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  1. Talbot crumble

    What a walloper. Highlight of your season will be trying to replicate the monumental draw of 2018. Envy is a horrible affliction!
  2. Talbot crumble

    Samson was immense when he came on. His pace gave the Hearts defence no end of grief. I can only see the Talbot juggernaut gathering more momentum buoyed by that performance . Clean sweep of the Junior competitions awaits !
  3. Auchinleck Talbot v Ayr United televised

    Only a Scumnock numpty would come away with a claim like that. Dry yer tears of envy!
  4. As a life long Talbot fan I definetly see Ally Simple as the pantomime villain. Don't like him impersonating a rutting Stag gouging the pitch up but he does make me laugh. There has been a long line of pantomime villains in both Talbot and Cumnock squads over the years. Ally is just keeping the tradition alive !
  5. Hurlford v Talbot

    Was men against boys. 5 nil flattered Hurlford today.
  6. Free kick takers

    Yup must agree with big Hughie Lyden. He could certainly strike a dead ball.
  7. Talbot 2 - 0 Rob Roy - Match Highlights

    Milliken McGoldrick White Hyslop and Pope all in contention for my MOTM award today Not a bad performance in the team today Pope is a class act! Lets hope this is the turning point in our season
  8. Talbot Floodlights

    Nice set of floodlights in at Broomfield playing fields due to be pulled down shortly when the building of the Super School gets underway. Could approach EA Council about recycling these!
  9. Talbot Table Toppers Again

    Is that no thone boy FLOWERY fae the Crescent in that picture? Aka Andrew Williamson?
  10. Talbot - the benchmark.

    Not true the open casts and collieries are long since defunct - no coal left go steal! No comments on the other allegation tho lol!
  11. hurlford/talbot.....talbot/hurlford

    Thanks. For you sterling efforts. Look forward to seeing them.
  12. hurlford/talbot.....talbot/hurlford

    When do you reckon you will get the highlights up? Thanks in advance for your efforts.
  13. Shotts V Meadow

    Ran out of luck!
  14. All Hurlford United Chat 2014/15

    Throw the damn towel Henderson! !!! Lol!
  15. All Hurlford United Chat 2014/15

    Go tae the Madhouse wearing a Hurlford scarf and your likely tae get a skelpin. Nothing personal but that's what the Madhouse is all about.......... Just jesting. Am sure you know that most of us peeps at Auchinleck are very hospitable. Looking forward to next week and watching both teams compete on a top rate playing surface. Hoping your team get horsed tho and leave with a performance akin to ........ https://youtu.be/_NTUmrOfyUA