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  1. Club Licencing

    Just had email from sfa 2 mins ago. No detail on reschedule. Meeting cancelled due to members of the board attending a funeral.
  2. Club Licencing

    For me a don’t have any issue with meeting being postponed it happens and the reason behind this postponement is certainly valid. However, no communication on this development from SFA nor detail on what happens next is worrying. Also, if claimed that the meeting was moved to Monday and held before the licence board then that’s absurd on the basis it was known that licence acceptance was going to be referred back to sfa board. I personally think no derogation will be granted at the sfa board as the spfl clubs are heavily represented. Delays in reconvening a meeting may suit the agenda here. For us we will press ahead and all going well have floodlights installed before the June meeting. Hopefully that will go ahead on time.
  3. Club Licencing

    It certainly doesn’t go ahead tomorrow
  4. Club Licencing

    Unfortunately, this is true. There will be no meeting tomorrow it has been cancelled I believe earlier this week.
  5. Club Licencing

    A think so, personally if you see the make up of the sfa board I will be amazed if any derogation is granted. A definite turkeys voting for Christmas scenario. I will gladly be proved wrong though.
  6. Club Licencing

    No decisions today for clubs who have passed all requirements except floodlights. Licensing Committee have passed the derogation to SFA board to make decision on Thursday on the status of clubs who met the criteria at time of application in 2018 but now don’t purely based upon the new floodlight criteria. We will wait and see
  7. Club Licencing

    Canny believe you have missed the bluebell off the list.
  8. Junior football, what is the future?

    First of all a wasn’t intending to have a dig at anyone just saying it as a see it on here. We’ve all got opinions and I respect them although don’t agree with them at times. People no doubt don’t agree with mine either. A won’t lose any sleep over it and wouldn’t expect them to lose any over it either. To reply:- (1) Am no troll. A think most people will know who I am a don’t hide behind user names. General Manager at the Bluebell that’s me. Although views on here are mine not necessarily the clubs. (2) To quote yourself “no comment from the contributions from the other side”. A don’t see an us and them type of situation a see it as non league football. The us and them attitude from both sides doesn’t help anybody and contributes significantly to where we are. I agree with all your other points to be honest, this is a big week licence wise and as a club with currently no floodlights the support from David Baxter has been excellent and supportive. The directive has came from Ian Maxwell and the SFA board. Definatley done without full knowledge of the consequences and as has been said on here before shows him and his board up for lack of knowledge of the non league game but none the less they did give a directive to the PWG to allow the juniors in at tier 6 and it hasn’t been revoked. What I was alluding to when a said the PWG now need to report back to SFA to say we cannot comply with directive for reasons previously given is fair to me. The question is then will the SFA accept they didn’t have all the facts to make that decision and look at a different model or will they try and bull doze through in some way their original directive. Their track record means it could go either way for me. As for the SFA getting hounded by Lego eating Al from Camelon if the juniors get in at tier 6 am sure that won’t sway any decision but you never know. That’s a light hearted statement al don’t take offence neebs. Am away to play ma banjo in fife
  9. Junior football, what is the future?

    To me this is where we are, there is a directive from the sfa board that the juniors are in at tier 6 and this has been passed to the PWG to implement. Current Issues (1) SFA don’t have the manpower to administer the discipline procedures for all teams when the juniors come across and the disciplinary department have advised this. This will be rectified by allowing the juniors who come in at tier 6 to continue to administer there own discipline procedures once aligned and agreed with SFA. I believe this is almost agreed. (2) Under the SFA directive the PWG have failed to implement structure allowing juniors in at tier 6 because of issues of the 2 leagues in the east and the rejection by the eosl to accept the east juniors at this tier level. This is unlikely to be resolved so will in all likeliness be referred back to SFA board stating why they have failed to comply with an sfa board directive. From what happens then is anyone’s guess. (3) I think the minutes of the PWG should be openly available to all clubs. Transparency is what is required and maybe doing this would get all associations together and help agree a way forward for the benefit of non league football in Scotland. Due to point 2 a would be amazed if things are all agreed in time for next season unless the SFA board find a way to implement but that requires strong leadership which the organisation severely lacks. The make up of the representation on the PWG board we’re never going to agree. The SFA should have foreseen this. As said before I have no issues with the east juniors coming in at tier 6 as long as there is some kind of amalgamation of the leagues also agreed in the near future under one organisational structure. I also feel that some posters on here burnieman, al fae camelon and ginaro don’t help the eosl on these forums although I understand they speak for themselves not there clubs same as myself. A lot of there posts come across as arrogance (senior club ??) towards the juniors now which I struggle to understand. Personally, I am enjoying our first season in the eosl with the bluebell but haven’t forgot our roots. Just hope sooner or later all is resolved and we can all be under one structured pyramid under one organisation as the current situation is of no benefit whatsoever to non league football in Scotland. Oh and don’t get me started on the licensing and the self preservation society of sfa league clubs. I will let you know how a feel about that after next Tuesday. Its Saturday enjoy the football
  10. Junior football, what is the future?

    Nothing to do with my club getting put out of cup. We should have checked in more detail but the process is not clear when your player who is suspended was listed under another club. The ersjfa discipline covered by Syd Mcalpine was far more clearer so there’s one example any new structure could learn from. Here’s a few more:- (1) The 3/4 season fixture list produced by the eosl is excellent and is a major plus. (2) In eosl cups the home club keeping all gate income for cup ties doesn’t work for us. Means away clubs pay for travel and receive no return and to make matters even worse are then asked to pay for an assistant ref before we go home. A lot of away draws has real financial implication. (3) Too many Diddy cups in the eosl but am sure this will be addressed when there’s more league games to play next season. (4) Support and assistance with grants for clubs wishing to obtain entry level licensing excellent with eosl non existent with sjfa (5) Kick off times in eosl fixture list not apportionate to our weather and daylight hours. Clubs having to constantly request changes of kick off times every week during winter months. (6) The ability for clubs to work towards sfa entry level licensing in eosl is for me the major plus. Upgrading facilities and standards can only be good for clubs. Just hope the self interest of current league clubs doesn’t continue to drive the changes in licensing criteria as they fear clubs getting a slice of the pie. I could go on but it’s a learning period for all and if the good and the bad was addressed by all what an organisation we would have. Football wise the east super league of last season was far higher than what we currently play in and probably will be again next season. Just my thoughts Alan, take the crayons out your mouth and think before you speak.
  11. Junior football, what is the future?

    And the SFA will side with the SJFA. All playground stuff for me. Personally a don’t have any issues with the ersjfa coming in at tier 6 next season as long as there’s a plan to bring us all together under one structure the following season. Would lead to another transitional season as this is but for the longer term good would need to be accepted. The whole episode from associations to clubs reeks of self preservation. The sensible approach to combine all under one banner needs strong leadership by the SFA and there will be casualties as there always is with any reorganisation in any business. Its football we’re talking about here and the focus must be on having a single structure and clear pathway for all clubs to find there level. Let’s create a new association and disband the eosl and sjfa. There are good examples of best practice from both the eosl and the sjfa that should be used in any new organisation. Despite what other people say in this chat it isn’t all rosey in the eosl as it wasn’t in the ersjfa either.
  12. EOSFL match attendances 2018/19

    165 bluebell v sauchie
  13. EOSFL match attendances 2018/19

    Dundonald v Boness 288
  14. Bo'ness United 2018/19

    No complaints yesterday we were very poor, well beaten and 1-0 flattered us. Thought Boness were very well organised and hard working.
  15. EOSFL match attendances 2018/19

    Dundonald v dunipace 108