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  1. Thought Bo’ness were the better side all throughout the game, at times not pretty but ground out another 3 points. They do need to be more clinical and take more of the chances they create. Andy only had ones save to make, 1 0 flattered HoB.
  2. Ian Nimmo MOTM for me, bossed the middle of the park.
  3. To win games like that when you’re not playing well is a good sign, the tenacity shown by Bo’ness was excellent, however the play at times was poor, Dev MOTM for me, you have to give Hunter a mention for his 2 goals and Keasty made an impact when he came on. First half the passing was slack and it cost Bo’ness, but the tenacity in the last 20 minutes paid off.
  4. It’s that the same guy who pumped you out of both cups last season?
  5. Were you at the game? That’ll be a no! So correct some things will never change you’ll always just be irrelevant.
  6. You might find injuries may supersede you prediction especially at the back.
  7. What was your take on the penalty Bo’ness should have had and the one Penicuik got? I think that the ref got both decisions wrong.
  8. He did play well at Whitehill Welfare but not done anything since.
  9. Poor day for the referee in my opinion, Bo’ness had a valid shout for a penalty not given, Penicuik get a penalty when Syme has clearly played the ball!
  10. Someone should contact the mods and change this to the Ryan Stevenson thread.
  11. I would have needed to have a reputation in the first place!
  12. Hopelessly wrong! It came back on MacKenzies face!
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