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  1. Next Scotland Manager

    Gordon Strachan next IMO.
  2. All things Dundee FC

    Is Jack Lambert the central midfielder who played in Dave Mackay's testimonial against us? He looked a great prospect and scored a very good goal that night. I'm surprised he's been released.
  3. Game of Thrones

    I'd heard similar - I think themselves have spoken quite openly about it. I kind of assumed there would be more than just 1 battle though. There's in effect 3 separate factions and the first battle appears to be only involving two of those, with Cersei keeping her strength in the south. Having said that, I'll be disappointed if the white walker threat is dealt with in one (albeit extended) episode. They've been building up their strength since Hardhome and it would be pretty underwhelming for Jon Snow and his posse just to wipe the floor with them in less than 90 minutes.
  4. Game of Thrones

    Bran could go either way - he may do as above but equally he may stick up for Jaime and say he's changed. Tyrion will almost certainly bat for him, as will Brienne and Jon wants as many people on side as possible for the impending battle against the Nightking. Sansa will probably take her opportunity to undercut Dany too, which could set the Northern houses - who seem to trust her - even more against Dany. She obviously still has the unsullied and the dothraki (who must be raging that they've been brought into this shite against an army of the dead) and her dragons but she really needs the folk from Westeros on her side. Ooh ya fucker, that would be some ending. Does he have blue eyes? Like Tormund? He does not, no.. but then neither did Benjen Stark and was under some strange children of the forest inspired spell too.
  5. Game of Thrones

    Was it not the Last Hearth that got done in by the Night King in the opening episode? The Karstarks arrived at Winterfell and were used as part of one of Davos' anecdotes. I still maintain that was a good opening episode, admittedly I was probably still a bit hyped up about the show's return and called it great. The first episode in a new season has always been a scene setter and I thought they established what they needed to. The final two scenes were very good, I liked the opening scene parallels between season 1 episode 1 and this episode. The Aladdin-esque magic carpet scene was totally out of out of place in the wider context of the episode but surely lines up Jon being a dragon rider in the final battle. For what it's worth, I agree that things are starting to go a bit Robb Stark for Dany now. Even her closest allies are questioning her actions. It started with Varys last season and has continued this season. If Jaime ends up compromised in some way next week, that could push Tyrion away from her too and then she's running out of allies among those who really matter.
  6. St.johnstone v Dundee

    Zero fucks given about the results for the rest of the season. It should be all about looking towards the future and cutting out anyone who isn't going to be here. Shaughnessy will have to start because of Kerr's suspension and the fact Niall Keown hasn't been seen for about a month now but Tony Watt can take a seat on the bench. Same with Comrie who I assume is for the trebuchet and Alston if he's going. We've got plenty of guys who needs games (O'Halloran, Swanson and Easton who I've noticed isn't playing for the reserves today) who need the minutes far more than these guys. Clark Foster Gordon Shaughnessy Easton O'Halloran Davidson Craig Kennedy Swanson Kane/Hendry I'd quite like Dundee to survive but equally, pumping them ever closer to the trap door has its merits too.
  7. Game of Thrones

    Great opening episode, building up nicely. Just me that wasn't keen on the new title sequence? I understand why they changed it and reckon it'll work better as the season goes on but I missed the old one!
  8. Looks like it, A couple of folk who would know saying as much on We Are Perth.
  9. Goalkeepers Zander Clark - About as good a goalie as we can hope to have - Keep Cammy Bell(loan)- I have absolutely no faith in him even as a back up, but Wright may well look to keep him on as he seems happy to play that role for us - Punt Ross Sinclair - A fine third choice and potentially Clark's long term replacement - Keep Defenders Richard Foster - A very up and down season and he's not getting any younger. Just done enough to keep faith - Keep Joe Shaughnessy - It seems likely he'll be out the door but he's still our first choice and one of our best defenders - Keep Steven Anderson - Old father time seems to have caught up on Ando now, sadly. It seems he's still a capable Championship level player though, and he wants to play regularly football - Punt Brian Easton - Needs to prove his fitness, ability isn't in question - undecided Scott Tanser - Another who's had an up and down season but largely he's been fine - Keep Liam Gordon - Has proved himself to be a very competent third choice and needs a run now that bottom six has been confirmed - Keep Aaron Comrie - Pish - Punt Jason Kerr - A sell-able asset who is class and improving all the time. He wont be with us for much longer if he keeps going the way he is - Keep Niall Keown - Not good enough for the side currently second bottom of the championship, shouldn't be playing for Saints when we're 7th in the Premiership - Punt Midfielders Drey Wright - Picked up a serious injury but was probably our player of the year before that. The fact he's still near the top of the WAP standings for Man of the match awards speaks volumes - Keep David Wotherspoon - He's trusted by the manager based on his past form for us. If we're being honest, it's been mostly downs for Spoony over the last couple of years but still capable at this level - Keep Blair Alston - A player who looks somewhere between a championship and premiership player. Hasn't really worked out for him at Saints and would probably benefit from a fresh start elsewhere - Punt Murray Davidson - I hope I'm wrong but he's a player who seems to be creaking a bit now. Perhaps not surprising given his age and injury record. Still a very good player on his day - Keep Ross Callachan - The heir apparen to Murray Davidson. Whenever he plays we seem susceptible to counter attacks. Wouldn't be devastated if he left but he's just about done enough to stay - Keep Liam Craig - He's had a good season when sitting deep but his legs don't really look up to playing further forward now. Still a good option. Keep Sean Goss (loan)- Doesn't suit the team and our record with him in the team is atrocious. Punt Kyle McClean - Haven't seen enough of him to pass comment. Probably still young enough to justify the manager giving him another year if he's so inclined - undecided Ali McCann - Looks a good prospect. Keep Matty Kennedy - He's had a good first season. He's proven himself versatile, has scored and set up quite a few goals. Maybe needs to be a bit more consistent but deserves to stay. Keep Danny Swanson - Based on this season, he's a punt. Based on his first two spells, he's a keep. Happy to give him pre-season and the cup games but if he left now he'd be no real loss to the team - Keep (just) Strikers David McMillan - sadly doesn't look up to playing at this level. He's been unlucky with injuries and circumstance but ultimately he'd probably be better off going down a level or back to Ireland - Punt Chris Kane - A decent third choice striker, probably no more - Keep Tony Watt - I like Tony Watt but he's been expensive for a 3 league goal return and has been poor since the winter break. The fact we know he's going makes this one easy, but I'd have happily seen him year for another year - Punt Michael O'Halloran - Only starting to get himself up to speed. His pace can be devastating and Tommy Wright knows how to get the best ouf of him - Keep Callum Hendry - Very injury prone but looks a decent. Not sure I'd want him starting every week at this stage though - Keep 6 punts, 2 undecided and one of the 'keeps' is likely to leave of his own accord.
  10. I'm bored at work again so please forgive me. The players we have contracted for next season; Goalkeepers Zander Clark Ross Sinclair Defenders Richard Foster Liam Gordon Steven Anderson Jason Kerr Scott Tanser Central Midfielders Murray Davidson Ross Callachan Liam Craig Attacking midfielders/wingers David Wotherspoon Drey Wright Michael O'Halloran Danny Swanson Matty Kennedy Strikers Chris Kane Callum Hendry David McMillan Out of contract Aaron Comrie Brian Easton Kyle McClean Ali McCann Blair Alston Contracts withdrawn/loans expiring/leaving the club Cammy Bell Joe Shaughnessy Niall Keown Sean Goss Tony Watt So we've currently got 18 signed players for next year. Two of them are currently out on loan and there's a fair argument that neither will be with us next season, seeing as they couldn't get in the team this year and have either struggled out on loan or are desperate to play first team football. The strengths are pretty obvious to me. We certainly don't need any more attacking midfielders or wingers. Granted most of them are right sided and most comfortable playing from that side, but having 5 options for 2, maybe 3, positions is enough. That may be what is counting against Alston right now, and certainly counted against Scougall. We have a decent starting point as outlined by @steviemay17 above which should give the manager a bit of leeway in the market, but we do have a big summer ahead nonetheless. Other than that though, there's argument that we need at least one player in each of the other positions. Not only do we need bodies but I reckon we need good, experienced players as at times this season we've looked like a side a little bit short of leadership and character. Goalkeeper - going from Zander to a 17/18 year old is very risky. Bell wouldn't be a disaster but we definitely need someone with a bit more experience than Sinclair in the squad. Defence - We need competent competition for Foster. He was dreadful immediately after the winter break but the manager didn't want to play Comrie, nor did he want to move Shaughnessy. Obviously this will depend on who might be available in the summer but Cammy Kerr screams potential target to me. If Dundee offer him anything he'll likely stay where he is though. If Shaughnessy doesn't stay - which appears likely now -and Anderson doesn't return - I'm not sure he will either - then we'll need two centre halves. If we could borrow the Delorean and bring in a 30 year old Frazer Wright, that would be ideal Alternatively, an older player capable of mentoring what will be younger team mates would be ideal. I don't see too many like that in Scottish football that would be in our reach right now so the manager may need to look further afield. If Easton proves his fitness a left back wont be required but it's still a possibility until he does. Midfield - I think most of us have been talking about this since Chris Millar was told he was being released. We desperately need a player like him in the midfield to provide leadership, experience, a cool head, the ability to distribute the ball calmly from the back and take the ball off centre backs in tight spaces. We've been spoilt over the years with Morris, then Millar but we've really missed that presence in the team. I mentioned before that it may need to be a younger player that we develop but we need to at least try and fill that void. Goss just didn't cut the mustard unfortunately -just not quite what we needed. To be honest, we might not get all of the above in one player. If Alston and Goss do both leave, we may be looking at two midfielders. We have been linked to Liam Polworth of ICT but I think he's more comfortable in advanced role. He does retain possession and pass the ball well though. Strikers - Our top goal scoring striker in the league this season has 3 goals, and one of those is really an own goal. I don't think it's realistic to expect a 25 goals a season striker but if we can get one who can grab 10 and another who can get 6 or 7, that would take a lot of pressure off us. Hendry/Kane/McMillan could be that but they strike me as 3rd/4th choice strikers - we could really use a couple of starters. Basically, I want Wright, Millar and Maclean back please, and I'll have Mannus back as the reserve goalie. Not as they are now obviously, the versions from 5 or 6 years ago. Bring on the close season rabble.
  11. Can only back up brother Widge in his staunch defence of Tony Watt. He's been a breath of fresh air off the pitch even if he hasn't quite hit the heights we hoped on the pitch. He's been a good player for us - particularly in the first half of the season - but his pay demands for next season exceed what we're willing to pay. Wherever he goes I hope he does well.
  12. I’m pretty sure he was asked about ‘any further updates’. I get the impression that interview today was to tell us about Watt and for tommy to stick up for himself and the team regarding our record this season.
  13. Missed a sitter in the recent away match at Livi too.
  14. Agree. Wouldn't be unhappy if he stayed but he's not really a worthy hill to die on. If Alston leaving means we can sign a competent Chris Millar-a-like then I'm all for it.
  15. Word on the street (or the St Johnstone banter facebook page) is that Blair Alston is for the trebuchet this summer. No contract offer forthcoming. Whether that's true or not is another thing all together but it would explain his lack of game time.