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  1. As much as I'm enjoying all the heads gone salty tears on this thread you'll be fine lads. Falkirk will stay up and get pumped by the Pars next season
  2. Have we had an outstanding performance under Crawford? He's done well to steer us away from the bottom but it's been grim viewing at times. I wouldn't mind Calum Davidson getting the gig. Total player clear out needed in the summer.
  3. I thought we were heading down a few weeks back and now we're 6pts off 2nd Was very sceptical of the Crawford appointment but he's certainly doing well, long may it continue! Hope we can keep a hold of Callum Davidson next season and if Aberdeen could let us keep Bruce it would be most appreciated
  4. Well done with all the 'retard' songs boys. My 16yr old lassie says she won't be back. Lucky she wasn't at any of the games with all the homophobic pish or she would already be done. Also the p***k behind me, who was told he was out of order, talking about 'taking that black b*****d off' really makes me question if I want to remain a pars fan too. Stay classy pars fans
  5. Craigen couldn't lace Cardle's boots and Aird is a wee fud!
  6. Paid money for muirhead. Faisal and Vincent won't be on pennys. Tbh I don't know our budget but we've got a big squad and we should be doing better. No we don't agree, he's clueless lol
  7. Hmmm never quite answered the questions like. He's stubborn because he's clueless to change it. You can clearly see games where another manager changes his tactics we don't respond then we loose, so yeah you could say he's stubborn but I think a lot of fans will agree with me he's clueless. Has he improved us this season? Signed a lot of players and spent a few quid. How's that working out?
  8. Does he successfully change tactics during a game when it's not going well? Does he introduce subs at the right time to influence a game? How did his 352 experiment go? Tactically clueless! So bore of you sanctimonious twit
  9. I'm pretty sure. AJ out! The man is tactically clueless. I've not been for a few games now as the football has been terrible. Watch the crowds continually decline if this continues. The board will stick with him, at least until Christmas, hope he can turn it around but I'm not too hopeful. Thank God for Falkirk tho
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