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  1. 3-1 Dees, Sir Greg, Loy and Hemmings off the mark, some maroon dafty for Hearts mon the Dee!
  2. Bain McGinn McPake Konrad Holt Thomson Stewart Ross Harkins Hemmings Loy Thats my team for kille, don't like the diamond but think he will go with it, makes us to narrow IMO, Julen will be pushing for a start, I change my mind on Tank all the time, bags of ability and can do the hard stuff with no space/time but to often his decision making is terrible!
  3. My old football team has a full set of the 1st strip you put up. We played in the uni league on a sunday with them.
  4. Thoight Harkins was different Gravy in the middle of the park, I would play him there when saft feet is sitting in the house injured!
  5. Why is it every day I read our "DUNDEE" forum there is always a farmer from Perth commenting on it? The word OBSESSED comes to mind.
  6. We have given John Sutton 8k a week so he coming to Dens instead..... sorry you fanny.
  7. Thank you, I said this the other day and was shot down saying I am mixed up, Andrew Black is the pop star who we signed from Hibs who is a RB back but played in Right Mid in a few games.
  8. Andy Black is a Right back, plays right midfield some times. Not a winger thats a dead cert!
  9. John Black has only played for development team but is being kept on, Andy Black is the one Hartley signed from Hibs and has played for the 1st team...... he plays on the right side.
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