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  1. Brechin V Arbroath

    What difference does it make whether it’s on the arbroath thread or the match thread we are going to win the league regardless, relax.
  2. The Arbroath Thread

    If you go to Devits you have to go all in and go for a 3AM pie bobs
  3. Brechin V Arbroath

    Exactly the same as Saturday. Really not sure why you’d bring Swankie back in.
  4. The broath v the mo

    Biggest derby in a good while. Please just win arbroath x
  5. The Arbroath Thread

    Dumbarton have released their season ticket prices for next season and have included the option to pay in instalments and also free ST’s for u12s. Would like to see us offer both, the more season ticket holders we have the better.
  6. Sons' sorrow

    All good stuff from dumbarton. Would love to see us copy the instalments + free u12s.
  7. The Arbroath Thread

    “Puts in a shift and tracks back” translates as runs about for 90 minutes without actually doing anything meaningful.
  8. The Arbroath Thread

    McKenna and Gold on the wings please.
  9. Forfar v Arbroath

    Forfar fans giving it big licks. Do they really need reminding of what has happened over the last few years?
  10. Forfar v Arbroath

    Looking forward to Danny Denholms next blog. Be good if he took a game before the end of the season instead of making pishy excuses on his blog.
  11. Forfar v Arbroath

    Leave everything out there on the pitch today and hopefully EF can do us a favour...been a fantastic season let’s top it off. 36-0 [emoji1145]
  12. Forfar v Arbroath

    Every single one of them
  13. Alternative League Awards

    I know you are picking from a small sample size, but as an arbroath fan Denholm winning any award is funny.
  14. Forfar v Arbroath

    If Donnelly starts on Saturday I will lose the head. Let him on the pitch at half time to do his pishy step overs that do f**k all to f**k all. Wallace has to start, absolutely. Why not just play the team that got us to where we are? ETA:Lol sound so angry here. Just want league over and done with xx
  15. Forfar v Arbroath

    Crowd w**k incoming. I’d expect 1000 from us, there’s a chance we can win the league and it’s only up the road. Public transport isn’t the best though.