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  1. Twenty fdcking pounds to watch a Livi game on TV is new levels of insanity.
  2. There are no real good guys or bad guys in this. A lot of guys with a lot of varying opinions and they love to share it, while often thinking everyone else's is nonsense. Pretty standard. I follow the Fauldhouse pages closely as I have a soft spot for the club and I think others are the same boat, whether they follow Musselburgh, Camelon, Kelty or Blackburn. I don't see much hatred for them but there was a spell of a lot of cajoling and disbelief that the club wasnt taking the step up to EOS. The Hoose would have been a good addition. However, the majority of us have moved on from that. It is good to see that the club have moved back into sharing some communications with their supporters and distant followers. It's been a while and hopefully it will continue. I get the impression you are a committee man, so good luck for the season, whenever that is. PS, join the EOS next year!
  3. I think it refers to contact sports, eg football to differentiate from sports like golf, tennis, angling etc, which have already resumed. However, the resumption is unlikely to be at full contact. It is misleading but that's pretty standard for them in these times.
  4. It's as good a time as any to trial summer football. Often debated, good arguments for and against.
  5. Totally agree. The thing is, someone must know that grassroots football is way down the chain and to not share that is setting false expectations for kids, parents and clubs. I have parents asking if we are starting back training this week, or is it when we go to phase 2. The answer is that I have no idea but someone does.
  6. Which means they are not on furlough. You cant be happy that as football was suspended up to 10th June and there has been no follow up date or even general timescales offered? I dont think that is too much to ask.
  7. I would imagine that some teams may be waiting to find out news about when any sort of football may be allowed to restart before committing to anything. 'Experts' are offering their expected return dates to training anything between next week and next August. I'm not sure I would want to commit the resource and expenditure to set up a team just now (playing kit, equipment etc.) If he start date is closer to next year. Unfortunately the SFA and various governing bodies are letting everyone down by communicating nothing.
  8. Do you think we will hear anytime soon about when grassroots football training may return? I am quite a pessimistic fellow but not sure the damage will last for decades. I appreciate the Scottish government have other concerns on their hands but the SYFA have one job. Just one. And that is to prepare, organise and govern youth football and it is an absolute disgrace that, on the last day of the suspension of all football, no further updates has been given. Players and coaches will be falling away from the game and while everyone knows that it needs to be safe, communication is key in successfully running any organisation.
  9. That will probably be following a coach, more than anything else.
  10. They seem on the ball. Unfortunately our authorities are completely failing in regards to communication about when we might restart in this country.
  11. I'm an optimistic kind of guy. A bit like the Strollers boy. We can meet all the rules apart from the testing [emoji23]. Yeah mate, the big one.
  12. I'll have a fiver on October restart of training and no games til January.
  13. 2 Colin Campbells also, when they won the Scottish
  14. When did Bathgate secretary step down? From what I gather, he done nearly everything there. Was he not also the east Region secretary or president?
  15. Any value in making early signings if there might not be any games until 2021?
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