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  1. Can’t believe I just read he was travelling from Annan to Peterhead. Thanks for the reply.
  2. Hi Peterhead Fans. Greg Fleming has signed for Stranraer tonight. Just after your thoughts on him. Looks a decent signing for us. Thanks.
  3. And he comes in the shape of Greg Fleming. Good signing. Things shaping up nicely. KEEP THE FAITH CMON THE BLUES
  4. Yep. See Cameron Elliott resigned. Squad shaping up nicely. KEEP THE FAITH CMON THE BLUES.
  5. Kieran Miller signs on from Airdrie. Very decent signing. Now for a few more please SF. KEEP THE FAITH CMON THE BLUES.
  6. Thanks for the reply. Just read a few posts and looks a good signing for us. All the best to you guys when we get started again.
  7. Hi Airdrie fans. Thoughts please on Kieran Miller. Just signed first THE BLUES. Thanks.
  8. What do we think of those signed on so far fellow BLUES????? Hopefully more to come. KEEP THE FAITH CMON THE BLUES.
  9. Two more away. Burgess back up to Max last year. Didn't see much of him tbh to see what he could have done. Shame about Jordan. Decent defender. Seems to me that these junior clubs are throwing money at new signings. Don’t think we can live will some of them in this area!!!!!! Hopefully we will get some good news ourselves soon . Could be interesting times ahead for THE BLUES!!!!!!!! KEEP THE FAITH CMON THE BLUES.
  10. Good luck Max. Deserve your chance. Top young keeper. KEEP THE FAITH CMON THE BLUES
  11. I see they’ve also signed Jordan Kirkpatrick and just been voted into a new 20 league with the big boys (with the money their spending they could be one of them). I fully expect a number of departures from Stair Park in the coming weeks. Difficult times what with L2 football next season and a low budget. Hey ho keep believing fellow BLUES FANS. Interesting times ahead that’s for sure. KEEP THE FAITH CMON THE BLUES.
  12. Flying up from Bristol for this one to cheer Stranraer on. Looking forward to the day but maybe not the match!!!! What ever hopefully a good pay day for us. KEEP THE FAITH CMON THE BLUES.
  13. Massive game for THE BLUES. Whilst pleased with the players returning I will reserve judgement on the new signings ( two goals each)!!!! SF now needs to bring the best out of our team and I for one still believe he is the right man to take us forward. KEEP THE FAITH CMON THE BLUES
  14. 3 unbeaten now for THE BLUES. A bit of positivity surely now!!!!! Long way to go in this league. We are not being left a foot at the bottom. Just need a wee run. Still think GOALS will be our biggest problem but I know SF will have the boys believing. KEEP THE FAITH CMON THE BLUES.!!! B
  15. Massive point for THE BLUES. Take that all day long. Welk done to SF and the boys. KEEP THE FAITH CMON THE BLUES.
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