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  1. If that was us rusty, it’s taking us 18 months to get up to speed. That was just the same McInnes, pass, pass, pass, going nowhere shite we see every week.
  2. No. It was worse than that.
  3. Well. Don’t think I’ve felt this much sympathy for an opponent. Not deserved one bit.
  4. McInnes answer is to bring Dean Campbell on. Get this fraud to f**k.
  5. Worst thing about it is, the desire and urgency has been sucked out of this team. For those who haven’t seen any of this game - it’s as mediocre and grim as it gets.
  6. “More income, fuller stands, end the alcohol ban now”
  7. McLennan has reached new levels of not having a clue about what he is trying to do. Cosgrove falling over at every opportunity when he can’t hold the ball up. Just no urgency. No other word for it. Even at throw ins or corners they are sauntering about taking ages to get on with it. Not as if this is the first time either. Worst thing is, if Dumbarton win, that frauds job is still safe.
  8. I see the team have been working on a new exciting, free flowing style during the break. This has been an inspiring first half hour. Said. No. Aberdeen. Fan. This is the usual slow, lacklustre, uninspiring, predictable garbage.
  9. Jerel Ifil was unforgettable, for one reason only. Away at St Mirren he hit a simple 10 yard, side footed first time pass, across the back 4... OVER THE ROOF AND 500 YARDS OUT OF THE STADIUM Still to this day do not know how he managed it.
  10. Over 1200 now sold for the Merkland
  11. On RedTV You will need something else to be able to watch it though [emoji6]
  12. Please Please Please Please x 100million I never ever want to read another rumour that we are after Lyndon Dykes. If true. Time to give up.
  13. Marshall Tierney McKenna Cooper Robertson McTominay Fraser Armstrong Forrest Christie Phillips
  14. 2 bought as well. Hope I can keep it a secret from my Son for 3 months and keep as a birthday surprise....
  15. McGeouch has been fit all season. Just not getting a game at Sunderland.
  16. As a neutral, his over enthusiastic praise at the slightest thing a Sevco player does is nauseating.
  17. Wonder if the Sevco loving Sky Sports team will finally mention Kent’s goal celebration.
  18. Voters of other parties vote for Independence. 16-17 year olds are not polled, nor can vote in a GE, but can in a Referendum. EU nationals can vote in a referendum (and are not polled) Support for Independence in my humble opinion is not 45% at the moment.
  19. Och a minor bump in the road. Still waiting up for Amy to win in ED.
  20. Willie Rennie out selling his boaby to raise money for these LD lost deposits [emoji23][emoji23]
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