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  1. An excellent player who is versatile, best position for me is centre mid, but as you saw the last couple of weeks, not a bad centre half, he’s also not a bad centre forward or winger either!
  2. My plan is to stop watching the dross being played and play more golf instead! What’s yours?
  3. The mess was created by 1 man.
  4. I didn’t notice it at the time. BU never took any advantage from the sending off, in fact it was quite the opposite and ES looked more likely to score!
  5. When ES number 8 got second yellow I thought it was a very soft second booking, it’s not until watching the highlights that you see he actually puts his foot into walkers chest when Walker is on the deck, so we’ll spotted the ref!
  6. Good result for a bare bones Boness!
  7. Nicol MOTM by a country mile, would have scored himself had it not been taken off his foot as he was about to pull the trigger. Did Musselburgh not know they were allowed to tackle?
  8. Watched the second half and The Dale should have scored three or four in the second half! A buzz about the Dale just now!
  9. Gemmell and Flynn both covid positive too.
  10. I mean I am shocked at their no 6 costing £750k as Gemmell had him in his back pocket!
  11. I am absolutely shocked at that, Gemmell would be in my side week in week out before their number 6!
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