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  1. Ben Williamson is superb, speaks volumes that Jack Hamilton scored so much for us, yet Williamson won YPOTY ahead of him. He’s not the biggest built, but he loves a tackle and gets absolutely everywhere. Confident goals will be added to his game as he goes on as well. I’m gutted we never got to see him in person tbh, he’s bags of fun to watch. Looked like he loved every second playing at Arbroath as well, which is great to see from a young loanee brought into a relegation battle. Hope he absolutely smashes it for you.
  2. Arnautovic gets a 1 match ban for his celebration the other day
  3. All my mates (between 19-22) got a text today with their details for first dose in Arbroath. My second dose was supposed to be today but had to cancel & reschedule due to work.
  4. Ah well. Hopefully this season isn’t as much of a waste of time as last season
  5. Fingers crossed we can get to that game. Absolutely no reason why we shouldn’t be able to
  6. I have a load of mates that only go to the football for the days out like Ayr. They will be lost to the game if this is the case. But we just don’t know!
  7. Well, in the game we won 2-1 at Gayfield at the start of April we had 4 loanees starting and another on the bench. From what I can see Alloa had 2 in their whole squad.
  8. Number 8 for east fife, Patrick Slattery
  9. If away fans are allowed, what are the odds on our Saturday awayday being East Fife?
  10. You’d imagine he’s asked for enough to cover his loss of wages from whatever his job is, which in terms of Raiths budget might seem ridiculous. Bit of a nightmare when the player & club both want to make it happen but it’s just not feasible.
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