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  1. International football for wee shite countries like ours should be simple. Pick a shape/formation to try and win against the team you are playing. ALWAYS play the strongest team available. For so many years I have watched Scotland manager after manager put out these experimental sides, boys for the future, give lads a wee run out blah blah blah. Like we are Man City playing in the Carabao Cup or something. We also aren't good enough to try and play in a style that doesn't suit us. When was the last quality CB we had? We need to be hard to beat! We are instead, mocket. So depressing
  2. Watched Linlithgow at the start of the season with not much knowledge of the but was really disappointed. The lad Scullion was the stand out weak point. Cant play from the back like that when the CB is a cart horse. Couldn't understand why Coyne was out wide. Either in front of goal or on the bench.
  3. TheLad


    Given that this is probably the lowest league standard in Junior football, all Arguments are valid. Watched West Calder tail end of last season and no too bad. This season absolute manure. This league is amateur football on a slightly more organised basis.
  4. Impressive first half from Tranent. Moved the ball well and good tempo. Didn't need to move out of second gear in the second half though.
  5. Prediction for May 2020. The PWG, after a few half hearted meetings which started in November 2019 and promised much, with teams in East and West convinced they were definitely in the pyramid, closes for the summer just unable to reach agreement for season 2020/21. The teams in the west will have waited all season for someone to come up with a proposal for a WOS league and lay down the foundations. Unfortunately no big team took the plunge so the others waited. No one in the SJFA or SFA made the moves, as they have no motivation to and so nothing happened. Teams in East Region wanted to propel straight into tier 6 so that obviously am option so they didn't progress anything else. No one in the north wanted any change so it didn't happen. This thread extended to 8000 pages, 7988 of which amounted to blame and accusations of lies. The SFA beaks wondered what all the fuss was about, why cant they just play in the same set up? While all the while making no sweeping decision as it isn't worth the hassle. Auchinleck win the league and Scottish Cup.
  6. What on earth is going on at Bathgate these days?
  7. I assume that Scullion and Thom aren't the planned CB pairing? Looked very poor first half and got turned too often. Somehow the long balls into space changed from Blackburn in 2nd half and Scullion was mopping up lots of high balls. Against better forward lines they will struggle I think. Smith looks good in midfield and the forward line always dangerous. Definitely cant imagine them being contenders for the league.
  8. Linlithgow look dangerous at set pieces but very lazy when they don't have the ball. Have to say I expecting more. No doubt they will come out better in the second half after a HT roasting
  9. Blackburn 2 Linlithgow 1 HT
  10. Cannot argue with this honest response. Bathgate has always had an apathy towards its football teams. It probably always will. I hope you get the support you need. You might be best to go direct to people you would like to see involved, people who would make a difference. You will get the knock backs here and there but you may be surprised. In my experience, the personal touch means a lot (and is harder to say no) The general call to arms doesn't really work imo
  11. I seen that there was an EGM but surprised that there was no further info. A good pitch and the guys behind everything do a great job in the circumstances. Hope they get their funding. Is there any danger of folding if funding is not found? Chavez?
  12. Don't think they are part of the community club any more. As far as i know, a few teams have pulled out.
  13. The biggest issue is the WRJFA clubs are still living under the crazy notion that if they sit and wait, the SFA or even their own current league, will just get it all sorted for them and just create a set up that they can just move into with no fuss.
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