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  1. For the future Linlithgow have been streaming all their home games. Sauchie also provided a stream when we visited them so expect that to continue. These are streamed on Facebook so you can get them for free however, there is the option to buy a ticket in return from their Fanbase links which I would urge you to do. Camelon are also streaming games via their own PPV set up. Details on their website.
  2. A win's a win in the end but we made hard work of that. We look like a bunch of laddies who have never met each other, the passing and control were poor. Very slow build up which just means they have everyone behind the ball and no room for us to run into. It did get better when TC came on and it was definitely better in the second half. Be interesting to see how we fair on Tuesday but I'm not filled with confidence.
  3. It is available free but for those that are able you can buy a virtual ticket for the game on Fanbase https://t.co/FNpBFupLsk which will help the club out until we are allowed back in [emoji106]
  4. Confirmed! https://www.scottishfa.co.uk/news/scottish-fa-statement-on-new-government-guidelines/?rid=13929
  5. I only assume it was a trial. I didn't see any thing about it in the run up, it just popped up on Facebook when it went 'Live'.
  6. Decent game last night and great to get to see it via Facebook.
  7. That isn't valid reason for no spectators at football - the players are training and playing full contact friendlies. These aren't conscripted men if they aren't happy with it they can cancel their contracts.
  8. I would be willing to bet that football (even if you were to only take the non-league element) is worth more to the economy and provides some income to more people than travelling funfairs. However, for me its the inconsistencies of the rules which is calling into question the creditability of those setting the rules. In what way is standing watching Stock Cars less risky than standing watching a game of football?
  9. That maybe true for small clubs but not for all. Some clubs and partnership organisations have made significant investment in grounds recently with a view to gaining SFA licences and potential promotion in to the Lowland League. Loans to facilitate the upgrading will have to be repaid. I'm also pretty sure that a good number of players will find other things to do if they don't get paid. I accept some will do it for the love of the game but not all. Especially if they then have to drive home in their soaking kit in January.
  10. They have stopped you visiting another house but continued letting you go to the pub because there are protocols in place when you visit the pub which have to be adhered to which aren't being followed in private houses. I get that, seems sensible as it is clear people weren't adhering to the guidelines at home. But, a football ground would also have these protocols, in place in exactly the same way a funfair has.
  11. Makes sense - friendlies are supposed to be as local as possible. Shame there's no spectators [emoji17]
  12. He certainly looked better when he was pushed slightly further forward and when we weren't relying on him as the last line of defence. When he played left CH and McKinley played Left back their lack of pace was always going to cause us bother.
  13. Another midfielder? How many have we got now?
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