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  1. Whatever it is it’s too much. McPake giving his pals contracts again.
  2. Didn’t even need to get out of first gear. Absolute stroll in the park for the double winners and title favourites. Griffiths worth every penny.
  3. Think I'd be resting most of our important players for this one. The league cup is all well good and it's obviously a big Derby for Dundee and their supporters but the title race has to come first. Surely the reserves will be good enough to see off this lot?
  4. Absolute cakewalk for the double winners and title favourites. Didn’t even break sweat.
  5. Probably why we lost. The beating heart of the club.
  6. 1am now, I’m guessing the club have totally forgotten to announce Eetu Vertainen?
  7. You never know. They might announce they’re doing an interview with Sam Denham.
  8. 3 month loan deal. Even worse. He was a very good player in 2015.
  9. If we get rid of Hendry then that’s great news. A fee would be an absolute robbery. hope the fat grass does us a turn here.
  10. I really don’t like the 5-2-3. I can understand why we use it in certain matches but I feel like we don’t create very much and, when we do, our finishing is so shit we never look like putting the chances away. Not sure what the long term solution is, but felt we looked much better with two through the middle last season. I think we’ve got a busy few days ahead of us to be honest. There surely isn’t a scenario where we leave the month of august with this full squad intact.
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