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  1. Do you not think Doolan was excellent [emoji849] you’ve obviously not played the game to a high level!
  2. Subs needed at HT, Doolan is bad enough without being hung out to dry in this system & Gold doing f**k all going forwards or back.
  3. I was the same but refresh sorted it [emoji106]
  4. Referees can be poor but I can barely think of any games that have been decided by poor refereeing. That’s just looking for excuses
  5. Agreed, absolutely mental that people would risk it in order to get back to normality. What a bunch of idiots!
  6. Yeah, I do remember Kyle Benedictus being out injured for a number of weeks following a game against us, right enough. Although that might’ve been because he injured himself trying to scythe down Michael McKenna when he had no chance of getting the ball. I do hope nobody dares tackle Lewis Vaughan on Saturday!
  7. Find this image of us being a team full of hatchet men absolutely hilarious
  8. Obviously delighted with the win but it’s still a gutter thinking about how good it would’ve been with fans in, late winner in a 6 pointer
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