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  1. G-MAN

    Third place

    2-0 Scotland. 1-0 Czech would do it. We’d go above England on goals scored.
  2. That Hearts kit is bowfin. Cheap, half price, bargain basement, end of the line catalogue tat [emoji23][emoji23]
  3. Marshall O’Donnell Gallagher Cooper Tierney Robertson McTominay McGinn Gilmour Christie Dykes
  4. Just seen a cryptic tweet indicating a US, Number 9. Anyone have any ideas ?
  5. Amazing what happens with McGeouch finally starting in that position. He was excellent today.
  6. Wish I had a suitable comeback to this. But cannot argue with it. Well done Saints.
  7. He was absolutely outstanding at Aberdeen. Still get goosebumps at the goal v Oldco. Also a beauty v Celtic.
  8. WFH has allowed me to fall in love with music again this last year. Have discovered countless new music. Current favourite. Drug Store Romeos - What’s on Your Mind.
  9. We look absolute more garbage than usual. This is a worryingly poor squad suddenly.
  10. His immediate response to receiving the ball is passing it backwards. Sometimes without looking. All momentum lost with him. When he does pass it forward, it goes out the park. Hopeless.
  11. Can I start the “Dean Campbell is rotten” chat earlier this week ?
  12. Sorry I’m going to be a broken record and entirely predictable. We will not move forward if Dean Campbell is seen as having “potential”. Deary me.
  13. Given all the MSM coverage of racism in Scottish Sport, I’m sure Brown will change his attitude to Shay Logan....or does a camera crew have to be there ? Should be nowhere near our Club.
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