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  1. EOSFL match attendances 2018/19

    Dundonald v Boness 288
  2. Bo'ness United 2018/19

    No complaints yesterday we were very poor, well beaten and 1-0 flattered us. Thought Boness were very well organised and hard working.
  3. EOSFL match attendances 2018/19

    Dundonald v dunipace 108
  4. EOSFL match attendances 2018/19

    Bluebell v BU 296
  5. Pyramid 2019/2020

    Yip totally agree with that, just hope we finish top 5 or it really would be a financial disaster for us the following season. We knew this season our gate income would be down to be fair and have budgeted accordingly. On the flip side our hospitality income is up due to the fixture list mainly.
  6. Pyramid 2019/2020

    Last season home to Boness was over 300
  7. Pyramid 2019/2020

    We regularly had well over 200 at superleague games last season, Bonnyrigg haws Penicuik Lithgae Boness of the top of ma head. Most other games were late 100s early 200 when playing lochee camelon kennoway etc As said it’s not an even benchmark at the moment and can only be really checked end of season. The teams we have played in the league so far with the exception of xgates have brought zero supporters. Were also seeing our own floating supporters missing games and for the first time since av been at the bluebell we are really struggling to make our away bus travel viable due to the lack of our own supporters filling the bus for certain games. Our away support at Eyemouth last week out with committee was 11. Which is by far the worst it’s ever been. Be interesting to see our crowd tomorrow at home to Boness
  8. Juniors In At Tier 6

    Haha Take the crayons out your mouth min, your meant to write with them no eat them. Av put on the eos pyramid thread what we feel. Camelon seem to be doing well on and off the park at the moment a take it your not on the committee. There’s a lot of good positive things being a club in the eos as there was a ersjfa member. Personally a would like a single top tier league in the east in the future so hopefully this announcement today can be the starting point to achieving this whatever association it is under taking the best practices from each association.
  9. Juniors In At Tier 6

    Making a lot of assumptions there alan. Are you really as daft as you come across
  10. Pyramid 2019/2020

    In all honesty Al if today’s revelations had came out 6 months ago we wouldn’t as a club moved to the eosl and am sure a lot of other superleague teams of last season wouldn’t have moved either. As you say self preservation possibly but in reality as a club we want to play at the highest level we can against the Linlithgows, Boness uniteds, hill of beaths, Nitten stars, Penicuiks, Bonnyrigg roses, camelon etc and when they moved that greatly changed our thinking. We were happy in the superleague we worked hard to get there and were fully enjoying it. Add Lochee, Broughty and Carnoustie to the above teams the standard was excellent. However, we have moved and to a certain extent made our bed. There are some excellent benefits of being in the eos as an organisation and it is well run but for us there’s also things that as an ersjfa club benefitted us also. A mixture of both again as a personal choice would be ideal for us. In all honesty in this current season of change our gate income is down by around 40% as opposed to the same number of home games in last seasons superleague but this can only really be bench marked come the end of season. What today’s revelation does mean though is that any junior club whether staying within the juniors or who moved with us with any ambition to play lowland league football in the next few years that pathway just become a lot lot harder with one up one down and additional play offs across 4 different tier 6 leagues.
  11. Pyramid 2019/2020

    Oh dear, please keep up and read the full thread. You will get something rite eventually
  12. Pyramid 2019/2020

    For me the reference to tayside league is terminology by the eosl nobody else. Its clear from the chief execs email that tier 6 for the juniors is the top leagues as current ie east and west super league.
  13. Pyramid 2019/2020

    Let’s also be honest this will allow all junior clubs the possibility to get licenced also and if this decision/clarification was made 6 months ago then we wouldn’t be in the transition period we are in now. But as a said we are where we are and we now move forward under a clear structure.
  14. Pyramid 2019/2020

    Oh a will defo hang my hat on it as the clarification came from the top of the tree. Personally, a don’t thing it’s ideal but it is what it is and maybe a start to a unified structure in the years to come. The two governing bodies in the east unifying at some point should be the aim but a won’t hold ma breath on that and it’s clear the sfa won’t make any demands on this.
  15. Pyramid 2019/2020

    Yes I am aware of that, the minutes aren’t clear due to the reference to tayside league. It’s not a tayside league it’s the current east super league. Have had clarification on it this afternoon. There will soon be a clear communication from the sfa am sure. A don’t have any issue with it in all honesty and as a said it’s good to be resolved and we move forward.