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  1. Not heard the interviews but can i bags the, “we’ll dust ourselves down after this” in cliche bingo by our amazing Dreamteam management duo
  2. That makes her, “a Whore” then. You’re absolute fukin pondlife. Away back to the seventies
  3. Must admit that The Earth Wind and Fire song was pretty funny and pretty clever for your lot but chanting about one of your ex players wife, a player you gave player of the year awards to and was banished to the reserves due to having the balls to argue with the big failure of a dictator you have as a manager reaffirms the petty nonentity of a club you are that I had forgotten about since your delightful fans were spitting on Ritchie Brittan. Stay classy. Hope you get relegated
  4. It’s getting ridiculous now but are they scared to sub their pal?? Love Midge but today his first touch was horrendous and he kept giving the ball away. Why he wasn’t hooked after an hour amazes me
  5. Vigurs telling someone in the crowd to f**k off was the only thing of value he done all day
  6. Midge on the Si Ferry podcast today. Not as much of a shoeshitfest as I thought it would be but comes across as a good guy. Would love to hear the fully unedited version
  7. Craig Telfers account of this was quite funny. Think he wanted to arrange a square go if my memory serves me right
  8. Doesn’t surprise me though after some of the stops he made at Nairn on Saturday. Was quite impressive
  9. Anyone know which game will have the majority of first team today?
  10. Not sure why he’s only been offered a year though. If the management team think he’s a youngster with promise, surely a 2 year minimum would’ve been offered to try and get money for him down the road? They either don’t rate him significantly or aren’t the brightest
  11. I’d think most sane people will be hoping for 10th and everything else is a bonus. Livy are going to be considerably shitter next year, delighted St Mirren stayed up as well, along with Hamilton. These are the teams we’re fighting against and if we’re top of that league [emoji106] Assume a couple of marquee signings when everyone is back from hols
  12. He’s got a year left sadly. Think both keepers were by far the best players in both matches and saw the first game but missed the Friday night match due to work. Don’t particularly remember any severe [email protected] by him though. I stand by my comment though as he’ll improve our team
  13. Right Roy, Get Siegrist on a 3 year contract when he’s emotional and not thinking straight
  14. This smacks of a Ryan Dow type of signing imo. He was new levels of pishness at Motherwell and used to look forward to the Terrace podcast every week for them to wax lyrical about his ineptitude. He’s had half a season being turgid at Caley and Thistle and then half a season being slightly above average in a position he wasn’t purchased for? I assume he was very cheap
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