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  1. Was thinking the same Alan! Personally a would keep about 5! The rest are no where good enough!
  2. Not having a go here! Aye understand that brown needs time to build a squad for next season but does anyone seriously think that the rose could been relegation candidates for this season?
  3. Aye fair enough but let’s be honest how much of that will go into the playing squad!
  4. Alan they don’t have the money to change things!
  5. Good chance this team could get relegated![emoji106][emoji106]
  6. Said already this linlithgow team could get relegated there a disgrace!
  7. Shambles of a playing squad![emoji23][emoji23]
  8. The rose for relegation now?[emoji848][emoji848]
  9. Alan this rose side won’t win nothing!
  10. Bradley was sacked for less! Tonight was shocking it looked to me as though a few players were not interested! Season over!
  11. How’s the park looking for tomorrow? Chances of it being on?
  12. A bit gutted my team linlithgow are out! But congratulations to Broxburn on getting through![emoji122]
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