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  1. I found it a bit bizarre there was a queue of home fans having to jot down their name and address in the club shop when purchasing home tickets for the Morton game but I could saunter in and buy a ticket for the Partick game without any of that carry on.
  2. I keep thinking with the scoreline graphics Lyon are down to ten men.
  3. There was a cash gate on the night for those of us not willing to set up a pish stained account.
  4. yes but in the far left hand corner, same as the Raith fans in the previous game.
  5. Don't think I've ever seen the choice of Lord, Master, Prof and Reverend added to the usual title dropdown list!
  6. Agree, it feels like a combination that would work. Hopefully we'll see it happen at some stage.
  7. I see the game is on the ticket section of the ICT website but no away tickets available yet, only the home end by the looks of it.
  8. I'm doing the Etape Loch Ness event on the Sunday so I was booked up there for the weekend anyway. Thankyou SPFL for arranging this and partly makes up for starting the season on a Monday night with away fans banned. Going to be incredibly challenging resisting a few beers after the game with a 5am start on Sunday, especially if we get even just a point.
  9. I take it there will be Friday night games announced for September at some point. Hopefully October games are announced too so some half decent advance notice is provided.
  10. Will be interesting to see if the new WFH culture will actually help midweek and Friday attendances. Should be easier post Covid for office based folk to request WFH due to "an important and unmissable event happening later that evening" etc.
  11. Was it not this time two years ago we had the mother of all showers towards the end and after the home Morton game? Given it hasn't rained in Ayrshire for weeks prior to recently and the forecast is light showers for Ayr there should be no problems.
  12. Surely as it is post August 9th we'll get the whole of the away stand? For the Raith game tomorrow away fans are only allocated part of that stand.
  13. I think the rules have to be supplied to fans as part of the regulations but other than that you're left to make your own mind up about wearing one. It will sort itself out I'm sure. Hopefully the showers will stay off so more folk are on the open terrace.
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