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  1. Gaston in no mans land at a corner imagine my shock
  2. This is infinitely better than pixellot. Fair play for sorting it
  3. Had wondered why Nortje wasn’t in the SA lineup yesterday, but reading on Twitter that Hendricks was picked instead because of the transformation targets (racial quota) CSA have. When every man and their dog knows Nortje is better than Hendricks, who is this helping?
  4. Superb watching international cricket with a crowd back in
  5. Hit the nail on the head here I think. McKenna’s work rate and passion cover a lot of cracks in his game for a good chunk of our support, and don’t get me wrong those are good attributes to have, but passion and work rate aren’t enough to be starting every week in the championship IMO.
  6. Usual Back 5 Ruth Virtanen Gold Craigen Linn Donnelly Looking forward to this a bit more than our previous games knowing we aren’t using the pixellot camera
  7. Agree with Ruth starting but nothing I’ve seen from him makes me think he’d be a good lone striker. Has to replace Hilson out on the wing.
  8. Manual camera from our gantry, rather than the pixellot one in the main stand which we’ve been using. https://www.arbroathfc.co.uk/dunfermline-athletic-ppv/
  9. How much for Pepe again?embarrasing
  10. Commentators waxing lyrical about Gaston’s kicking. At this stage they must be at it
  11. Doesn’t take long to search Weissman on Wikipedia ffs provan
  12. I don’t mind the commentary but you could have the best commentators available and it’s still going to be a pretty shite experience watching it on your living room TV.
  13. Ruth has to start over Hilson for me. That centre of the park is worrying, and could see Elgin getting a bit of joy there.
  14. Where did you get the Karhu’s?My ones are fucked and looking to replace. Needing a couple of pairs of trainers so any websites with decent deals would be appreciated
  15. When the camera is zoomed in on the bell rock for 90 minutes on Saturday -
  16. I agree with this team but would have Ruth in for Hilson, not been impressed with him so far this season bar his goal up at County.
  17. I hope we still have DLR in doing the highlights because I can’t see myself watching any pixellot games live
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