nice to have and then have the Fans to fill it, but I'm not bothered about not having one. By that I mean, I have no idea why other clubs use it as a stick to beat us with? It's a very Charlie Nicholas type insult. Do other teams get slagged for only having 3 stands? I.e. Partick thistle or Hamilton or clubs with only 1 stand, your Dumbarton and East fife's. Or we could look at Airdrie and have 4 stands and only ever use 2 of them? What's the point in having 4 stands if they are not needed? What a bizarre thing to use to point score
  5. Any decent pictures of the display in full from last night including the banner?
  6. Aye I just seen the info on the match day guide. There's 7 of us going tonight, will be there early enough, usually sit just up from the disabled section down from the young team so want to make sure we get our usual seats if it's a sell out. Got some relatives over from America coming along so hope it all goes well, will be sure to do our bit.
  7. How would we get out the KM7 at that corner? Would need to be able to facilitate that and access for emergency vehicles there I think? Some sort of moveable advertising boards would work I suppose instead of blocking it off completely
  8. I was just about to mention them my dad used to lift me over the turnstile then we went straight for the wall of pish as he was loaded up on pints from the Graham hotel. Place was reeking, then him, my uncle and grandpa would stand up next to the wee snack hut and I would stand on my own down at the corner, the smell of a pipe an old boy smoked a few steps up was fantastic, half time I'd go up and check in with the adults and get a Mars bar and head back down, battering on the advertising boards in positive encouragement, hoping for a wave or even eye contact from my heroes. Great days.
  9. I used to pat the players on the back as a wee guy when they were taking corners back in the brockville days
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