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  1. 1 minute ago, diegomarahenry said:

    Subs would probably hamper us at the moment, there is nothing on the bench that would improve or even keep us performing the same. Maybe Bryden or Kirk for McGuire and Musonda because they haven’t played 90 minutes in a while 

    Aye was thinking Musonda and McGuire wouldn't last but then ICT scored just after we made the subs on Saturday. Good if they do get 90 mins though. 

  2. I see Monster in Troon quite often and he was tempted to come back but think he works on Saturdays. Not that we play on that day much these days. He did go to Troon games for a few years. Think the main complaint at the time was lack of ambition from the club.

    In the supporters bus four miles out of Peterhead and suddenly realising he'd forgotten his wife is an all time classic awayday story though.


  3. As it stands we have 13 games left, of which only seven are on Saturday at 3pm assuming the Queens Park game is moved for the horse racing.

    Hopefully that will be a TV game as well otherwise we could lose another home game to a Friday night in April. Morton possibly?

    Quite happy to relegate the last home game v Raith to a Friday night if we're strutting our stuff at Hampden that weekend though.

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