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  1. This decision was obviously made on the referees report……. Wether they viewed the media footage is neither here nor there!!!!!
  2. I've just got that slight feeling you don't like us........I also see you keep your powder dry by not stating who you support. maybe your just a "Karen" who cannae spell correctly......ho-hum !!!
  3. Royal Albert v Kilbirnie Game was on at 9.30am today........Now been called off after our supporters travelled up to Stonehouse......Fckn Joke !!! What Muppet said it was on this morning?????
  4. Good luck matey.......I'm sure something will pop up. Ladeside Fan based in Newcastle....well close to Newcastle.
  5. Kilwinning Rangers 2 - 2 Bridge Of Don Thistle Ardeer Thistle 0 Rutherglen Glencairn 11 Glenafton Athletic 12 West Calder 0
  6. A Bold move by the Committee.......Well Done !!!
  7. Try This ..... http://nonleaguescotland.org.uk/twitter-juniors.htm
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