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  1. Where's the game getting played tonight Alan? Dunipace again??
  2. We actually played better in to the wind than we did with it. Felt we could and should have had a few more speculative shots on goal in the second half. Not much between the teams over an enjoyable 90 mins but 8 mins of madness in et put us to bed. All the best for the next round. [emoji257][emoji257][emoji257]
  3. Didn't mind Meikle but didn't rate Slaven at all. Would have liked to have seen more of Boubekri,has he been confirmed as having gone back to Livvy?
  4. I wouldn't be busting a gut to get the game played on a Saturday if I was Camelon. Surely they'd have an advantage if some of the Brora boys couldn't make a mid-week journey... Just like the Higand league teams get that advantage when the roles are reversed.
  5. Never lose faith TOH. That was, by far, Lithgae's best team performance of the season. Lots of personnel changes, loan signings and injuries have meant different starting line ups every week. Started the season poorly with 4 draws and a defeat. Since then we've been grinding out results without playing good football. Tbh it's been a hard watch for a lot of it. However, games like these can galvanise squads. It may be this defeat to lower-league opposition is the kick up the jacksy your squad needs?
  6. There was no jeopardy for the EOS clubs though. The Juniors as an organisation didn't engage; Individual clubs were interested but there were threats and misinformation promulgated by the Junior blazers over what would happen to those who applied. Not as easy leaving the strongest non-league organisation at the time compared to the EOS.
  7. Probably the best team performance we've had this season. Lots of changes in personnel may have contributed to the delay in finding our feet. But there was a definite improvement in midfield especially. Arnie and Ruari starting to understand each other possibly. Felt the pace of our play was higher today than it has been which was pleasing. Not getting carried away as there was still a few errors but the boys deserve credit for that performance [emoji122][emoji122][emoji122]
  8. Well done Tranent, some result [emoji122][emoji122][emoji122]
  9. Irrespective of who's sponsoring it Hills are offering odds.
  10. Good news Patriot [emoji106] On a side note, has the name of the park changed? You mention Clayton Park, I always thought it was Recreation Park?
  11. Yip, great to see the improvements. I love a midweek floodlit game. I know clubs might not be keen as gates are said to be lower but you can't beat it. Something to look forward to midweek.
  12. What a peach of a goal! Thought Arnie had a great game overall; strong, positive with the ball and an eye for goal [emoji16]
  13. If pubs are allowed to open in level 2 but no spectators allowed until level 1 then we'll be in the crazy situation where you will be able to watch a game inside in a social club but not outside at the park next door... Mental.
  14. Are you guys streaming the game today. If so, where and is there a donate a ticket option?
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