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  1. Don’t think we’ll see much of Maclean but it surely makes sense to register him as a player? We weren’t even able to till the bench yesterday which wouldn’t have been an issue if Maclean had been available to us. I doubt it’ll cost the club anything and if it doesn’t infringe on his ability to be a coach then I’m all for it. No harm in having extra competition for places and it can only help the young strikers at the club to have a master of the dark arts training with them every day.
  2. Edit: Kane can give up Macca’s number 9. That’s a good lad.
  3. On the list of priorities, I’d say the only thing required less than a new striker is the full back positions. The thought of persevering with that new shape gives me the fear too, although we didn’t change an awful lot after MOH was sent packing and I thought it worked better without him in there. Maybe just needs more disciplined players for it to work. We’re starting to enter McInnes adjacent territory, one year he had 7 contracted strikers to start a season and only 5 or 6 defenders. Swap out defenders for midfielders and we can start calling that Davidson territory.
  4. I think Parish should retain his spot as long as he’s not making mistakes. He’s waited patiently for a chance and I feel Clark was living a charmed life last season.
  5. Working on a few things I heard today. None of the injuries are long term . Just being super careful due to lack of mins played with the st mirren game being scrapped. Hopefully they come to fruition soon. I don’t think we can do our usual and wait until last week of the window. Too much of the season will be gone by then and I think that was a big contributory factor in our terrible start last year.
  6. Absolutely, the lack of game time really showed in the last 20 minutes especially. Craig in particular looked exhausted. If any of the injured players are out for any length of time, we might struggle when it gets to 3 games in a week.
  7. Would be happy if Holt or Butcher came in to be honest. We missed their presence today, far more than we missed Drey Wright IMO.
  8. Decent point for us, probably a poor one for United given how the game was poised at half time. We came out in the second half and were brave though, managing to get ourselves level and a couple of decent reaction saves away from a lead. Taking off Hendry and Wotherspoon meant we couldn’t hold onto the ball though and united took control of the game after that. Hopefully Davidson has learned his lesson from that. Plenty of positives for Saints though. I thought everyone in the back 5 played well, McNamara looked nervous early on but really grew as the game went on. His cross led to the goal and the block on Pawlett near the end probably saved a point. Kerr had a man marking role on Shankland which I think he did well enough in, although Shankland should’ve made it 2-0 not long before our equaliser. I think our equaliser came from the best move we managed to put together all game. A good, patient build up, a calamitous clearance and then a wonderful strike by the old master Craig. He loves a goal at Tannadice - that’s at least his third top flight goal there. Kane, Davidson, Clark and Robertson our today and we weren’t able to fill the bench. We clearly need more bodies - a centre mid and probably and a decent centre back is a must.
  9. Goalkeepers 1. Zander Clark -2022 12. Elliot Parish – 2021 45. Ross Sinclair – 2021 ­ Defenders 19. Shaun Rooney– 2022 15. Danny McNamara – 2021 – on loan from Millwall 2. Wallace Duffy -2021 6. Liam Gordon - 2021 5. Jason Kerr – 2022 4. Jamie McCart (22) - 2022 3. Scott Tanser (25) – 2021 24. Callum Booth (28) – Jan 2021 Midfielders 10. David Wotherspoon - 2021 8. Murray Davidson - 2021 26. Liam Craig – Jan 2021 18. Ali McCann – 2023 7. Craig Conway - 2021 Forwards 9. Chris Kane – Jan 2021 11. Michael O'Halloran – 2021 14. Stevie May – 2021 + 1 22. Callum Hendry - 2022 16. Isaac Oloafe – 2021 – on loan from Millwall Youth players 48. Jack Wills 37. Marky Munro 40. Sam Denham 38. Cammy Ballantyne 46. Alex Ferguson 47. Michael McFarlane ??. Max McGregor 43. John Robertson 49. Oliver Hamilton 50. Jordan Northcott The squad we're starting the season with, including the young players who we'll likely appearing on the bench over the next few months. I'm not entirely sure where they all play but I've tried to have an educated guess at their positions and broken them down as such. Still look short in the middle of the park but we're in a very decent place overall I'd say. Certainly in better nick than we were going into the 1st league game last season.
  10. Maksimov was an incredible player. 5 year deal plz.
  11. We will be involved in a scrap. For Europe, IMO.
  12. I can vouch for this from my ownpersonal experiences. I have had problems with my season ticket for years and each time the SLO has sorted it out. Can only sympathise in respect of the the finance/season ticket issue. That’s shit that people have been waiting that long and not heard a peep. We’ll not have a proper match day stream from the club until the 29th of August with the games being on sky though.
  13. What about the non knicker wetters? Those who moan most shouldn’t be rewarded, IMO.
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