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  1. On another note guys what time does the Firhill Cup usually kick off as I'm unsure wether to get drunk on sat night or not
  2. Yes on both accounts but there is Water seeping through to the ground from the canal. Heard from a reasonably reliable source
  3. You would love to be a big team but sadly you never were & never will [emoji23][emoji23]
  4. FWIW I'm a Jag and would love Clydebank to beat the gypsies today and then we get Clydebank in the draw on Monday & we f##k them by double figures in the next round for the ultimately pleasing Scottish Cup run. C'mon the Jags
  5. Away fans can still get tickets through the club website if required guys [emoji106]
  6. How appropriate would it be for us to 4-1 today on this anniversary. We are scoring a lot of goals when flying and we'll let the pars get a last minute penalty. Graham & Rudden to score anytime just under a grand return for £20 that's my bet for today. Hey one can dream eh then everyone can slaughter me later for getting it so wrong
  7. It's still on take a look on the official site for details buddy [emoji106]
  8. Gary Caldwell getting brandished about after leaving Newcastle ??
  9. Not sure on this being a jags fan, what about Kasper Schmeichel for Falkirk but not sure if Leicester where in the premiership at the time?
  10. So looking forward to this my prediction would be 2 nothing Thistle but any positive will do as Gayfield is well noted for being a very hard place to win as the team is well organized and work hard, dare I say this is down to Dick Campbell who I really disliked as a Thistle manager. C'mon the jags
  11. Thanks a lot pal & enjoy the game on Sat [emoji106][emoji106][emoji460]
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