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  1. Dave Cormack was very very impressive on Sportsound. Worth a listen for those who didn’t catch it.
  2. Aye but Brazil 1970 vs Hammer Throwers and all that. You should be satisfied eh ? Back where you belong (and always have been for decades).
  3. In what way was it 50/50. Did he blow for a Hibs foul ? No. Clear penalty when Ferguson was pulled down. 2 games in a row referees have done us.
  4. Your players like to fall over rather a lot to be fair.
  5. Killie TV old guy saying “Aberdeen playing for a draw here” by taking a winger off and replacing him with........a winger.
  6. FFS These Killie TV guys are grim [emoji23][emoji23][emoji23][emoji23]
  7. Anyone watching a Premier stream and can hear the pundits talking and editing ?
  8. As much force on Kent there as there was on Naismith
  9. He’s made 2 shocking challenges. Both should have been bookings. Compare that to Dean Campbell from last week.....
  10. Potential penalty not given. 2 nasty challenges now by the snake and only a yellow.. All Scotland’s officials are against “them” remember...
  11. Wasn’t getting his shirt pulled of course...
  12. I keep hearing that the Volunteers of the UVF are coming down the road, haven’t yet met one.
  13. Seem to be playing better second half.
  14. Did it come from a result against an abysmal Hamilton. Lots of possession on Sunday and endeavour, did we really create anything. Has anything really changed ? We sound awful yet again.
  15. Having to follow a game on the radio is an absolute nightmare.
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