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  1. I've just seen the headline on the Scottish Football Magazine and Pyramid News website: Looney Lullaby League announce `expansion` .. Cumbernauld Colts `selected` from five duff applications ..
  2. So not only has a pathway been created for you to get into Scottish League 2 within 12 months, you apparently already have a better team, much larger support and better facilities than the teams already in the Lowland League. All the big teams in Junior Football are looking the other way at the moment so please explain why you don't jump across right now and bask in a whole year of glory and publicity and then wave down at the Lowland League from a higher place in 2016/2017?
  3. Congratulations to V of T. Thanks to Cicero and Mr Hardy for flogging the dead horse through to the finish. I dedicate my 702 points to you both.
  4. Sat. 23rd May South Challenge Cup Final BSC Glasgow 2-3 Civil Service Strollers Sun. 24th May Image Cup Final Leith Athletic 1-3 Lothian Thistle Sat. 30th May King Cup Final Peebles 4-3 Spartans
  5. Sat. 23rd May BSC Glasgow 2-3 Civil Service Strollers
  6. Jeez Grim, I can't imagine what you're feeling after losing Buster and the cats. Everyone is rallying to help you buddy.
  7. Weds 13th Image Cup SF Lothian 2-1 Gretna First Div. Duns 1-1 Peebles Hawick 1-6 Burntisland Sat 16th Premier Div. Leith 4-2 Lothian Tynecastle 2-2 Civil First Div. Burntisland 3-2 Peebles Eyemouth 0-6 Heriot-Watt Kelso 2-2 Hawick Ormiston 1-3 Duns
  8. Weds 13th League BSC Glasgow 4-2 Vale of Leithen Image Cup Semi-Final Lothian Thistle 3-1 Gretna Sunday to follow...
  9. Saturday Image Cup Whitehill 1-3 Lothian Premier Division Craigroyston 1-1 Stirling University Civil Service 0-3 Leith Coldstream 2-2 Tynecastle Spartans 4-2 Easthouses First Division Duns 1-0 Ormiston Eyemouth 1-4 Burntisland Hawick 1-9 Peebles Kelso 1-1 Heriot-Watt
  10. Sat Dalbeattie 3 - 1 Gretna East Kilbride 3 - 1 Preston Whitehill 1 - 3 Lothian
  11. Wednesday Premier Division Easthouses 5-1 Craigroyston First Division Hawick 0-5 Heriot-Watt Peebles 3-3 Duns
  12. Tuesday Premier Division Tynecastle 0-3 Spartans Rest to follow...
  13. Mon League Cup BSC 2 -1 East Kilbride Rest of week to follow....
  14. Saturday 2nd May Premier Division CSS 2 Easthouses 5 Coldstream 0 Spartans 3 Stirling 0 LTHV 4 Tynie 1 Leith 3 First Division Burntisland 0 Heriot Watt 3 Duns 8 Hawick 0 Eyemouth 1 Ormiston 5 Kelso 0 Peebles 8
  15. Wednesday 29th April First Division Duns 2 Heriot Watt 1 Kelso 0 Eyemouth 0 Peebles 1 Ormiston 3 Sat to follow.....
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