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  1. Agree completely regarding Tanser. He looked scared in his early days with us, but his confidence is soaring now and he's been excellent in most matches this season (he struggled against James Forrest but who wouldn't). For me he's in the upper tier of players who's futures we need to sort out ASAP as the player we have now will definitely attract interest from outside the club - plenty of bigger fish up here and closer to home for him in England are bound to take a look and you can't not be impressed by the standard he is reaching every week. I think most Saints fans thought that Easton would walk back into the team when (if) he can get himself back to fitness. I don't think that's the case now - there's an argument that Tanser is playing to a similar standard as Easton was when he was at his peak. Maybe not as good defensively but going forward he's a better player IMO.
  2. Clive Can we swap Comrie for him?
  3. Brexit slowly becoming a Farce.

    This is surely the only way forward. Parliament wont find a way through this in any case.
  4. Brexit slowly becoming a Farce.

    Surely a no confidence motion will be raised before Christmas recess?
  5. Shaughnessy in the press this morning expressing his desire to extend his contract with us. He's probably the one I'm most concerned about given the influence he now has on the team so would be a real bonus and the perfect Christmas present if we could get that sorted quickly. Dis team
  6. 9k a week You could’ve gotten Watt for less than a quarter of that. Crazy decision.
  7. A cup final, 2 wins over rangers, 2 draws against Burnley and a probable top 6 finish doesn’t sound too bad to me!
  8. What Was The Last Movie You Watched?

    Spider-Man: into the spider verse Probably my favourite Spider-Man film. Really creative, really funny, loved the animation and the story. I hope we see more super hero movies like this because I felt the animation gave more room to go a bit mental with the plot and set pieces. 9/10 - I’ll go back again before it disappears from the cinema.
  9. Give May 15 games with us and I bet he’s much closer to what he used to be than he looks right now. McInnes seems to really struggle to get the best out of some attacking players - Stewart being the obvious example. I’m surprised he didn’t see the potential in Watt either - he hasn’t scored many for us but he’s been an excellent signing. Certainly better than puddings like Cosgrove and Wilson.
  10. Would’ve come through if we’d not been denied a stonewall penalty. Being screwed over by referees yet again.
  11. Thank you for this chap btw. Pound for pound, probably Tommy Wright’s best ever signing for us.
  12. 8 games unbeaten, 7 clean sheets in those matches and just casually beating Aberdeen away without needing to get out of second gear. Just hand us the title now.
  13. I think the main ones we need to worry about are Foster, Gordon, Shaughnessy, Tanser, Easton, Alston, Craig, Wotherspoon and Watt. I’d like Clark, Kerr, Kennedy and Wright on extended deals too as they are genuinely sellable assets and I’d like at least another year on their deals so we don’t walk into May situation with them. Scougall, Comrie, the Hurst brothers, Mitchell (loan) are all out of contract too but I doubt any of them will be here next year. (That’s off the top of my head btw - I’ve maybe forgotten one or two others) Edit: I forgot about McClean and McCann. Can’t see there being issues extending their deals though.
  14. A 2nd EU referendum

    Which is kind of the point. If you vote for brexit or Scottish Independence then you want a break, you don't want to follow a lot of the same rules from the same union but without any say. That's what May's deal offers. I personally agree it's better than no deal but if you put yourself in the shoes of the people that did vote leave, then you can understand why they see it as a disaster.