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  1. Alan Moore would be good. Can talk for Scotland that boy and is full of stories
  2. Thoroughly enjoyed it. Great memories and brilliant seeing the old squad. I absolutely love Bert Paton! What a guy. Absolute legend.
  3. The owners need to make some drastic changes and some serious investment if they want to stay in this league. January will be very revealing of our German owners ambitions. Whoever thought hiring a clown like Hughes, after that buffoon Grant, was a good idea is clueless. Relegated Alloa - hire him! Relegated the Rovers- hire him! League one is a nightmare to get back of, there are a few ambitious teams with good financial backing down there. If we find ourselves in that position the question arises, are you better off with the best part-time players or the worst full-time players?
  4. Bullen would be a great appointment. Loved him at the pars, he's a winner. Would be sad to see Bully up against the pars. Swap for Hughes?
  5. Probably because we were locked out and couldn't get in. Shambles!
  6. Grant obviously has confidence in his players and hopefully they start to respond to that. Playing 3 strikers at Ibrox? Why not? Was anybody expecting better than 4 or 5 nil anyway? Lie back and think of the Rovers game is more important. Think people are overreacting after a few games. Pretty sure Bert Paton's first few games weren't pretty? That progressed into my favourite period of being a Pars fan. It will come good, starting Friday
  7. Liking Grant's swagger and confidence and the front 3 are looking very dangerous. Can't wait to get back to a game, I do like a wee trip to Starks to watch the pars gub the wee team
  8. Climate change and rising sea levels not all bad then every cloud and all that
  9. Had more than enough of watching this rubbish, he'll be there till the end of the season though. Really wanted it to work for Crawford, as I loved him as a player, but this is dire.
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