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  1. Either that or we're back in a 'get one out before you can get one in' phase again.
  2. What on earth did you do to Matty Kennedy!? That was one of his key attributes and strengths at Saints
  3. You’ve said it. We achieved a lot with very little. Perhaps gives you an insight into why we’re not particularly fussed about losing a squad player to a side who finished below us in the league and failed to achieve what our average team did in the cups.
  4. May well be true, may not be. I’m pretty comfortable with how things worked out, as I’m sure you are. Not to say I wouldn’t have liked Kiltie and we may replace Tanser with an absolute dumpling but we’re still 7 weeks away from a competitive match and we have the vast majority of both cup final squads signed up for next year. At least we’re not missing out on Ian Harty to Hamilton like those days.
  5. Feels like I’m reading 2005 P&B all over again. I honestly don’t know how I could ever be arsed with trolling wars.
  6. Oh god. I’m too old for this shit. Goodwin wouldn’t be doing his job right if he’s not looking at the likes of Tanser, MOH, Middleton etc if/when they are available. They helped get us to where St Mirren are trying to get to. I’d be really disappointed if we didn’t try to bring Middleton back in, he was a genuine game changer for us at the business end of last season.
  7. Am I coming across as angsty? Sorry if so, I’m just trying to give a full description of a player I’ve watched most weeks for the last 4 years and trying to be honest. I was never his biggest fan as I always felt we were vulnerable with him at left back of a 4 but he has clear strengths and I’ve tried to set them out. I’ve posted a few times about understanding why players would leave to sign for another club for a bit extra cash. It’s a short career and most of them have young families to think about. Factor in Tanser will be an hour or so closer to Blackpool means he can visit his family more easily too. I don’t hold any ill will towards him. He’s a decent player, particularly in the shape we play, but he’s not irreplaceable and we can take a gamble on the next 22 year old LWB Tanser clone (if there is such a thing) who’s just been released by a league one English club whilst possessing a reliable first choice in front of him.
  8. I don’t think anyone has said he’s a dud. He’s a good attacking wingback, not so hot defensively and has been exposed quite horribly in a back 4 on a number of occasions. There was a spell in the 19/20 season - before we changed to a back 5 - where Booth was the preferred option as Tanser’s confidence was shot after a string of poor performances. I think it says a lot that Booth was trusted in most of the big games at LWB last season. Not a reflection on Tanser’s overall ability, just a note on him when were likely to be under the cosh. It’s tough, he’s a good player but had fallen out of favour (probably because of his contract situation, his agent has been hawking him around for months) and was injured for spells towards the end of the season. We won’t miss him because Booth has come in and done a good job both defensively and offensively since the turn of the year but there’s no question he would’ve provided stiff competition for Booth and he may have won the jersey back in time. He’ll do well for St Mirren if you’re playing a 3-5-2 and will be fine as cover in a 4-4-2. I wouldn’t want to rely on him as first choice if you’re regularly playing a back 4.
  9. Much better wing back than left back as all his best attributes are attacking ones. He’s a bit of shitebag defensively and often struggles 1 on 1 against the better wingers in the league but having 3 centre backs to help cover definitely helps him.
  10. Tanser is decent but the manager always picked Booth for the big games. A good player but a bit of a shitebag. He was always going to the highest bidder this summer given the way his agent has been acting in the press and has been phased out of the team of late, writing has been on the wall for a while.
  11. How do we know that’s the one the manager wanted though? Beyond a couple of stories in the media and couple of posts on here and on Twitter, I’ve not seen us anything to suggest that’s the case. We just need to be patient and let the club do their work behind the scenes. Kiltie is probably the first signing at another club I’ve been remotely envious of so far and I’d hope we were in for him. We know we can’t (won’t) compete with most clubs in terms of wages though, so we just need to be patient and let the club get the work done. Clark Kerr Gordon McCart Rooney McCann Craig Booth Wotherspoon May Kane Subs Parish Denham Bryson Davidson O’Halloran Gilmour Hendry Ballantyne Northcott If that’s the squad/team we’re able to put out on the 31st of July then I’d back us to pick something in whatever game we’re playing.
  12. Settle down Random. We have 23 signed players, 17 or I8 which you’d consider to be senior pros. 10 of the 11 players who started the Scottish cup final are still here and our competitive season doesn’t start for, what, 7 weeks? I’m sure the club are moving on signings. Certainly no need to panic at this stage.
  13. Drey Wright is a big fat no for me. Of the two wingers that left at roughly the same time, I’d much rather see Kennedy back at Saints.
  14. I think Tanser and his agent’s actions over the last few months show he’ll sign for whoever the highest bidder is. A decent player and would be a good signing for St Mirren, but I can’t help but feel that Booth is at least as good or slightly better for us given how he links with the rest of the team. I don’t think it’s worth pushing the boat out for a left wing back, especially one who we’ve not missed at all whilst he’s been out of the team.
  15. Was in the interview cycle just after we won the double I think, I’m sure he said it in one of the video interviews
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