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  1. Dundee looking good for the play offs here. Good thing they only need to get passed diddies like Falkirk and Partick Thistle to retain their spot in the second tier, IMO.
  2. The way our season is going, our squad will be forced into isolation and we’ll forfeit our games against Kelty and Brechin.
  3. Goalkeepers 1. Zander Clark -2022 12. Elliot Parish – 2021 Defenders 19. Shaun Rooney– 2022 15. Danny McNamara – 2021 – on loan from Millwall 6. Liam Gordon - 2021 5. Jason Kerr – 2022 4. Jamie McCart - 2022 3. Scott Tanser – 2021 24. Callum Booth – Jan 2021 Midfielders 10. David Wotherspoon - 2021 8. Murray Davidson - 2021 26. Liam Craig – Jan 2021 18. Ali McCann – 2023 13. Craig Bryson - 2021 7. Craig Conway - 2021 Forwards 9. Chris Kane – Jan 2021 11. Michael O'Halloran – 2021 14. Stevie May – 2021 + 1 22. Callum Hendry - 2022 17. Guy Melamed - 2021 Here's hoping we don't pick up too many injuries, particularly at centre back. Decent quality throughout the squad though.
  4. Hopefully we’ll get someone in the door soon. I’ve heard we’re very Keane on a striker.
  5. 2 defeats on penalties after 0-0 draws incoming.
  6. Hopefully someone who'll fix the social media content.
  7. I'll be generous and say he's raw. He's a right back but can cover at centre back. We've not seen him play a game for us since January, but before that he really struggled in the top flight. Might just need games and a run to improve his confidence but I'd be surprised to see him in a Saints shirt again.
  8. That game against Trakai should've seen the end of Paul Paton at Saints. Their players just waited for him to get the ball and would just take it away from him after his inevitably shite first touch. They sussed him after 5 minutes in the home game and it happened countless times. Callachan was no better, possibly even worse.
  9. With their tiny budget as well. Very strange.
  10. I’d drop O’Halloran to be honest. He’s not really offering anything and I feel like his discipline is becoming a bit of an issue, thought he was lucky not to get booked on a couple of occasions again today with late tackles and leaving a big on players after making a challenge.
  11. As comfortable a 1-0 as you’ll see. Excellent performance from our point of view - St Mirren didn’t lay a glove on us. If we could finish we’d have won by 4 or 5, thank goodness May brought his shooting boots with him. McNamara looks a really terrific player and that’s the first time I’ve really seen what Conway could bring to the team. Quite funny that, for all the brilliant build up play on the right, the goal came from a cross from the left. I think Wotherspoon and McCann worked better in the midfield two than McCann and Craig as well. I think the only disappointment for me today was Hendry. He looks really out of sorts in this shape
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