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  1. Not wishing to fuel any more Director conspiracies but I note Lewis Grant was named as Managing Director in the first programme of this season but only a Director in subsequent ones. Also in the last programme Calum Torrie ( who was formally a Director) is listed as an Associate Director!
  2. I think the change of shape will be because we don’t have three combatant midfielders to play 4-3-3.
  3. I can’t see Peter relocating from his home in the Carlisle area and it is a bit far to commute.
  4. From tonight’s game. Martin Canning was not there! Sandy Stewart was and I saw the smallest goalkeeper I have ever seen outside of a boys match!!
  5. Disappointed as we are to lose Ian I wonder what you will now do with Gerry Britton? Ian was not answerable to anyone at Somerset (at least no one in the Country) and can’t see him working well with. Director of Football even if he is a pal.
  6. Three players in the Scotland u21 squad so not available for this game!
  7. Morton fans travelling by train may be a bit late. Their match preview directs them to pass the left hand side of the Civic Theatre!!! Can’t remember how many years since it was pulled down.
  8. Not true me and everyone sitting near me bought their ticket at Somerset days before the game.
  9. I believe it was filmed for the Gaiety archive and not for general release.
  10. It is Allanvale Land Investments Ltd who have put the application in - owned by Jim Kirkwood! Might be an Ayr director but has questionable interest in the club rather than the ground it is built on!
  11. No arrogance from me I have no doubt how difficult a tie this is for Ayr. Talbot’s Manager has instilled a winning mentality and they seem to get results even when not the best team on the day. Being at home and with Ayr’s form having shaded from earlier in the season they will feel they have a real chance - but McCall will know all this and I expect him to have us well prepared for the test.
  12. BBC predicting 50+ mph at present but no where near that.
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