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  1. Think this boy is Darren Henderson’s son. Good Ayr player first time not so second time.
  2. Not because of the strip we won’t. All the good vibes from The Strollers will see to that.
  3. Not if you have to live in Dundee to get it.
  4. I think Dipo came to Ayr to put himself in the shop window but not to go to another team in Scotland for another £500 a week. The move that will appeal to him will be to a club near London. Think this is more likely at the end of the season rather than in this window.
  5. Could the game be in doubt considering the rain there has been?
  6. Will this game be on? Frost well into the ground now and temperatures not rising until Saturday or Sunday. Are any ground protection methods being put into use?
  7. He may never play for you again but Livingston may not want him cup tied as they may try and sell him at the break.
  8. I can assure you any of us who were at the Talbot game a few years ago are taking nothing for granted.
  9. I am sure Markus Fjortoft would be immediately available.
  10. I think Murdoch only has 5 league booking so one off a suspension
  11. I don’t think there is a club in Scotland who could/would pay the money Ayr would want to get Dipo at the break.
  12. I would encourage all those who can to support the AU Player Fund. Check the website or email [email protected]
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