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  1. Goalkeepers Zander Clark - 2022 Elliot Parish - 2022 Ross Sinclair - 2024 Jack Wills - 2024 - on loan at Brechin City Craig Hepburn - 2023 Defenders Shaun Rooney - 2022 James Brown - 2023 Daniel Cleary - 2024 Efe Ambrose - 2022 Liam Gordon - 2025 Jamie McCart - 2022 John Mahon -2024 Sam Denham - 2022 - on loan at Cowdenbeath Liam Parker - 2022 Callum Booth - 2024 Tony Gallacher - 2024 Midfielders/wingers David Wotherspoon - 2023 Max Kucheriavyi - 2024 Murray Davidson - 2022 Craig Bryson - 2022 Charlie Gilmour -2023 Cammy McPherson - 2024 Ali Crawford - 2024 Liam Craig - 2022 Jacob Butterfield - 2022 Cammy Ballantyne - 2024 - on loan at Montrose Alex Ferguson - 2023 Bailey Pert - 2023 Spencer Moreland - 2022 - on loan at Stenhousemuir Jordan Northcott - 2022 Michael O’Halloran- 2023 Glenn Middleton - 2022 - on loan from Rangers Attackers Stevie May - 2023 Chris Kane - 2023 Callum Hendry - 2022 Taylor Steven - 2022 Eetu Vertainen - 2023 Nadir Ciftci - 2022
  2. You’re in it often enough, and I’d imagine you’d keep an eye on the team closest to you in the league. We’ve scored 11 goals in the league all season, 3 of which in one game against you lot when you were in shambles. You could play a back 4 of labradoodles and we wouldn’t be guaranteed to score. Given we’ve just stopped a run of 10 straight defeats which equaled the club record run, where the manager has refused to change shape, only making like for like changes in games and he had taken off the one player who looked like he might make something happen for us, I’d imagine the manager was the one on the receiving end of the booing.
  3. This is the kind of shit we’ve put up with with all season. 11 goals scored in 22 games. Utterly grim.
  4. It’s definitely not the former. Probably got distracted by planes flying overhead.
  5. Oh I don’t know. Death, taxes and Callum Davidson’s shite shape absolutely destroying all we know and love about football are the only certainties in life. He has to go. He won’t though, so it’s going to take about 5 sensational signings in the next week or so to even give us a chance. You can see that Dundee’s signings will improve the side. The defensive ones for us hopefully will, but two midfielders who were already with us and underperforming and now a striker with what looks like a really nasty hamstring injury, plus a returning loanee who the manager deemed not good enough a few months ago almost certainly won’t. For me, as the manager won’t change shape, we need a right wing back, 2 central midfielders (one who can do the job McCann did for us), a winger and a striker. They all need to be first picks too I think. no pressure.
  6. We’re playing checkers whilst everyone around us plays chess, it’s been the case for much of the last 6 months. why we didn’t just hold any permanent signing talks until after the window closed is beyond me. Might be because we would’ve had to pay compensation anyway and we just thought we’d be as well sorting all that out now, but it’s a bizarre position to get ourselves in and you do feel that time could’ve been better spent on trying to bring someone in who’s not already at the club in some guise. Tanser was always a better attacking wing back then defensive full back. I’m quite happy to see him doing well for himself at St Mirren. Absolutely no harm to a guy who contributed to us winning a cup double. He never let us down but equally wasn’t guaranteed football at the start this season either (given Booth’s form he would be playing every week here by now too) which is what he said he wanted. I also ended up being his shirt sponsor for the Scottish cup final so he’ll always get a favourable hearing from me.
  7. Nothing strange about that these days. The second time our fans have felt we’ve chased good after bad this month. You never know you, maybe we’ve got a couple more up our sleeves yet too.
  8. That’s John Mahon announced, two and a half year contract and we’ve paid an undisclosed fee. As I’ve said before, looks the right type of signing for us. Young, experienced, well regarded by his current club and someone we can hopefully develop to sell on or we can hang out hat on long term. Added bonus that we can now drop McCart and not have to replace him Ambrose. Midfielders, strikers and a right wing back who understands the position, plz.
  9. The rumour was Dundee were speaking to him about a PCA. First 18 month McCart is a huge loss, this season's McCart probably weakens Dundee.
  10. Think we just need to see what comes over the next 10 days. I think a centre back is required, having lost 2, only replaced with 1 and then you've got Ambrose who looks pretty awful and McCart wildly out of form. It's definitely the kind of signing I want to see Saints make, young player, lots of experience already and someone we can develop more and potentially sell on. I'd assume he'll be on a very long contract if we're paying a 6 figure fee for him. Also worth noting that Burns is reporting that a PCA is close with Forrest too. Suspect the club will want to push that through before the window closes if he is keen to come here and I think a pre-contract makes that one more likely. I think the defensive signings look good and Ciftci was excellent in the first half against Hearts. For it to mean anything, we need to sort the midfield.
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