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  1. Stevie May turned up when I was in my mid twenties, put us through against Rosenborg, helped us win a cup and scored 27 goals in a season. Wright left when I was 8 so I can't remember him beyond a couple of goals, George O'Boyle officially left when I was 14 but hadn't played any where near his best for at least a couple of years before that. I swithered between May and Maclean and Sandaza and Scotland probably deserve a mention too, but it's been slim pickins' up top for a lot of my time watching Saints.
  2. I don't remember much of either O'Boyle or Wright, certainly not well enough to pick either over May.
  3. Martin Hardie is a god damn hero.
  4. This is properly tough. Need a bench of about 20 players to accommodate everyone. I'm leaning towards my personal favourites rather than just ability ability My team would be pretty close to the above. Main Mackay Kernaghan Duberry Stanic Morris Dasovic Sylla Hardie Swanson May Only 2 Scottish Cup winners in the starting eleven but I'd probably have other 9 (less Dunne who probably wasn't here long enough) in or around the squad. The likes of Sheerin, Davidson x2, Sandaza, O'boyle etc have a place secured in my heart too. Diddy 11s should be good banter. You could just about have the entire John Connolly back catalogue but I've tried to be a bit more creative. Mark Paston Jordan Tait Rud Vata Benito Kemble Alan Morgan Alan Mahood David Hannah David Bagan JP McBride Adam Morgan Craig Beattie PAINT IT BLUE!
  5. I'd rather you didn't. You might be a Trump sympathising Tory but you've grown on me. Unlike Trump and the Tories.
  6. Could be. He's got the security of a 2 year deal though so could be used as a back up until that contract expires, which I don't think would be the end of the world. On current form there's no chance he's displacing Kerr and Shaughnessy and I reckon Gordon's distribution is a better fit for this team too. Of the cup winning starters, only Anderson, Wotherspoon and Easton remain and I'd argue all 3 are now starting to fall out of the picture a bit with us, certainly long term.
  7. I think there's a fair chance Swanson will start and Kennedy is probably most vulnerable to being dropped given the form of McMillan. I like Foster and Wright up the right - I reckon they've got more natural chemistry than Tanser and Kennedy do, although they're certainly not too bad together either. I'm not sure we have the players available to try and sit in just now, unless Davidson is fit and Craig is out of the doghouse. The options we have are pretty obscene all the same. I think the goalie and back 4 and probably Watt are pretty set in stone just now, but you could change the whole complexion of that midfield by playing Alston and Wotherspoon on either wing, play Davidson and Craig together in the middle with either Scougall or Swanson a bit more advanced in behind Watt and you've got a much more narrow, defensive set up that would still have the potential to cause some problems up the other end. Edit: I forgot about Callachan as well. I left Nydam out as I can't see him getting a run out at Ibrox.
  8. You never know with Muzz - the club reckon he'll be out for 4-6 weeks - his surgery was 3 weeks ago on Thursday - and as we know, Muzz generally defies all logic and science and gets himself back earlier than you'd expect. He'll be itching to to be on the park again. I'm not sure about Craig. He's in fine form just now though, so hopefully he's apologised and we can move on from all that.
  9. Clark Foster Kerr Shaughnessy Tanser Alston Davidson/Craig Wright McMillan Swanson Watt IMO.
  10. I don’t think Saints can realistically expect to finish much higher than midtable given the size of the clubs above us last year. The fact we’ve added players who’ll make us more exciting to watch and give us more of an attacking threat is just fine by me. Last season Aberdeen beat us by 3 goals in each of the meetings between the sides. A 1-1 draw is definitely progress.
  11. Would’ve taken a draw before kick off. I wasn’t at the game but the games seems to have turned half time sub(s)? Callachan and Alston would be fine beside a more defensive player to anchor but I didn’t see that working and it seemed to allow Aberdeen back into the game. 8 points going into the run we’ve got coming up is a pretty decent total.
  12. No doubt we probably paid out more in those days - I think Steve's more talking about the weekly cost rather than the overall picture. He said that we had 38 or 39 full time professional players at the club last season (which included youngsters and the support staff they have as part of project brave's ridiculously expensive criteria) and mentioned multiple players for what would equate to £2k a week + on a wages. Long gone are the days where we spend £300k on Paul Hartley and the likes but I think that gap has been bridged somewhat in terms of what we pay in wages.
  13. Which is a perfectly legitimate complaint. That summer was just ridiculous.
  14. I would have agreed with you in the past, but I think that's pretty unfair on Brown when you see the evidence in front of you. He's sanctioned contracts to pay multiple players £100k a year basic salary for at least 2 summers now and probably for longer than that and the weekly'football operation' runs at £65k a week, which is much higher than I would have imagined it would be. The chairman has sanctioned moves for Scougall, O'Halloran (albeit short-term - would've been for the full season if Rangers had agreed a loan extension though), McMillan, Watt, Kennedy, Wright, Swanson, Callachan and Nydam in the last year and a bit - all of whom will command pretty decent wages. That's before mentioning the loanees from Fulham and Manchester United and Tanser, who I'd imagine will be on better money now that he's proven himself capable at this level. He's also agreed to pay off Paton and Cummins probably got some cash too. There's talk that we pay good bonuses as well - I dread to think what some of the monthly take away salaries are when you add on the various bonuses the players will get. Wright's moans about budget have disappeared now and you can see why. Brown has put up with a lot of shit from Wright and the fans (myself included) over the last few years and he can be a bit of a miserable git at times in his interviews but behind closed doors he's clearly shown a lot of ambition. He's managed to retain most of our best players (Scobbie, Swanson the 2nd time round and arguably Maclean are the only ones I can think of that he maybe could've done better with) at the same time as trying to improve the quality of the squad. He also fixed our most successful ever manager up on a 4 year contract in 2015 and we're back to the negotiating table now to extend that again. The only thing missing is a transfer fee - I don't think we have ever paid a fee for a first team player with Steve as chairman. I think the biggest problem Steve needs to shift (and hopefully will if the accounts get a wider audience) is the notion that he's tight and doesn't back the manager. A bit of PR training for him (which he wouldn't agree to) and a person dedicated to PR and only that at the club would probably go a long way to addressing that. The social media output has improved a lot since Gary has come in (although could and I reckon will still improve) and the signings have brought back a feel good factor at the club for the first time in a while. It could obviously all go to shit but I don't think it's as easy to just blame the chairman as it used to be.