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  1. Few comments on fb saying that those dissenting are clearly new fans who have only experienced us being good. Funny since that couldn't be further than the case.
  2. Might still be pished from yesterday but have I seriously just come on and seen someone say corfe is our only bad signing?
  3. I'll be pleasantly surprised if Linn starts. Can see Hoti or someone being shoved out left mid.
  4. Looks like the quarters are 3pm&7pm on Friday and Saturday that weekend. Surely an earlier ko on the Saturday would make more sense?Another reason I can think of is that it's maybe the Xmas night out for the players on the Saturday and they've asked for it to be moved.
  5. Is there any reason given for the Friday night?
  6. Been thinking about it since it happened and I still can't think of a single reason to bring Deri Corfe on for Bobby Linn yesterday. Thought we had gotten past the stage of Bobby getting hooked after an hour regardless but clearly not, he is our only player capable of creating chances and getting us up the park at the moment. Every sub he made yesterday made us worse (and we weren't that good in the first place) all down to this absolute mess of a squad he has assembled. Raging isn't the word honestly, what a shambles.
  7. Courier has TOB back and Shanks definitely starting so happy with that. Hopefully Gold moves into midfield and Jacobs drops to the bench/the juniors.
  8. Not ideal having a 6 pointer at this stage of the season. Would ideally make a few changes from our team last Saturday but unless one of the injured trio mentioned above are fit then the options for replacements are pretty dreadful
  9. I'd definitely start Shanks as well. Not going to offer much less than anyone else hold up wise and at least has a bit of goalscoring instinct about him.
  10. O'Brien, Stewart and Bitsindou would 100% start if fit & Hilson would at least feature from the bench
  11. Does anyone have any idea what's wrong with Stewart?this lopsided 4-4-2 we have been playing is absolute torture to watch. None of them are natural wingers but McKenna, Fosu or Gold would be better playing wide right rather than Tait playing in no man's land
  12. Perhaps stating the obvious given we are bottom of the league but given Inverness' injury woes there is no team they would rather be facing than us.
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