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  1. Leon Murphy???? Thoughts Guys??? Hope you have a good season!!!!
  2. Leon Murphy???? Thoughts Guys??? Hope you have a good season!!!!
  3. What a win for THE BLUES. Stevie FARELL and this young team are a credit to our club. CMON THE BLUES KEEP THE FAITH
  4. Thanks for the £55 bonus Auchinleck!!!! Cheers.
  5. Good luck to THE BLUES this afternoon. Give it your best and you never know. KEEP THE FAITH CMON THE BLUES.
  7. What a point for THE BLUES. 3-0 down and I thought that was it. Wow!!!! Well fine lads. KEEP THE FAITH CMON THE BLUES!!!!
  8. Well well well.. GET IN THERE THE BLUES!!! Lady luck on our side BUT... WHAT A RESULT!!! KEEP THE FAITH CMON THE BLUES!!!!
  9. Will take a point today.!!!! Well done THE BLUES. In SF we trust!! Need to Grant Anderson back soon as. Onwards and Upwards. KEEP THE FAITH. CMON THE BLUES.
  10. Torn with Agnew. Not fussed with Thomson. Neil I liked. Robbo legend. Saw Hamill 3 times last year when I got back home and was good and bad. What I will say about him is that he has the experience to hopefully guide what looks like a young team next year. Anderson can also help with this as well. Stevie Farrell worked wonders last year with our well published money problems and I have great faith that he will do the same again this coming season. Further signings will follow and will be interesting!!! Yes it may be a hard season ahead but with SF and SM I really think that we will go again. Whatever the loyal support will stand firm and support our team. KEEP THE FAITH CMON THE BLUES.
  11. Agree skiblue. Think the budget will be reigned in but I am sure SF and SM will unearth a couple of gems for us!!!! Hopefully get some positive news soon on new players coming into the club. The budget isn’t helped by those who stay away from Stair Park. Never quiet understood their mentality of not supporting their home town club. Hey ho for those of us that do ... KEEP THE FAITH CMON THE BLUES.
  12. Gutted ROBBO away tbh. One of my favourite players over the years. 100 % commitment every game. A sore one to take as he will be missed. In SF I trust.!!!!!! Hope we get a few on board soon. KEEP THE FAITH CMON THE BLUES.
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