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  1. Ooft - some night at the Rose. Good to get them in early so get a full pre-season together. Sad to see Willis go. Was excellent at centre half, especially as he was playing out of position.
  2. Thought we were on top pretty much all game but lacked a bit of quality in the final ball/shots on goal. Their no 15 centre-half had a good game.
  3. Congratulations Tranent hope you do well in the play offs. Disappointed that Dunbar have been relegated, enjoyed going for a surf before away games. Lithgae's season was a bit of a roller-coaster. Disappointing start leading to change of management and an incredible run of wins seeing us up at the business end for the run in. Wasn't to be but have really enjoyed this league so not too disappointed to be having another go at it next season.
  4. I have no doubt about that mate - could tell he was a classy player by his touch and weight of pass.
  5. Where have you got Greg Nicol on loan from 8mile? Saw him the last time I was down at Newtown Park and thought he bossed the game. It was against Petershill though who I think had their U20s playing.
  6. 3 good players, all of them keen to put a shift in with Sneddon's goal return being impressive. From the BU games I have seen this year, I think all of them would have improved your team.
  7. Can you remind me who were the Camelon lads that came to the Rose via Bo'ness?
  8. Great game, great performance - lots of energy, pace, determination and skill on show tonight
  9. I'm not having that. As mentioned above we beat Spartans and the Shire in the cups also thumping Penicuik 5-0. The only team we didn't face on that run was really Tranent. We're on a bad run and that is disappointing, especially when a couple of wins would have us comfortably at the top of the league. Still games to go so we'll see what happens. To be in the position we are after the start to the season we had is astonishing. Playing for draws against the same teams your Lithgy supporting pal would have said we would be expected to beat.
  10. Went along as a neutral - Bo'ness played well. Agree with your MOTM. The lad looked very composed in possession with excellent control and weight of pass. Could probably have had a couple of more goals.
  11. I liked Lawrie. Did the basics well - fully understand why he is moving on though - tough shift to get game time ahead of Cammy who is at least an 8/10 every game.
  12. Friendly vs Darvel at Lithgae - 1400 kick off. £5,£3.
  13. Dreadful place to watch a game. Paid in but ended up getting a better view outside the wire.
  14. Entertaining game played in, I thought good spirits. Didn't really see the sending off as a sending off but there wasn't any real complaints from Crossgates. They were right in it until late on in the game and I must admit despite thinking we were much the better team, I was a bit nervous until Sneds scored his obligatory substitute appearance goal. Heaver looks lively and did well for his goal. Great to be able to bring on the likes of Allan, Sneddon and Payne who are all hungry to impact the game. I also like Cammy in his new more advanced position - Lawrie looks quite solid doing the basics behind him which let's Cammy run riot down the wing.
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