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  1. I would encourage all those who can to support the AU Player Fund. Check the website or email [email protected]
  2. Players in training today. Going to be a bit of a challenge to field a reserve team v. Motherwell (cup) on Tuesday and Morton on Thursday. Some players will need to play a bit of both. OK reserve cup game been moved to next Tuesday. Seems a sensible decision.
  3. I can’t see us not playing at Somerset. Ground capacity without the North Terrace would still be about 6000. Just not allow as many away fans and not lose the match day income from the Hub.
  4. Is the 3rd strip the same price as the home and away?
  5. Ok waded through GMFC’s appalling web site and managed to get 2 concession stand tickets into my basket only to find my only option was to pick up from the ticket office. Why no print at home option? Cancelled order as I might as well pay at the gate. Anyone been able to print tickets- I realise an e-ticket option would be beyond them.
  6. RSL Renewables according to the programme for the Hamilton game.
  7. I suspect he was carrying a knock and not 100% fit.
  8. We have players willing to relocate from all over the UK. His desire to live in Fife will considerably reduce his options.
  9. This may be true but I have no doubt Tomi and Kerr mk2 are already identified.
  10. I see two experienced defenders released by Sheffield Wednesday today. You never know……………?
  11. How many times is that you have been “finished”. I am losing count.
  12. Having the privilege of regularly walking round the park with the Strollers I can assure you the pitch is in the best condition it has been for years. I think what you are seeing in the goalmouth is some remedial work in progress.
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