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  1. A believe Tam is starting full time with Dundee United in October
  2. Personally thought it was a good game with 2 good sides. When we went 2-1 up unfortunately we couldn’t hold it for any length of time. Both penalties for me but in the build up to them the ball was out when played down the line and if linesman did his job then we would have held the lead. Cest la vie looking forward to Saturday.
  3. Thought it was a good game last night that we are disappointed not to win. Losing an injury time goal is always frustrating but injury time goals from Boness seem to happen a lot against the bell. Both teams will be at the top end of the league for me. Murphy in the Boness goal was outstanding. Your middle 3 sometimes 5 play excellent football but having watched you Saturday and last night you defo lack a cutting edge. Your defence will be glad they don’t play against the best striker in the league every week. 😂
  4. Lochgelly Albert 1 Bluebell 8
  5. It does stem from last summer but the ersjfa have already ignored that proposal by voting in 2 regional leagues at tier 6. Tier 6 should not be regionalised. Personally I would allow this to happen if the ersjfa went back to one league as the diagram shows for one season with full amalgamation after the one season agreed for season 20/21 in the east including the tayside clubs. For the record Dundonald Bluebell rejected the proposal because it was void of content not because we don’t want the juniors in. We are open to strategic discussion around amalgamation in the east.
  6. 4 down from the top league is too much a personally would have 3 down. Both league winners promoted and a play off between both 2nd place clubs for the third promotion place. But it certainly for me is by far the best structure going forward.
  7. There must be something in the water in Kemlin haha
  8. Yes it needs to be SJFA free and run by an association that is an amalgamation of the current ersjfa and eosl for me under the sfa. Due to increased workload we may have to administer our own discipline in line with the current sfa procedures and there’s more fixtures to work out but am sure with the expertise in the current organisations coming together we can do this. Aw at last a solution hopefully
  9. Excellent and surely all associations and clubs would accept this
  10. This should be the goal for me, with decision on how we get there being the discussion at the meeting. An excellent structure for all.
  11. The sfa board will be frustrated that the PWG have still not reached agreement on the way forward. A joint approach from eosl and ersjfa to move boundary lines would be accepted if it then allowed progression and agreement of unified structure. A don’t understand why you continually want to alienate the tayside teams. There top sides were good Valuable members of the old super league for a lot of years. Regional at the top tier or two below the lowland league and local as you moved down the tiers at some point all under one organisation should be the goal. What a top product for marketing we would have then.
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