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  1. As Scotland fans why do we accept glorious failure as a badge of honour. Spain, England and Germany have beat us by one single goal in recent years - why do we accept this? "We gave a good account of ourselves against a better team" doesn't wash with me - I want to take points off these teams, especially after scoring two against them! Had we gave half the battle, enthusiasm and commitment we gave tonight as we did in Tbilisi, I reckon we'd have left Georgia with three points! Yet as a nation we seem to accept being the bridesmaid and never the bride!
  2. Meechan staying at Stenny whilst Pedro, Faulds, Watt and Grehan leave.
  3. Players finding out tonight who's staying and who's going. *continuously refreshes players' twitter accounts* Also, farewell to big Greacen. Been a good player for us over the last couple years!
  4. Think Malcolm lives pretty local, possibly Kinnaird/The Inches. Match made in heaven.
  5. Just got a text to say we are almost over the line in securing defender Mark Baxter from Forfar. Would be a tidy signing, especially if we can get Lithgow signed up too!
  6. Forgot all about that! Aye, some auld dear drove into him when he was cycling and gave him a belter of a knee problem.
  7. He joined the police near the end of the 2013-14 season and due to that wasn't fully committed. Since his shifts have levelled out just after the new year he has been unable to get a game ahead of Fleming.
  8. Heard from a reliable source that Kenny Miller is to leave Ibrox in the and join Stenhousemuir
  9. Nicky Devlin staying at Ayr as their captain
  10. I'd be disappointed to see Fleming leave but on the flip side I'd have no objections to Dean Shaw getting a chance. Whenever he has had to play he hasn't made a mistake or cost us goals. And given the budget cuts he wouldn't be a bad choice.
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