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  1. The cup final should be the last game of the season. Its a total nonsense the final playoff game is on Monday night.
  2. Aye I'm not getting the options that the "membership-renewal-guide.pdf" from the club website is suggesting, i.e. no option to renew when I go into Total Tickets site. I'm fondly reminiscing about the books of vouchers!
  3. The link to renew my season ticket via the email that was sent to me doesn't work (404 not found etc)
  4. We've watched Friday night Championship football on this channel all season then Sky come along and nick the last two games like they suddenly give a toss.
  5. I remember reading that Jamie Vardy's parents didn't attend their wedding a few years ago as they couldn't stand her.
  6. I was happy Partick lost last night as they along with Morton will probably bring the biggest away support next season. Hopefully a much better season next year will increase the home gate.
  7. Wednesday night is schadenfreude night. Mon the Queens.
  8. Although Berwick Rangers is no longer in the league it's a nice wee train journey from Edinburgh and a decent town.
  9. I couldn't believe the quality of his corners. Set piece delivery has been dreadful all season and then he pops up on the final day with zingers into the box!
  10. Its typical with the opposition players trudging up the terracing after the game all season we had to have a horrendous home record.
  11. That is a particularly chronic og Made last night so much easier to deal with.
  12. Its a total scandal that the league season is going to finish in darkness all because BBC Scotland handed over a small (I assume) sum of money for TV coverage. The last round of fixtures should never have been part of the Friday night deal.
  13. There is a ticket booth is right next to the away turnstiles but only if you have cash.
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