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  1. That’s just how Hilson plays normally. He’s hopeless and should’ve been punted at the end of last season.
  2. Nothing in #TheArbroathWay about pets in clothing
  3. Aye, I’m just saying it wouldn’t be as bad if it was diluted by things that are actually interesting. Goal of the day etc so and so signed on this day is free & engaging content that fans would see and stick in their group chats etc to discuss
  4. Am I the only one that finds our Facebook/Twitter feeds to be a lot of drivel?Just continuous photos of people in their new Arbroath kit, or whatever’s on sale at the club shop. Something interesting like a goal of the day, what happened on this day in …. Etc etc would improve it tenfold imo
  5. Hopefully this follows on from our last few friendlies against Montrose which have been anything but. Defo start Bobby for this, he loves a goal against them
  6. Nicky has been away at a wedding in Spain this week so doubt he’ll be starting if he’s even back
  7. we need less dog bandanas and more signings IMO
  8. You tease - wonder if that’s more trialists joined up with the squad then.
  9. Remember being really impressed with him when we played Aberdeen B in the cup so would be happy with that
  10. Looks like the move has been pulled last minute due to Jack McKenzies injury
  11. Played left back for Stirling according to their fans. Anyone know much about him?
  12. Think it’s hard for trialists to impress for us in friendlies because we tend to line up 352, which doesn’t suit any of our players, just to get bodies on the pitch. Eze maybe worth another look but big Dembele looked way off it.
  13. Alright lads, was Mason Hancock on loan at you guys?He’s signing for us I believe, what like is he?
  14. Number 5 is a lad from Arbroath, plays for Brechin vics, thought he played well. Think you guys had 4 trialists from Brechin vics
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