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  1. He's off the pace because he carrying injury.
  2. Dallas has been carrying injury all season . Duff started off well but not consistent enough but a winger not a striker . Russell I'm afraid is to old now starting to drop deeper and deeper . Only striker I know that plays most of the game in his own half .
  3. One thing I did notice was the number of coaching staff Ashfield had at the dugout. I counted 8 that looked like staff and not just subs . Have to agree when I saw Jordan take out the Ashfield player I feared the worse.
  4. Dallas has been carrying and injury most of the season and Russell has not shown much . Wouldn't be surprised if we move him along .
  5. Think you got that spot on . As soon as Jordan made contact with your guy I was fearing the worse. I posted on our forum that I thought it was a lucky win for us . Keeper not getting sent off and our second goal was a fluke .
  6. Saw on the pollok forum you guys were looking to sign Danny Boyle from us any truth ????
  7. Nope we have not played any where near good enough to to win these games. I would say that it's the end of our league challenge now .
  8. Petershill 0 Pollok 6 . Very strange being at Petershill park and its sunny and warm as it's normally freezing, blowing a gale and pissing down . New pitch looks a much better .
  9. Tell you what you guys from Darvel are putting a hell of a lot of pressure on your team to win every game next season . As soon as they lose one league game or even put out any cup you will be getting slaughtered on here and every other forum . Not sure if all this publicity is a good thing . Just my opinion.
  10. Have just seen the video of the darvel dressing room on twitter and guess what , it's got lots of pegs for clothes plenty seats and nice lighting but I didn't see a treatment table and why are there about 5 seats in a separate room are they for the boys on the naughty chairs .
  11. So what this dressing room got over ever other one , normally there's plenty pegs for clothes a few showers a treatment table somewhere to sit as you get changed and of course some toilets whats the big deal .
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