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  1. 48 seats and a baw hair away from claiming Moray and Caithness to make it 50. An amazing result, especially defeating the leader of a UK party.
  2. Hanvey has actually won. Impressive stuff from labour.
  3. Here we go.... Swinson defeated by 100 votes tatty bye.
  4. Gethins loses his seat by around 1,300 votes. Not that surprising given the fact that’s a stronghold for the Lib Dem’s. the first genuinely disappointing result for the SNP all night.
  5. Jeez. Another shoeing. I thought the snp would have a good night but the size of the victories is very impressive. Corbyn resigning but not right away. Effectively conceding defeat.
  6. Snp getting 45% of the vote in one of the most affluent constituencies in Scotland. Crazy.
  7. In ye come, East Lothian. Kenny MacAskill making his glorious return to front line politics too.
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