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  1. Ahh really, that’s a shame. AUCC had two intra-squad T20s on Saturday, was quiet when I first went up but nipped away for lunch and came back for the second game with a few pals and the club was fairly busy by the end. Think the club had a few offers of friendlies in the weeks to come but due to the rules involved with those (individual travelling and no spectators) I think they’re just going to continue with the intra-squad stuff.
  2. 6 loans allowed now. Hopefully fans are allowed in for our match
  3. We beat Montrose 4-0 a couple of years ago, IIRC Denholm & Hester both scored?
  4. We’ve had Ross County at home twice in this format, hoping for an away day up there this time.
  5. To be fair this exact scenario happen last season between us and Dundee over Craig Wighton. We were both in for him and Hearts let him come to Gayfield for less of a wage contribution than Dundee would’ve had to pay.
  6. Ben Stokes has played his last test this summer as he goes to be with family in New Zealand
  7. Superb day up at AUCC scooping pints and watching cricket in the sunshine. Been told today that spectators not allowed in when friendlies are played against other clubs [emoji23] what a fucking shambles
  8. I think the reason wighton did so well with us was because he was being told to go and express himself. There was virtually no pressure on him when he came in, and it showed when he played. Was skipping past players for fun and looked like he was really enjoying his football after a tough time at hearts. Unfortunately, even though we are well backed from the boards and sponsors just now he’s probably out of our price range (although if what I’m told he was on at hearts is true, he’ll be taking a big wage cut regardless).
  9. North league is hilariously unbalanced
  10. Probably pushing it to take away from the fact they’ve lost the license for Roma
  11. “No” is my favourite track from it. Going to see them at the Barras next April, can’t wait.
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