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  1. Think you should consider a few things before you posted, how many junior teams have access to the big cup every season, if you gauge success on ratio of entries at the start of this comp, think you'll find the juniors outperform most tier 6 teams, think you missed my main point also, i look for entertainment on a saturday, i don't see any improvement for fans in this proposed new set up, all about opinions , and quite a few share mine, no arrogance or stupidity, fact.
  2. Think a lot of people have forgot the most important factor during all these discussions, THE FANS! speaking to many west region premiership fans over the last two seasons, they are almost unanimous in their judgement of our standard v present lowland league, most agree a bit like the tail wagging the dog if we had to feed into this league, most top juniors would more than hold their own in the lowland league. There are a lot of attractive fixtures for west junior fans geographically, local derbies, and glasgow v ayrshire, we already have a good product, top league and some championship attendances, are more than a match as well, don't get the big push for this, wouldn't cross the road to watch buffs v nithsdale at tier 7 if we were to amalgamate, or v Dalbeattie star at tier 6, sorry not for me, by the time any team achieved SPL2 via the present set up we would be bored to death.
  3. I'm not a nationalist, disgruntled labour man, John Smith will be spinning in his Iona grave this lot are a total embarrassment, goodnight.
  4. Thanks my man just totally pissed off to see where my union fees are being squandered, did apologies before i posted !
  5. Can't get on to twitter media its rammed, Buffs fan online, but not at the game, been a union member for 40 +years, just watched news, and want to say this labour leader "Corbyn" slimy, makes Kinnock look good, and most people puke, my union, to my regret backs him, and Leonard, all very embarrassing, my Auchinleck brothers, will be gritting their teeth, we are totally gubbed, Boris rules, and we, will get the backlash !
  6. Yip slaughtered vale 2-1 !!!! , surprised Glens boys r not posting, be looking for them next round!
  7. bigC you were at a different game from the rest of us, except for the pen cumnock had 2 shots at goal, and Buffs CH gifted you the pen,stonewall pen for Buffs 1st half as well, we were poor 1st half but always had the fitball eventually to win, sorry to say worst Cumnock team i've seen in my memory i'm 52 by th away.
  8. How shallow are some folk, talbot have set the standard for years, we need to catch up! My lot (BUFFS) should have won last kick of the ball this season, we never scored finished 0-0, our fault not theirs! best of luck tucker, Beechwood hard to breach.
  9. Say it for u stuart,not banter, you seem like a bit of a DINOSAUR, go and watch your rangers or celtic, the rest of us will watch BUFFS in a competitive league, history is supposed to be something you learn from, you haven't learned much. juniors is a different game, no WOS poison.
  10. You must be drunk Shanner, (interesting race) 1-0 2-0 for Auchinleck till the end, giving you the benefit of doubt miracles happen, or are you a hurlord man, or!! wishful thinking , give them the flag now, the rest of us must step up to their mark ! They are our benchmark, we are not as organised or committed as the Village.
  11. Mentioned in another thread, st mirren park tidy ground good size, good atmosphere a think for this size of crowd.
  12. Thru gritted teeth from a Buffs man, well done Largs, if U try hard enough U might get there, and best of luck in the final, should be at st mirren park if SJFA have any brains, a well we will c what happens ! might go if I'm off.
  13. Thanks for the reply, still think many other junior committees would be a bit wary of this situation, I read the chairman's response on the other thread, vote for the future of the club tag seems a bit odd, for a decision as vital as this, it is surely merits EGM status. This eligible list might feed the anxiety of some of the doubters, not really necessary, if as I perceive the the majority are for the move, hope the club can come out of this stronger.
  14. I haven't been at the last couple of home matches, but buffs are usually always worth a watch home or away, I know they have big problems with dwindling crowds. I don't how their constitution works, but seems a bit odd to give paid players a vote on their future choice of venue, some junior committees might be worried about this scenario, surely players have vested financial interest on the outcome of this vote re future , if ( as it seems what I can gather)there is a bigger available working budget on a move vote. Wish them all the best for 2019 wherever they play.
  15. I've have always enjoyed watching Kilwinning , was working on Saturday or would have been there, seems to me on what I know is that committee created this problem, all very well signing these players one off signing fee, but the reality is their annual wage is the biggest factor to consider, think they took a gamble and overestimated income. What I've seen this season, some of there big signings are letting them down, I know its hard to blood youngsters in this league, but over the past couple of seasons they seemed to handle themselves very well without flinging cash about, hopefully a wee cup run continues and bank balance improves.
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