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  1. What website did you use to get those league tables with the custom dates?
  2. The Storms & Severe Weather Thread

    Sent home from work early, is today supposed to be the worst of it?
  3. Arbroath vs Forfar Athletic

    It might’ve been, just remember TOB running at the ref so assumed it was him.
  4. I imagine we’ll go unchanged here, although I’d have Denholm or Gold in for Kader. Seen Stenny fans criticising the performances of Alan Reid, so getting an on-song Bobby Linn up against him should see us get some joy there. Looking forward to the trip, haven’t been to Ochilview since the dark days of Todd Lumsden and co.
  5. Arbroath vs Forfar Athletic

    Still trying to figure out how the officials managed to give Forfar a free kick when TOB got clattered from the corner. Standard of officiating at this level is so bad. Agree that we didn’t play to our best, Wallace had a quiet game but played some nice balls. Get Gold in for Omar, he offers nothing anymore. Whatley was poor again I thought, but don’t think there’s any chance of him being dropped unfortunately. Bobby Linn has been ridiculously good so far this season, what a boy. McKenna put in a big shift but also wasn’t at his best. Raith dropped points as well which is a bonus, take it one game at a time and who knows where we’ll end up [emoji38]
  6. Arbroath vs Forfar Athletic

    Dylan Easton goes down easier than his brother ffs
  7. Arbroath vs Forfar Athletic

    Forfar Athletic-Putting the faf in FAFC
  8. Forfar Athletic 2018-19

    Is there not perhaps a sponsor or something like that who could step in and help pay Sutherland’s wage for Montrose?Montrose have a decent team but crying out for a goalscorer.
  9. Arbroath vs Forfar Athletic

    Jamieson Thomson TOB Little Hamilton Linn Whatley Swankie (Pending gentleman’s agreement) Denholm Wallace McKenna
  10. The Arbroath Thread

    Good interview with McCord on the YouTube channel. Explains a bit why he maybe wasn’t putting football first last season (he does admit that it isn’t an excuse). Would love to see him back playing regularly, a joy to watch.
  11. Arbroath vs Forfar Athletic

    Just remembered about the gentleman’s agreement-Will Gav able to play?
  12. Arbroath vs Forfar Athletic

    Don’t think he was that good, but I also think the only way he’ll get back to form is by starting. And as you said he is more likely to score than Kader, even when he’s playing badly.
  13. 2018/19 Challenge Cup

    One of the Irish teams away in the next round, please