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  1. I think Neilsons record vs Campbell would read P4 W2 D1 L1 One of those wins was when shankland scored 2 in the last minute, and the other a 1-0 win at gayfield. A draw in the challenge cup and a loss against us in February.
  2. Last week he played there because Hamilton was injured, and this week because TOB is suspended. Hasn’t played there before this season for us
  3. Me and my mates skipped an afternoon at school to watch this [emoji23]
  4. Of all the criticisms you could level at Dick, being shite to play for is probably the last one. Even a little bit of research would prove that is blatantly not true
  5. An irrelevance yet here you are commenting on it. Enjoy your Sunday
  6. More pissed off at the fact I’m not really bothered about yesterday. Normally I’d be raging at us getting pumped but yesterday I just turned the laptop off and got on with my day. No fans is killing the game in this country and I don’t care what the “R number” or whatever is. I’m an absolute football tragic but can see myself losing interest very quickly
  7. I’ve just seen biglichtie74 at the rams heid ordering a lager shandy. What a girls blouse
  8. This is pish. At least on a normal Saturday we’d still have the rest of the day out to enjoy
  9. Let’s just hope he doesn’t look in the direction of lewis vaughan
  10. Superb watching Chris Gayle in full flow
  11. Gutted no to be getting a day out in Kirkcaldy to watch this...living room will have to do. Think I would go for this team- Gaston Thomson O’Brien Little Hamilton Linn Gold Virtanen Craigen Hilson Donnelly
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