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  1. Went to Brechin vs Darvel and wasn’t impressed by either side so hopefully a routine win here. Wouldn’t tinker too much with the team at all, fringe players can hopefully get on when the game is won.
  2. Lewis Vaughan an absolute passenger today
  3. All well and good shooting from distance but most of his efforts are ones Jonny Wilkinson would be proud of [emoji23]
  4. Craigen is a player I would really like to see more from. He’s ok most weeks but I would suggest he’s on a very decent wage. Can’t think of many games I’ve walked away from thinking “wow, how good was craigen today”
  5. One for Skyline Drifter - does being an unused sub mean you are cup tied?
  6. Wighton still being based in the Dundee area, and having a young family, will surely work in our favour. I’m sure he stays the other side of Dundee on the main road to Perth, so ideal for training.
  7. Be great if both clubs followed Partick & Killie’s lead in asking for the restrictions to be loosened in time for Saturdays game
  8. We would be training on Monday anyway. Or could just change the rules on Friday lol
  9. Darren Hill still plays for Syngenta in the EOS league I think. Had a quick look on Wikipedia and only other member of that team still playing seems to be Mark Durban at Alloa.
  10. Hopefully a few bodies in this week. Need better than Hilson coming off the bench if we are chasing the game
  11. What the f**k are you on about [emoji23] we’ve lost one game in the aftermath of losing 2 hugely influential players, before we’ve had the chance to replace them. Chill out
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