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  1. Aye but Dowds has already played for Falkirk & us this season, and pre covid you could only play for 2 clubs in 1 season. This was relaxed to 3 last year (Jack Hamilton for example), but I’m not sure if it’s changed back.
  2. Most pubs will be 1ish on a Friday. Commercial is just along the road from the brewhouse and is a good boozer. Newgate isn’t far towards the Vicky park and is also good, will definitely be open till one as well. Devitos open till half 2 as well if you fancy that [emoji6]
  3. Just me that doesn’t think the statement is as sinister as some are making out?Might simply be a case of Keatings accepting his body can’t cope with FT training, and Raith suggesting half a season of PT football might build his fitness levels up to a point where they can re-integrate him into their training?
  4. Enjoy your Saturday night waiting for Nicky low to break down again you utter clown [emoji1787][emoji1787][emoji1787]
  5. Great result for broughty at the weekend. I see Ryan & Ross McCord have both pitched up at Lochee Harp now.
  6. Agree with the cash gate opinion. I’ve got plenty pals who will decide to go to gayfield on the morning of a game, and whether it actually is or not, online ticketing definitely seems more of a hassle to those type of punters rather than walking up and paying cash.
  7. To be fair, in his previous line of work leaving people short could’ve gotten him in a fair amount of bother. How many grams in an a ounce again?
  8. It was some hit. Second penalty looked like both players got tangled, could’ve gone either way. I was behind the opposite goal so didn’t get a great view of the first red, but the way he went for it was always going to give the ref a decision to make I think. Know the tackle you are on about on the touch line, agreed could’ve easily been a red. Vics missing 4/5 first choice players tonight but not sure they would have made much difference, Panmure were very good and played some nice stuff.
  9. From Broughty Facebook mate
  10. McCunnie resigned? Was at Arbroath Vics vs Panmure tonight, last of the midweek games which is a shame as I’ve enjoyed going to the last couple. 7-0 Panmure and very deserved, first goal as good as I’ll see all season.
  11. Already resigned to losing him in January, gives us plenty time to source a replacement though. Get him to fire some of his mates from down south up in January
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