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  1. Very fair assessment. Disappointing from our point of view in terms of the result but will play poorer and win this season. On to Wednesday now
  2. Best Team we’ve played this season. Pace and energy going forward frightening at times. We never really tested the backline. No complaints beat by far the better side although a thought our sending off at start of 2nd half was a bit harsh. The players first booking wasnt a foul. 2nd booking right after was a foul and deserved a booking. Well looked after all day by a class club with nice people. A special mention to the social club guy who thanked the bluebell supporters saying were the only club this season who have brought a crowd into the club. Some stayed there all game to be fair.
  3. Vastly improved from start of season. There goalkeeper is excellent. Surprised that they had basically no support at the game in what was as poor a crowd as we have had at Moorside in a long time. Weather obviously a factor. Best team won
  4. Bluebell IN Kyle Marley (Irvine Meadow), Elliot Ford (Thornton Hibs), Jack Smith (Raith Rovers), Scott Gilfillan (Rosyth), Ross Brown (Brechin City) and Murray Carstairs (Glenrothes) OUT Deek Wallace (Retired), Calum Strang (Rosyth).
  5. That’s the issue in a nutshell a don’t have any vested interest what yours sweetheart
  6. Why, because I don’t agree with your points. Whoever you are. Stop being so agitated and demanding Deary me
  7. A thought the league approved friendly requests?
  8. Not been informed on anything to do with friendlies yet. Was a genuine question. Will wait and see a suppose
  9. A leave the constitution stuff to more capable people than me in all honesty.
  10. Another wee query, since some clubs have voted not to play in may or June. I would assume there will be no friendlies taking place during this period from said clubs.
  11. Don’t think I have been insulting to anyone just offering an opinion which differs from others. If any other club thinks that what I have said is insulting well so be it, a won’t lose sleep over it. It’s an opinion. A don’t agree with everything the league officials do either but don’t hide and happily tell them my opinion. I certainly don’t think calling the decision a shambles is insulting. It’s my belief. I also never mentioned the word corrupt you did. A still firmly believe voting across all of Scottish football not just the eosl is always done with self interest and not for the good of the game/pyramid. I am also a firm believer that an elected management committee should be empowered to make all decisions without asking clubs to vote. I also felt the season should never have started but we did start and I believe we should have played 50% to determine relegation and promotion on the park but this hasn’t been agreed and I accept it. No shouting for another vote from me but I also think the rule that clubs can’t vote for a year when joining is wrong and needs addressed. A don’t know the ins and outs of the league constitution and in all honesty am no that interested in it. But you whoever you are seem to have a grasp of it and if there’s proper channels for change of current rules then a think that needs to happen in the correct format you have alluded to.
  12. Ach well, have enjoyed the last week or so on here. But your correct as a club official a maybe shouldn’t post. It is what it is, don’t agree with the decision nor the way it was done, raises more questions than answers but need to get on with it a suppose. Looking forward to meeting you next season general and aw the best to burnie as well. Parties in dunbar and Blackburn tonite and here’s me being old skool and hoping football is decided on the park . Vote to play surely
  13. It’s not democratic when certain clubs aren’t allowed to vote surely. My opinion is on the benefit of the pyramid. Am not looking at it from a bluebell perspective. You and burnie should maybe look at it outwith your club perspective
  14. Does that make it correct ? Surely needs challenged. Surely all clubs should be allowed a vote. My understanding is no votes at agm or egm for clubs in year one. But this vote surely should be for all clubs. Blackburn still in the premier congrats
  15. Absolute shambles, it wasn’t an egm or an sgm or an agm but only certain clubs were allowed to vote. A 34 or 36 game season for the premier next season. Who knows ? Aw the best with that getting completed.
  16. Why is the “management” committee not make a decision. Why is the vote to null and void or play only. Why is declaring on ppg not a voting option. An absolute shambles for me, gotta play now give a club the chance of promotion and get the leagues sorted for a 16 team premier league august start.
  17. Ok we will agree to disagree, and I look forward to seeing you at Dunbar in the future and will happily accept that free pint on offer. Tennants preferably, a might buy you one back.
  18. Pathetic, you my friend are a man/woman of straw. Throwing accusations and comments around hiding behind a username kinda makes you insignificant in my world
  19. It is very clear who wrote the email you refer to as said before if all clubs want to see it contact me and I will happily discuss or copy them in. I am the general manager of the bluebell. I assume you have an identity also ?
  20. Please be assured my conscience is also clear, we will agree to disagree on the way forward.
  21. I have a Similar feeling to your constant preaching about what’s good for the pyramid as long as it suits Blackburn. what will be will be.
  22. After a request by the management board for points to raise at next board meeting. Our proposal for consideration was circulated to some clubs not all as a way to gauge other clubs thoughts on implementing a tiered league structure by declaring the season on ppg. I am happy to forward to all clubs if that is so desired. The feedback was mostly positive with other points raised and some negative feedback also. As suggested here nothing is underhand, I was advised that if we wanted to call an egm to discuss we need 10 clubs to second our proposal. We have achieved this although after further discussion our thought process is we are happy to go with the decision of the management committee after Thursdays meeting. Would I have made this proposal is Dundonald would have been relegated as a result possibly not. If proposal came in was accepted and we were duly relegated a would get on with it as firmly believe a league structure is required ASAP. I don’t hide behind user names and happy to discuss with anybody any issues or concerns they have. I am easily contactable. Self preservation is understandable but surely we need to be bigger than that and look at the end goal on pyramid structure not what’s in front of our nose. Look at the bigger picture. As for not being made welcome at certain clubs if the proposal is implemented as suggested by a poster on here. I am big enough and ugly enough not to let that bother me to be honest. I might get a free pint from others. Change effects everyone sometimes positively and other times negatively. We still need to embrace it if it’s for the greater good.
  23. A bit of over reaction here. All we have asked is for the management committee to consider finishing the league season on a ppg basis in the same way as the lowland and highland league have. To allow the establishment of a tiered league structure at tier 6 and 7 This is only if we can’t get to 50% of games played this season. It’s a mere suggestion to reconsider as the lowland league have done the stated position at the start of the season. A tiered structure of 16 teams in each league at tier 6 and 7 and a more structured pyramid being the aim and preference of a number of clubs. You can’t please everyone but if we don’t look at it as individual clubs surely all should agree it’s a better structure. At the end of the day the management committee will decide and we will go with the decision.
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