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  1. Fair play to Well getting that dosh for Turnbull but breaks my heart when we get peanuts for Mginn , Kenny McLean et all. Thoughts?
  2. I had a tin flute like that in the 60's.Cloth buttons et al Italian style.Winkle pickers. Perry Como hàircut.cuttiñg a dash at the Barrow land or dennistoun palais. Good times .
  3. I am feeling this way too. I m in Spain and probably hiding behind the sofa for much of the game .COys
  4. My memory is that it was quite nice as we were not under cover. Could be wrong thoûgh.
  5. Dont remember what year but when we had to visit dens to stay in the division the club laid on loads of free buses. Maybe they should try it again ?
  6. Aka jack dross by some mackems fans allegedly. !
  7. Always liked going to somerset. Also had some great nights at the bobby Jones when I was kid we dget bussed there from Glasgow.good times.
  8. If stmirren finish up in the play offs who would saints fans want to go up against? Hopefully we can remain in the premier though. Coys.
  9. Feeling a bit more optimistic now. if we can get points from Killie we could be on the way. Coys
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