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  1. Aye I’ve worded it horribly [emoji23] With Donnelly, I think a lot of people put too much weight on his first 6 months at the club when forming their opinion of him. Since then he’s been a good performer for us, even if he doesn’t fit the image of what some people think a striker should be. I certainly think he should be more than a bit part player given his own performances and the performances of those he’s up against.
  2. Another absolute nonsense post. Do you also think that if Tam O’Brien was *that* good he’d be a full time footballer, not playing at a part time club?
  3. Please take the rose tinted glasses off, it isn’t 2011 anymore. Steven Doris is, and always will be, an Arbroath legend but he hasn’t been fit enough since he did his ACL in late 2017. I get the sense that you would be happy enough seeing a half fit Doris charge about the pitch, providing no real attacking threat, because he’s “putting in a shift”. Donnelly will never give you that, but he rarely wastes a ball and can pick a better pass than most in our team. It’s absolutely no coincidence that our best performance (and only win!) of the season came with him up front, in a match where he was also voted man of the match. It’s an utterly pointless comparison given Doris will never play again at this level whilst Donnelly probably will, but Donnelly over a full season definitely provides more goals and assists than Doris would. And that’s without him running about as much!
  4. In 2021 Luke Donnelly is a better player than Steven Doris.
  5. Well if we just ignore that he’s signed up until his testimonial year, I still think there’s 0 chance of him signing for Montrose.
  6. Bobby Linn to Montrose [emoji23] bit early to be absolutely steaming
  7. Another game where we finish with something close to our best team. Maybe one day (Maybe!) we’ll start with it.
  8. That and Jason Thomson shouting f**k off when he ran it out of play - quality TV
  9. From the highs of no Doolan to the lows of no Linn. Honestly f**k knows what he has to do for a start
  10. Would be surprised if we were interested, Hester was never really rated (rightly or wrongly) by the Campbell’s when he was here.
  11. A really disappointing series from the Aussies. Only positives to be taken were the promising debuts from Green and Pucovski, with far more negatives. I think if Nathan Lyon even has a half decent series, Australia win. All credit to the Indian team, who automatically seem more likeable with no Kohli [emoji23] They’ve overcome a ridiculous amount of injury/availability problems and it’s a real shame the series wasn’t able to have been played in front of full crowds. South Africa next in tests for Australia, I wouldn’t be surprised to see a few current regulars dropping out.
  12. Ricky Little was isolating so not sure if he’ll be available for this. If he isn’t available I would go with a back 4 of Stewart-O’Brien-Hamilton-Thomson.
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