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  1. I keep on thinking his surname is Conroy for some reason. Slowly but surely I'm turning into Trigger.
  2. Before the Dunfermline game a couple of us arrived at 1:30pm, and although we didn't get a seat we met Ben Dempsey's parents who were up for the weekend and had a great chat and laugh with them. Beats staying in the house till the last minute!
  3. That was a great inswinging corner from McInroy, something we've not had all season. What a signing he has been so far. It might go horribly wrong on Saturday but then with this revitalised team I'd expect them to correct things with a win up at Kirkcaldy. Attendance "1850". Must be great being able to afford a season ticket but never bother going.
  4. Dr John Campbell has been making this very point on his Youtube channel in recent weeks. The Omicron variant has been great for the world allowing a much more effective level of T cell protection against future infection than any vaccines could offer.
  5. My ideal scenario is both securing our safety and relegating QOS at Palmerston on April 23rd whilst smashing our third hoodoo of the season in the process. A goal v Partick the following week would be a bonus.
  6. I thought it was 2004 but no: BBC SPORT | Football | Scot Div 1 | Ayr shock Caley Thistle
  7. Met office forecast for Inverness doesn't look too bad, dry but cold on Saturday. Depends on what happens tomorrow I suppose.
  8. We can all have a nostalgic Covid debate in two years time when Shankland returns.
  9. I'm ever the optimist. However... wondering if both ourselves and Killie get punted from the cup tomorrow then the league game can get moved to Saturday Feb 12th?
  10. If I were a St Mirren fan I'd get the train to Wemyss Bay, quick pint in the Station Bar, 12 minute service bus to Largs then train to Ayr via Kilwinning with potential for another pit stop at the Alton Inn or Taylors in Kilwinning. We do a similar journey after Morton these days for a wee pub crawl.
  11. They were in the supporters bar too and started singing as they were leaving.
  12. I've just read Lee Bullen's wiki entry and was ignorant of the adulation of the Sheffield Wednesday fans towards him. Voted Sheffield Wednesday's greatest ever captain in 2014. Has played all eleven positions for the team at some point. Won the Wash & Go "Good Sport" award How he has managed to be persuaded to leave Sheffield to come up here is a mystery but I'm not complaining. From out of nowhere comes the possibility of great times ahead.
  13. I was in the main stand today but wondering if a wee sesh with fans in the Somerset Hub for Morton might be good fun before Nicola reinstates crowds for the rugger. Lets face it, how often have you been in a boozer with Ayr fans watching an Ayr game?
  14. Took me a while to realise that the "B" on my code is actually an 8. Please next season can someone increase the font size of the access code on the season cards? Yes I do have reading specs...
  15. A bad result for us but absolute scenes for the winner (from 6:30). A bit too much bum cleavage for my liking and there was no need for him to try humping his players
  16. Given all the cancellations happening I'm hoping we'll be able to get a good feed in Cavens Arms without booking.
  17. There was plenty happening though, fluffed chances, hitting the bar etc, especially compared to the previous week with ICT v Killie.
  18. Best I heard (I was there) was "TRY AND KEEP IT IN THE BIG GREEN BIT" after several punts out of play onto the terracing in the second half. Sound advice I thought.
  19. If I were them I'd feel unsafe in public. The first time Whitty got mobbed it was jovial. Might not be the next time.
  20. Surely Morton can adjust their ticket site so that you automatically get a confirmation email with the pdf tickets attached once payment is taken? What a kerfuffle.
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