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  1. And now that the league have shown with yoker that you will lose the 3pts teams will be telling players not to tell if they have confirmed cases to track and trace . So they dont need to forfeit the game and lose the 3pts .
  2. That suddenly came to mind once i had posted . Just have to wait and see on sunday . Would be a very strange league without Pollok, Talbot and Kilbirnie.
  3. So where you hearing pollok and talbot are withdrawing.
  4. Surely the issue with players not getting into dressing rooms and having a shower has to be resolved before we can let fans back in . What happens if we get a very cold and wet October or even worse if it continues into november and we get a day like we had up at neilston for the scottish cup game. You cant ask players to go straight home soaking wet and freezing cold . I know i was wet and freezing just watching i had plenty layers on not just a football kit then maybe a tracksuit to travel home in .
  5. I was sure this was a football forum not a political our party's doing better than your party . Get enough of that on Twitter and other social media , news channels etc was hoping to get away from it in here .
  6. Whats the scripe with admission prices next season in the conferences . As they will be made up from teams from different leagues that have would have been charging different prices this season . I know nothing has been worked out yet but just wondering how they did it in the first season of the eosfl.
  7. My email must still be floating around the interweb as I've not received anything yet .
  8. Not if they retain there SJFA membership to play in the Scottish Junior Cup they will be both .
  9. so are we now junior seniors or senior juniors .
  10. So was last nights meeting a PWG meeting as per the LL statement I just read on Twitter or was there 2 separate meetings last night.
  11. There's the answer now . All Scottish football suspended as of now .
  12. Irvine meadow tweeted there will be a decision on Saturdays game in the morning not sure if it's to do with pitch or something else .
  13. Probably that nutter that runs the Scottish junior fitba Twitter page .
  14. Lol he just blocked within mins of me posting on here
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