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  1. G-MAN


    They weren’t all injured at start of season. Some players wouldn’t have been sent on loan if that were the case. Using youth and reserves, I have less than 20 fit players at the club. Which has happened in both saves.
  2. G-MAN


    McLennan now injured on the eve of the first game of the season. This is now 2 saves where it’s constant injuries. Also told that Considine was to become Captain with Taylor Vice Captain - told to warn Joe Lewis (couldn’t see any other option) Did that, then turns out Lewis is still Captain and Considine no longer VC. Not sure what happened there.
  3. G-MAN


    Stopped my first game as injuries ruined it. Take 2. Just a couple of days away from start of season. Same again.
  4. FYI - new song from Nation of Language out later.
  5. G-MAN


    Findlay is 2.1M [emoji23][emoji23][emoji23]
  6. G-MAN


    Transfer values are ridiculous. Cosgrove who had a 2.5M bid is 800K. Lewis Ferguson is 775K ??? Hernandez who cost 800K is 175K Injuries Cosgrove injured Devlin injured Edmondson injured Main injured Now 2 days in the job - Ferguson injured. No budget for players Almost half the u23 squad is out on loan Not many going to my training camp playing 4 games in 9 days 🤷‍♂️ Lots of positives though. The speed is noticeable, new features are impressive and match engine all good so far.
  7. G-MAN


    Woo hoo. Out now.
  8. G-MAN


    Looks like it’s imminent.
  9. G-MAN


    Bit of a PR disaster (not that it will matter). Lots of us getting notifications to say the Beta is out, just after midnight. But it isn’t. Must have been all set up to automatically send.
  10. G-MAN


    Seems to be a heck of a lot of us with fingers crossed it drops at midnight judging by twitter...
  11. I thought he was very good. Came across very knowledgable and had a lot to say.
  12. They are hyped up every year. They are always shite.
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