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  1. He certainly looked better when he was pushed slightly further forward and when we weren't relying on him as the last line of defence. When he played left CH and McKinley played Left back their lack of pace was always going to cause us bother.
  2. Another midfielder? How many have we got now?
  3. The Rose have bolstered their defence again.
  4. Boy must be some age given the Uni was founded even before the Aztec empire... [emoji23]
  5. It's not just about one club though. They've had a great season so far and are many points ahead and would've most probably have won it... But they lost 3 of their last 4 games nothing had been guaranteed. What about the teams going for CL spots how do you fairly square that off, relegation? Finish the league whenever possible or null and void.
  6. So you are disregarding fairness and sport for commerce? Why should sponsors get their money back? Why should fans get season ticket money back? They have had the exposure and the entertainment. Yes, they could argue that they are entitled to a pro-rata refund for the games yet to be played but not for the full season. It'd be tough on some clubs without a doubt but there are too many variables to ensure integrity when trying to decide results based on an arbitrary system that nobody had agreed to and is shown to have flaws. No system was agreed to for ending the season early prior to the season starting (understandably, it's unprecedented what is going on), therefore any system employed now and voted on now will not be without bias. All clubs, sponsors, fans, players will need to take a hit here.
  7. No it is not, it is based on fairness. And get over yourself, I'm talking about all leagues. Kelty can take no glory in being awarded the Lowland league, they have won nothing.
  8. Nobody in any league should be awarded anything on guesswork. Null and void the whole thing is the only correct way to end it. It'll be tough on some granted but the season has not been completed no matter how far through or ahead some clubs were. If they do decide to end it on some arbitrary method then nobody can claim to have won anything.
  9. Jeezo Alan, you're the cloud to everybody's silver lining. Ease up mate.
  10. Like your style Gordon [emoji106] Back to talking about the football - I quite liked the look of Scullion in midfield. His lack of pace is less of a factor when there's a couple behind him to mop up. Would like to see how McGowan and Nimmo play together. I've been impressed with big Nimmo, nothing fancy but basics done well.
  11. Our youth policy bearing fruit [emoji6]
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