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  1. Scott Stewart struggled with injury a wee bit at the start of the season (Ian Campbell said that they discovered he’d been playing injured for over a year), but since then has been an important part of our team. Big fan of him.
  2. Completed the first section of the story and have been punted to the sticks by officer tenpenny. Finally managed to follow the goddamn train after what must’ve been a dozen attempts
  3. Aye all fantastic initiatives. Will be looking into buying a brick and possibly some shares. IMO fundraising schemes like these look a lot better than just asking fans to donate money for nothing in return, great stuff from our board [emoji106]
  4. I used to think that about the squad numbers, but since we’ve started using them this season I think it makes us look a lot more professional. See a fair amount of kids (and unfortunately some adults) with players names and numbers on the back too. IMO it’d be better having it mandatory throughout the leagues.
  5. Missing out if you’re not watching the Minsk derby. Currently 1-0 FC Minsk, have a 5er on them and BTTS to make things interesting
  6. Retweet, big smoke is a useless cyant. If I can’t get it within a couple of attempts today I will be spawning a jet pack and cheating like f**k
  7. I’ve put it off for now after 5 attempts at the “all you had to do was follow the damn train” mission [emoji23] we go again tomorrow
  8. Questionable carry out is absolutely key. Everyone’s already pished, get to the offy and everyone’s like kids in a candy shop. Found this on my phone, think it is from after Partick away in October
  9. I’ve just remembered this mission, making me think twice about playing it at all haha
  10. I’ve just remembered this mission, making me think twice about playing it at all haha
  11. Using this opportunity to play through San Andreas from start to finish. Don’t think I ever actually finished it when I was younger so looking forward to firing through it
  12. Just watched the 2016 Scottish cup final in full. Time well spent
  13. Not much better to do so sat on YouTube watching various things, including this which is one of my go to cricketing videos https://youtu.be/EdGAgjKNSwg
  14. Currently watching Mr Plow [emoji7]
  15. Just saw this thread and was coming on to post about Ricky Gomes. What a player [emoji7]
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