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  1. Couldn’t make it tonight due to work! How did we play?
  2. The linesman got the decisions right imo! They were all clearly offside!
  3. Any Peeble support out there? What’s the chances of your park being playable on Saturday?
  4. Ah well shopping it is then![emoji85][emoji85]
  5. If our park is playable surely we could get another fixture lined up Penicuik or dundolald at home?
  6. Going by the state of Peebles park we will be off next week as well![emoji107]
  7. Would imagine our park is playable?
  8. If we are off tomorrow is there any chance of another game being arranged? Can’t be bothered shopping again! [emoji23][emoji23]
  9. Am looking forward to that one![emoji106]
  10. What’s the chances of a game on Saturday?[emoji848]
  11. Apart from the obvious how’s your park looking for Saturday any chances of it being playable?
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