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  1. I had other plans for mid May anyway
  2. The Ultimate Super Ayr Thread

    The Ross County game is Good Friday which might help. It's annoying that both trips to Dundee are on a Friday but I will quickly forgive if we see a repeat on the field.
  3. Yeah I'm in Carlisle for this one. Booked and paid for without even thinking the game might be moved for TV. Prepared to put up with that and international callups in future, as opposed to frequent gubbings off Brechin.
  4. El Collsico

    Yeah I want a Saturday game too, especially given the first fixture was on a Friday.
  5. El Collsico

    Might still be Friday night?
  6. They can only get better at this TV thang. Right
  7. The Ultimate Super Ayr Thread

    I think most winners are people that don't normally attend football games but are happy to support the local club in this way. That's my impression anyway. In an ideal world we would have no need for an AU500 fund but an extra 2k punters through the turnstiles every fortnight.
  8. The Ultimate Super Ayr Thread

    Cheers folks, didn't realise it was in the paper as I only told the lottery staff and I only buy the paper on a Saturday. It's a drop in the ocean compared to the annual wage bill but every little helps and all that. I'm getting a wee day out in the directors box on Saturday by way of thanks so hopefully a victory will give me a chance of grinning smugly at Dunfermline's management after the game
  9. The Ultimate Super Ayr Thread

    I've been sunburnt from sitting outside Tutties after one game there. Honest!
  10. The Ultimate Super Ayr Thread

    A sequence of three home games in a row that may well determine our fate.
  11. Morton v Ayr

    10 out of the last 15 seasons have been utter shite for Ayr fans. However in that time plenty of memories have been created after Airdrie, Brechin, Greg Fleming heroics v Stranraer and the hilarious Raith bottling from last season. You've got to get pumped by seaside teams to really appreciate the good moments!
  12. Morton v Ayr

    Trains and a bus using a Daytripper
  13. Morton v Ayr

    Enjoyed the James Watt before and the Star in Port Glasgow after the game last time, although the Celtic punters that came in seemed to be a bit sharpish in getting back from Parkhead. Then a wee saunter down the Clyde coast via hostelries in Wemyss Bay, Largs and the glory of Taylors in Kilwinning. Should be a cracking atmosphere again given we can go top.
  14. The Ultimate Super Ayr Thread

    Its a reminder of where we are now in comparison and the chance to really enjoy the last 13+ games knowing we'll be at the very worst in this league next season, something that hasn't happened for 15 years.