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  1. We should wait till his 999th then tell him to f**k off.
  2. Looking for a stream, In canada and cannae find one!
  3. Is it only me that would rather watch 20 intelligent people actually do some decent stuff? I gave up after about 15 minutes of the first episode because it's the same old flawed pish that it's been for a few years now. Oh, and the editing makes it unwatchable for me.
  4. BoredomGuy (grass) with meltdown of the season. Teckle.
  5. We kept the tunes 'old people friendly' to keep the party going longer...
  6. Little bit late to the Hateley leaving party (moved to Canada last week.) I assume the celebrations are still going? Fucking yas!
  7. I emigrated to Canada on Friday. Swapping Dundee for Vancouver...
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