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  1. Playing with his head down again. Not really anywhere for him to go in England if he doesn’t start producing at Salford, so will no doubt end up back in Scotland before too long.
  2. Absolute dug shite. 3 points though, and VAR seems to like us, so far anyway. James Brown vs Daniel Armstrong was just about Jordan Jones vs Aaron Comrie all over again, just as well the back 3 dealt with the balls into the box as Brown couldn’t get near Armstrong all day. Mitchell was out of sorts today too I felt. A confident Stevie May is an absolute joy to watch. Deserved his ovation at the end.
  3. Davidson would love it though, perfect excuse for his brand of kick chase.
  4. 100% agree. The acceptable standards have dropped so far under Davidson too, yet there’s still people in our support who can’t see passed him. Utterly bizarre.
  5. I think chat of amazing transformations can get in the bin. 10 points from the first 11 games is really poor and not a lot has changed from last season.
  6. I do worry that tonight is a sign of things to come for us this season. Mcinnes knew how to counteract us and we were pretty toothless and not really in the match all night. Davidson will persist with his shape and as teams see play more, the more they’ll figure us out (again). Massive reality check for us. Brown and Crawford are not good enough at this level and, other than a good debut and bringing the best out of May, I don’t think Clark has contributed a whole lot since he signed. Maybe too small a sample size and getting the benefits of a more productive May make playing/signing him worth while though. I’m flogging a dead horse here but I’d like to see us try a 4-2-3-1 as I think it would suit what we have better, other than asking Drey to play at right back. killie deserved to win, I think the two goal deficit was a fairer reflection of the game overall than how it finished, but some strike from big Theo. Hopefully that’ll be a catalyst and he’ll kick on now. Don’t think I’ve wanted a player to succeed more than him.
  7. Suspect we won’t see Mitchell playing for saints once the window opens either. I think he’s comfortably better than McNamara and he plays regularly for Millwall now. Mitchell won’t have to wait long either, he’s certainly miles better/more ready than Muller.
  8. Would absolutely love to be munching humble pie at the end of this season. Superb first half - Stevie May is a completely different player with a strike partner and was on a different level today - and we held on comfortably enough after conceding that goal. Still not 100% convinced by the recruitment as all it will take is for one or two of the older players to suddenly fall off a cliff for the house of cards to collapse but can’t doubt the signings fit the shape much better and we are definitely trying (and succeeding for large parts of games) to play much better football. It’s just a shame we couldn’t finish off that move just before half time as that was wonderful play. Keep it going now boys. 8 point gap now open to bottom and a 5 point gap on the bottom 3. Hopefully the manager/players have the confidence to start looking up, albeit Celtic next week will probably (hopefully temporarily) halt our progress.
  9. See we’re all absolutely buzzing that domestic football is back this weekend.
  10. What were the changes to try adapt and beat Ross county today that we haven’t seen multiple times against them already? Other than playing at least 3 players out of their natural position (when there were natural options on the bench) to fit that god awful shape. First half was ok, second half was terrible. County gained a foothold which we never even tried to counter and then only one side tried to win the match with the changes made later in the match. Just rubbish.
  11. Davidsonball and Gusball seem like a well matching pair. certainly an experienced head.
  12. If you don’t feel up to it then don’t go. Life shouldn’t stop for everyone just because an old woman died in her palace.
  13. I quite like McGowan too, but do feel he’s the one in the back 3 who seems to get caught out most for lack of pace. Considine bailed him out once yesterday and Mitchell usually does so a few times by coming over on the cover too. He brings other things to the team though (including being one of the most cynical players I’ve ever seen play for us ). Certainly a worthy addition to the team but I’d probably want him as a squad player rather than a starter. His versatility has already been useful for Davidson. One that’s really shocked me has been Considine. He’s not put a foot wrong for me. He’s the slowest player in the back 3 but his positioning is such that I don’t think I’ve seen him get caught out for it yet.
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