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  1. Will be missed if that is him going. Although I thought he could sometimes be a bit hit or miss he is cracking player on his day.
  2. Done. Not looking as bad as I expected with tbh
  3. So the squad would look something like this at the minute I think. GK Lenny Wilson Def Jason Brown Gary MacKenzie Mid Ryan Conroy Gary Fraser Andrew McCarthy Scott Brown Simon Ferry Alan Cook Ben Reilly Fwd Derek Lyle Ben Armour Aidan Smith Steven Boyd Isaac Layne
  4. Gary MacKenzie signed from St Mirren
  5. Rory is excellent on his day but he hasn't really been at his best at all this season, especially with the injuries he has carried. Still shocked to see him go as I thought he might just see out his time here. Won't have a bad word to say if he does go as he has more than done enough in his time at Peterhead. Although I have to say it will be a bit of a minter for Mcinally if Cove win the league after signing yet more of the players who couldn't be guaranteed a game for us.
  6. Yeah no question about commitment. Just clearly something is not right at the moment and he is not linking up or creating chances like he has done in the past. Clearly he is struggling with fitness/injury and if he isn’t going to be fit he might as well get the operation. We won’t miss his goals as he isn’t scoring any.
  7. I think this really showed on Saturday and as team captain I would expect more.
  8. Forest v Fleetwood Town. Nice day for it but not much of a crowd.
  9. Very happy with that result. Seems to be the same game plan we used against Caley and Dundee and it is good to see that it works and we can keep clean sheets. Surprised at how little threat Falkirk offered considering how much ball they had, but I also think some the the defending from us was top notch. Was a bitty shocked at the Falkirk fans booing their players at the end.
  10. Pished himself in the car park [emoji23]
  11. One Falkirk fan lifted already for being steaming [emoji23] Good atmosphere so far though - hopefully a good game to go with it!
  12. New away strip to support Friends of Anchor charity. https://www.pressandjournal.co.uk/fp/news/north-east/peterhead/1797661/peterhead-fc-donate-strip-advertising-space-to-local-charity/
  13. Ticket prices have gone up for the season £14 for ground entry £16 for a seat.
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