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  1. An easy win for Ayr LOL, AYR UNITED WON f**k ALL AND NEVER WILL
  2. When Celtic play with that pace and intensity there is not a team in Scotland that can live with them,we dust ourselves down and go again next week.
  3. Another Saturday another KILLIE win,Six yes SIX wins in a row,AND THE KILLIE GO MARCHING ON ON ON. YNTTK
  4. Steve Clarke gave Brenden a lesson on how to beat a team who have so-called better players than you STEVE CLARKE'S BLUE AND WHITE ARMY BOOM
  5. That's as close as Brown got to Jones all day
  6. Have to say the Rangers are pish,Killie defended well but the only real threat Rangers posed was free kicks,they will struggle to make the top six never mind challenge for the title.
  7. The arsehole took a dive to try and get a penalty,but just ended up hurting himself the bawbag
  8. Unless L Clark has been able to perform some amazing magic on the squad, Motherwell are this weeks banker on the coupon
  9. Chris Johnston has signed for Raith Rovers,sure he will be a good signing for them
  10. To all the KILLIE haters that wanted to see us get relegated get it right up ye
  11. That clown is more embarrassing than the team and that's saying something.
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