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  1. I don’t really understand why we have Simon Donnelly doing co-comms to be honest. He was only with us for a season and was hardly a popular figure in that time. admittedly better than hearing Roddy Grant saying ‘ye know’ every 10 seconds
  2. Agree with this line up, would be happy for Davidson to play ahead of Craig though as you've also mentioned. I'm glad we've found a team that's at least tough to beat as the last few games have demonstrated, hopefully the front 3 can carry the form of the last couple of games into the semi as they're definitely good enough as a unit to cause Hibs problems.
  3. Agree with Nel's post above. Bryson doesn't have it any more. He used to be a very capable midfielder but he's not get the legs to get up and down the pitch and seems to have lost the ability to cleanly strike a ball. Might be worth recalling Banantyne and using him as there's no point in persisting with a player who weakens us as much as he does.
  4. We somehow managed to overcome our opponents being reduced to 10 men to win the match. someone needs to have a word with Davidson about his substitutions. They always seem to make us quite noticeably weaker. Kane, Melamed and Wotherspoon need to start in the semi final next week. They complement each other very well. Given the confidence of St Mirren fans before the match, I expected better from them. We weren’t quite as dominant as we were in august but felt we were still clear winners.
  5. That's fine - we are too good to go down, just like Dundee United, Partick Thistle and Dundee before us.
  6. Oh I can already see this is a thread to be avoided. See you all on Saturday.
  7. Very disappointed in RandomGuy here. Reflect and come back stronger.
  8. It seems the 5-3-2/5-2-3 is here to stay. I think our best 11 in that shape is probably: Clark/Parish Kerr Gordon McCart Rooney McCann Davidson/Craig Tanser Spoony Kane Melamed/May I think we need to give that front 3 a proper run and we also need to give Rooney a chance in his (more) natural position. The back 3 picks itself right now and Booth is victim of the shape right now. He’s a left back who should only be used as centre back in an emergency and wing back if Tanser isn’t available. I’ll be disappointed if we see much more of Bryson because he’s clearly not up to it now and MOH has to really earn back his place in the side. Conway is ahead of him for me as the alternative to Wotherspoon as things stand. Hendry is our 4th choice striker now sadly. The spark he had last season just doesn’t seem to be there any more. Even when he’s played in the more conventional 3-5-2 he’s looked a shadow of the player we had last season. I’m not writing him off but the other 3 are a level above him right now. Kane should be partnered with one of the other two. He’s definitely a success story for Davidson/Maclean in their first season at the club and he compliments the other options, he’s a bit different to what we have. I think there’s an argument that he’s been one of our most effective players over the course of the season. if we do sign Naismith it’ll be interesting to see if the manager pin points him as a primarily a wing back option (which would probably indicate that Tanser is likely to be on his way) or one of the wide options in the 5-2-3. He can probably do either.
  9. His chances have a horrible habit of making us weaker. Conway isn't in the same class as Wotherspoon these days, I don't think that's a change we should be making.
  10. 23 shots (6 on target) to Dundee United's 6 shots (2 on target). Story of our season really - we didn't take our chances and Dundee United took theirs (albeit no one else on the park could've scored that second goal). We really need points on the board. There's a good chance we'll be in the play off position later this week and the season is clearly in danger of being stopped with the new restrictions coming into place tomorrow and with Celtic being arse holes. Kane and Melamed should now get a run together up front. They were both excellent and compliment each other. Spoony is clearly the best of the attacking midfield/winger options so let those three form a relationship together. I think Tanser has to play ahead of Booth when fit too, another one who's handicapped by the system.
  11. I'll never understand Spoony's band of haters. What a player he is.
  12. I’ll be lumping on United. Playing musical chairs just to retain a terrible shape is just typical of Davidson.
  13. Kal Naismith is a very good player. Even being linked to him this morning came as a pleasant surprise to me.
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