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  1. If you’re able to make this database available, I’d be due you a pint.
  2. Show was an excellent escape from all this shit last night. Sad that’s it for a while but can understand why.
  3. This palava with Dundee United/Hearts has some potential. Excited to see how this progresses
  4. What's your game in hand? Get the pools panel to decide the result in the same way they do when loads of games cancelled for bad weather. Rangers away. Guaranteed shree points.
  5. We have played a game less than Hibernian FC Club so we will need to be allocated points based on our points per game accrued so far this season. I believe this is 1.24 points. We are therefore in the top 6 and you're no.
  6. Is this league table definitely right? We've lost twice in the league over the course of that time - Celtic and Livingston. Edit: I'm guessing the Celtic game was removed because that was a rearranged game from before Stendel came in?
  7. I just read all of that on the banter page now. Mental.
  8. Has Abramovich bought us yet? Maybe then we'd start contract negotiations with Drey Wright.
  9. Hibs fans seem right up for this one. I think this'll be one of our bigger crowds at Easter Road for a while - hopefully the performances from the respective teams reflect the mood of their fans.
  10. Every chance we’ve got 2. May missed a good 2 months of the season with us, including competitive games against league one and two sides and he’s still managed 7 goals by the first week of March. Hendry’s improvement this season has been quite remarkable. He’s always looked dangerous in front of goal but he’s added so much to his game other than that too. Very effective at this level.
  11. Certainly not in the two games against us on a grass pitch anyway. First game we stole a point, yesterday we were lucky to be the one who produced a moment of quality and created the chance to win the game.
  12. This is the spirit we are looking for. Another huge game for us. We seem to have the momentum in terms of results although the players have looked a bit jaded in the last couple of games. 3-5-2 again for me with the only change being Holt out for Wotherspoon.
  13. Are we talking knighthood, freedom of Perth or the Liverpool job? Because he deserves all 3 of those things.
  14. only 2 points worse off than Dundee as well, despite them playing diddies like Partick Thistle and Dundee United every week. embarrassed for them tbh.
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