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  1. East of Scotland Preseasonwatch 2018-19

    Dundonald Bluebell 2 Edusport 1
  2. Games Today?

    Glenafton 1 Dundonald Bluebell 2
  3. East of Scotland Preseasonwatch 2018-19

    Glenafton athletic 1 Dundonald Bluebell 2. Lewis mckenzie with both the bell goals in a very competitive pre season friendly
  4. Pyramid working group

    Mmmm, The embargo on applications by new eos clubs for sfa entry licence has still not been lifted either which is rather concerning for clubs hoping to gain this ASAP. We were hoping applications would have been accepted after June meeting but there has been a complete silence on this even when contacting sfa
  5. East of Scotland Preseasonwatch 2018-19

    Dundonald Bluebell v Edusport Saturday 14th July 2.30pm
  6. New clubs in the East of Scotland

    Club Statement Dundonald Bluebell can confirm that we have brought forward our original application for admission to the eosl for season 19/20 to allow us to join the association for next season 18/19. We sincerely hope to be accepted by member clubs at next weeks eosl agm.
  7. Junior football, what is the future?

    Who do the PWG report too? I assume they are a working group reporting to some kind of board who will inevitably make the final decision, whatever that will be.
  8. Junior football, what is the future?

    Burnie you have a lot to say for yourself and portray yourself as the guy with all the answers. Some of your overall points are very valid and some seen through your own agenda for me there are a lack of facts across the board at this time so for clubs whatever they decide it a leap of faith. I would suggest you were an ardent YES voter during the referendum as your forum tactics used are bordering on bullying. A suppose easy to do from the comfort of your keyboard. Your comments about junior football as a whole are embarassing for your club and at times portray a wee bitter man behind a key board if anybody dosent see things thru your glasses. Personally a dont know why you get so up tight. Your club are following your wishes yet you continue to pollute this forum. Your comments about my own club in the decision we have made are at best derisory. You have no financial facts nor detail on our ground requirements but speculate anyway. Whatever way we went there is a risk factor due to numerous uncertainties around structures, licensing etc and at this moment in time there is no real benefit in rushing. We had budgeted for losing money in our 1st year in the eos as we worked towards licence criteria. This is based on our current income being a superleague club. The uncertainty around licensing and the way forward with that has impacted on our decision but isn’t sole reason. Different for your club, with the utmost respect Blackburn are not and never have been a superleague club. So possibly as with any club in the south league or recently in the premier moving has minimal risk. If it doesn’t work out you apply back to the juniors and enter a league you have mainly always played in. Am not debating the pyramid as am a firm believer in it and we will join it in a year with hopefully our licence at the same time but for now it’s better together for the bluebell while we await developments. It’s not a strange statement from us it’s an open and transparent where we are. You may find it strange as it dosent fully agree with what you perceive will happen but that’s your outlook not ours. oh and our ground is named Moorside park not Moor Park but don’t let facts get in the way of a good story. You probably haven’t been to many superleague grounds so can understand your mistake
  9. Junior football, what is the future?

    Eh maybe they have forwarded there payment and committed to the pyramid by stating intention to join eosl for next season. As the only 2 who have forwarded application and payment at this time they are being allowed to progress. Nobody else is being accepted at this time until the mess we are currently in is resolved and clear way forward agreed. Lthv have been awarded there licence which is totally separate to being allowed to progress with application. Would hope the embargo will be lifted soon and clear way forward agreed. We can but hope
  10. Junior football, what is the future?

    Blackburn and Dalkeith a believe
  11. Junior football, what is the future?

    Absolute Nonsense, Bluebell had a bus at game and a number of cars. Not the biggest support but easily 50 on equal to canelons if not more. Just ask tags in the social club it was busy both before and after the game and he thanked us all as it was certainly one of his busiest days.
  12. Junior football, what is the future?

    On current standings Forfar wouldn’t be in the league
  13. Junior football, what is the future?

    Point 1 any alternative that is put forward by sjfa you dismiss. You should really try and look at what’s better for football overall. Too much politics from everyone is clouding the overall jusdgement for me. Personally if we’re talking about football standards and improving the product a super duper league would do just that. The clubs will decide, nothing at this point is time wasting. Time wasting has been done constantly over the last number of years by blatant non engagement and activity. point 2 i am not hung up about the grade to be honest however the eosl sjfa etc seem to all want there own identity within the structure. a true amalgamation under the sfa is probably my preferred option if that means in the long run a body to replace the eosl and sjfa etc then so be it. My original point was around the Sjfa response up until possibly now has been very poor and they have contributed heavily to the current fiasco which is killing there grade. For me they still have time to rectify what they have failed to engage in previously but the clock is ticking
  14. Junior football, what is the future?

    There’s no outline from sjfa at the moment was kinda hoping we would have got that on Tuesday. However, assuming there would be 2 east leagues at tier 6 is also possibly off the mark. I am Led to believe that a combined east/west superleague at tier 6 is also a potential proposal with regionalised leagues below. Now personally under a pyramid structure which allows junior clubs to obtain licence and scrap the reinstatement rule and possibly the junior brand. The formation of that league would be a real step forward. However, time is still of the essence and agreement by I would predict Ayrshire based west clubs potentially a stumbling block. But we couldn’t argue what a potentially exciting league we would have. As said previously the sjfa should have been active a long time ago. It’s up to them to save the grade and action is required urgently
  15. Junior football, what is the future?

    Obviously you weren’t at the meeting, I personally found it very worthwhile and lots of points for discussing. There was an element of arrogance and scaremongering at times but that is no different to the “if the juniors don’t join the eosl now, you will join at tier 7,8 or 9” scenario when in fact no decisions have been made. An assurance was given by the SJFA who are in dialogue with the SFA that they will work towards joining a “pyramid” for end of next season. They also accepted when pushed from the floor that they need to keep to this timeline. The SFA Stewart Regan have previously stated that the juniors will join at tier 6 and assurances this is still the case are to be sought and a plan agreed at the egm. For me Its up to the clubs now, they basically stay with the juniors for another year and trust the SJFA and SFA to amalgamate to some sort of agreed pyramid or they don’t trust this to happen and move across now under there own accord. There was a stronger together theme throughout the evening which you can’t really argue with but as said each club needs to decide the best course of action they believe. What is clear to is that failure for the SJFA to deliver on pyramid inclusion for the end of next season will for me be a final blow to the juniors and a complete incompetence which will destroy the grade. There was also an acceptance from the top table that this should have been addressed and engaged with some time ago but we are where we are the next few months to a year will either see massive change or the demise of our junior football. A twist or stick scenario