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  1. Dennon Lewis is the worst player I have ever seen for Falkirk.
  2. Mcgovern Duffie Hughes weir kingsley Vaulks latapy mckenzie Mcallister stokes arfield
  3. Who shat on your cornflakes? Baffled anyone can have any sort of negative energy directed towards this.
  4. How much does it even accommodate for at full capacity? I mean even the hydro is 14300
  5. Exactly this, Alston was in a team of absolute shite. Left to be a regular at a team a league above scoring the winning goal that took that team into the Premier. If Sibbs is available then we should be 100% be doing what we can to get him.
  6. The kind of signing that would sell season tickets. Bring him home!!!
  7. The irony of this post by a Raith fan to an airdrie fan on a Falkirk thread is quite funny.
  8. Surely first point of call is confirmation of someone on the front post?
  9. Please not 2 blue strips again like we made an arse of last season having to bring out a third because of clashes.
  10. I hate to get into the usual & repetitive Falkirk attendance debate, but If you can provide average home attendence from home fans only then that is the only way to settle it. As has been touched on before, 5 guys and a dug travelling from Peterhead on a Tuesday night will have an impact on the figures you are using, compared to Kilmarnock, dunfermline etc travelling to our stadium but I'm sure you knew that anyway. Your argument is currently apples and oranges. Season tickets sold might be a good place to start, I don't know the exact figures of either clubs, we might well have less but I suppose that will Kind of give you an idea.
  11. I hope not and can't see that happening. Paddy Martin is a back up keeper at very best. And holt couldn't get a game for Gretna when punted out on loan. A decent experienced keeper is an absolute must for me.
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