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  1. All things Dundee FC

    That is terrible news. RIP and condolences to all who knew him.
  2. Aberdeen and Rangers fans united in their diddy envy against St Johnstone. Cute
  3. RandomGuy taking these diddies to school. Some boi.
  4. We just need to turn up and the 3 points are ours, frankly. We've got Chris Kane.

    I'm not sure that's true. Umunna was favourite to win the party leadership until he withdrew last time, Leslie has held senior positions in labour, Gapes has one of the biggest constituency majorities and the 3 new Tories are well pretty well known. I agree the whole thing will register for a few weeks before this all dies down again though. I think a few might survive because of their popularity in their constituencies but a fair chance most will just disappear after the next election.
  6. I think we'll just line up and set up the same way as we did on Saturday, barring a miracle and Clark makes it back from injury. No reason we can't pick up a result here if we play to our potential, especially if we have Kennedy running at Dominic Ball.
  7. The 4 you mention there are certainly the ones that stick out to me. The others are back up, younger players so will take care of themselves. Alston's most recent extension included one of those fabled add on years based on appearances so again it shouldn't be one we have to worry about. It's very unclear how these contracts work though as it's never been fully explained whether the club or the player hold the ultimate sway on if/when these contracts are extended. Easton will depend on whether he is able to get himself fit again and shouldn't be an issue assuming he can. Watt and Shaughnessy have both talked up staying in the past but I do think both will ultimately leave us. I'm not sure I really understood the logic of letting Shaughnessy get to this stage in his contract. We took a risk last time and thankfully he stayed but he's performed to a consistently high standard for four years now and has inevitably attracted a bigger club with more resources. The longer the Watt extension lingers the more I think he'll end up leaving us. The obstacle of him having a questionable attitude has been removed coming to us, although he hasn't scored regularly which could count against him outside of Perth. As a support we know what he has contributed as we see him play regularly but it's maybe not so obviously for scouts/clubs who don't and that the stattos who watch spreadsheets over the actual football.
  8. Get back to invading pitches, Beatson.
  9. If that happens I riot. Pitchforks and everything.
  10. There's the new contract for cup winning legend David Wotherspoon confirmed - new deal runs until 2021. Good news and one I was a bit worried about after Wright's recent interview. Hurst, Comrie, Shaughnessy, Easton, Alston, McCann, McClean and Watt the only players who remain out of contract from the first team pool.
  11. YES Bar

    Imagine getting all hot and bothered about a pub.
  12. Sounds like our striking options are about as limited as Rangers. O'Halloran is definitely out and Watt is a doubt, leaving us with Kane, Hendry (zero league goals for us this season between them) and Kennedy (a winger by trade) as our striking options.
  13. If this has been written by Scott Burns, there's a fair chance it's spot on. He usually is!
  14. There's Ali McCann out on loan to Stranraer. Glad he's got himself in at a decent club at a good level.
  15. I don't think wholesale changes are required but I do think we need a slight re-balance in midfield. We've got 6 attack minded midfielders (4 contracted for next year) 2 somewhere in the middle (both contracted for next year) and 2 defensively minded ones (1 contracted for next year). Would it not make sense to let one of the more attack minded midfielders go and bring in someone who's comfortable on the ball and who is happy to sit deeper as well as replacing Goss with someone of a similar ilk? The manager, rightly, says that the league is getting more difficult to compete and we currently have 5 or 6 teams where sitting in and competently keeping possession is our best chance of getting a result, yet we've probably only got 1, 2 at a push, who can do that job in midfield. Better ball players in midfield would surely benefit our attacking options build the game too? As things stand, we don't really have a squad to trouble teams the way we would want to in these games because we've not got enough competent ball players. That's fine but surely we can't just keep setting up in that defensive unit and expect a different result? Earlier in the season we were comfortably beaten by Hearts at Tynecastle but we at least created chances and gave them something to worry about defensively by being a bit more expansive. The most recent game we managed one shite shot from 30 yards. I'd know which side I'd rather watch losing a match.