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  1. Massive win for THE BLUES today. Difficult week for the club but great win today. That one was for you Shaun. RIP.
  2. Went to school with Shaun. Great guy who always made the effort to speak when I managed to get back home to cheer on the blues. True Blue who will be sorely missed. RIP Shaun. Condolences to his family at this sad time.
  3. Take that today. 3 points and a clean sheet. Well done THE BLUES. Onwards we go. KEEP THE FAITH MON BLUES.
  4. Well done THE BLUES. Massive win. Get in there. KEEP THE FAITH MON BLUES.
  5. Good honest interview by JH. Christ what a nightmare week for us listening to him. Fair play to the boys today. Forfar is a tough place to go so well done one and all. #mon blues.
  6. How come we had 9 missing. Pleased with a point and good to see Sonkur and Duffy back. Onwards we go. Keep the faith Mon Blues.
  7. Good luck to THE BLUES today. From what I’ve seen a really good team JH has assembled. Looking forward to seeing this team develop. They deserve the support of the town 100%. As always…. KEEP THE FAITH MON BLUES.
  8. Quick Q to BLUES fans. Where is Tommy Muir???? Not played a single game in pre season. Just was wondering if he was still with us. Thanks. # mon blues.
  9. Your views on Sean Macintosh guys.?? All the best for the season ahead.
  10. Thanks SLClyde. Looks a decent signing for us.!!!! Cheers.
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