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  1. We’ve scored 8 goals at home all season. Davidson has done a fantastic job but he hasn’t found the solution to that yet. A mix of having an excellent defensive record and a decent away record have spared us from a bit of a struggle this season. we need to gain a point on livi prior to the final day and we have games against Celtic and Hibs away and Rangers at home to do it... a really big ask for us now. Generally on today’s game, we started well but didn’t ever really look like scoring. I really don’t like the 5-2-3 with the players that we have and hope that the manager either brings in players to play his preferred shape on the summer or he just drops it altogether. We look a completely different side when we play 2 up front.
  2. Who said it’s the best St Johnstone side in generations? It’s not even the best St Johnstone side of the last 10 years
  3. Given how maligned she was among some sections of our support, she helped deliver us two top 6, finishes, a major honour and I’d imagine was involved in the recruitment of a very good young manager as well as extending several of our key asset’s contracts. I think a lot of Saints supporters saw her record at Kilmarnock and never gave her a chance, but her cv has definitely been boosted and she has left a decent legacy. Best of luck to Boyd in his new role. I’ve heard another potential incomings behind the scenes which would be a very positive move. Certainly seems like we’re restructuring off field right now.
  4. I think the stats back up what the eyes can see here to be honest. Clark is one of the poorer goalkeepers in the league. I'm not saying it to make him a scape goat, I'm just stating a fact.
  5. Some Conservative activists have picked up leakage of their support to Mr Galloway's robust unionism and, wait for it, Alba. In both cases, it is what one insider described as the "angry white men of a certain age vote". Not just pishing votes to Unionists, but losing votes to Alba Dougie is having a disaster, can't be long before he's sidelined and Davidson is parachuted back in for interviews and debates.
  6. Our worst performance of the season - maybe second worst after our first game away at Livi - and we win 1-0. We can’t play well every week so encouraging we can eke out a result but we‘ok not win another game this season playing like that. Dundee should be in the hat for the next round.
  7. This is a pathetic second half performance from Saints. Special mention for Zander Clark who has been both particularly terrible, less the penalty save.
  8. This is a slightly strange hill to die on. Glad he’s getting minutes and doing ok at Aberdeen. Means we’ll either get money for him in the summer or he can make a better fist of getting into our team next season.
  9. I like the look of our line up. May and Melamed haven't played together too often but they should compliment each other reasonably well. Glad that McCann and Wotherspoon have made it back in one piece as well. Dundee's team looks pretty strong on paper to me. Their fans obviously know better than me what works for them but I don't see too many obvious weaknesses.
  10. I’d imagine we’ll look to play our strongest 11, maybe sans Wotherspoon and McCann depending on when they get back into Scotland. If they don’t make it, Middleton and Bryson probably start. Gutted to be missing a trip to Dens but glad it’s away from home. Our away games tend to be a much more enjoyable watch and there shouldn’t be anything for either team to fear, definitely a recipe for a good cup match.
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