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  1. Probably Sneddon, O'Ware, Brownlie, Sena, Lyons, Penrice, Bannigan, Gordon and Rudden. I've genuinely forgotten half the players we have its been so long, but I wouldn't be too fussed if we punted them all and started again.
  2. Enjoyed it. Thought the fight scenes were a bit over choreographed would be my only real negative with it.
  3. Gutted they've taken knowing me knowing Yule off Netflix, love that episode.
  4. Went to the Queens game today. Somehow they seem more hopeless than us. If we can't beat them on Tuesday just liquidate us.
  5. It's a no bad song, I've heard Simon say the song is a left turn from the rest of the album, so still hoping for some heaviness to come.
  6. Looks like we're giving Celtic about 80% of the tickets for the cup game.
  7. I for one am surprised we lost given we had a failed manager chief executive in the dugout. Seriously what's the point in that? Just leave it to Allison/Miller.
  8. Sadly I can see the board giving Caldwell until the Celtic match before giving him the bullet which may be too late for us to stop the rot from setting in.
  9. Anticipating the "Colin Weir, your a w****r" songs on Friday night now.
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