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  1. Aye, the day after 50000 at an Old Firm game, fancy that.
  2. MK thinks its going to be a good surface. Two games already called off due to rain at Dens, methinks not.
  3. 40 miles the next day to visit the old man in Erskine. Got to get the 2020 mileage up.
  4. Hole in the wa, is that an option Friday night? Want a bit of solid Dumfries madness before hitting planet Cumbria. I've been out there once on a Sunday night and it was good fun.
  5. Get the train to Carlisle before the game (I'm leaving Edinburgh 3pm), train from Dumfries after the game 2303. Botchergate till 4am. Or is this just me? Edited to add you don't go home to Scotland after QOS away.
  6. Forecast looks on and off so I'm confident the game will be fine. But I was made to look a right tit the last time predicting the weather for Arbroath away so who knows. Did I mention I cycle 3000 miles a year?
  7. When are these missing season ticket holders finally going to show up? I've noticed on highlights the end behind the goal getting emptier as the season has progressed. Its not exactly been a poor one either.
  8. My point is that Raith's new pitch is a higher spec than those in the top league as far as I'm aware and appears to play like a normal pitch. Would be interesting to hear how players find it.
  9. Raith have invested in a high spec artificial pitch and it is paying off with no games called off I think. Based on watching the highlights of their games there seems little difference to the real thing.
  10. Another horrendous weather forecast for Saturday, when will this end? Another few days of hoping it isn't accurate.
  11. Have there ever been more miserable Championship league winners?
  12. I think its the same system we have started using this season which took a while to bed down. Things like emails not being sent, going straight into spam folders, 800 Partick fans turning up at Somerset at five to three without tickets..😁 But aye, the timing of the change seems ludicrous.
  13. Our next five away games are going to be on the following days, assuming the ICT game is rescheduled early April: Tuesday night, Friday night, Tuesday night, Tuesday night, Friday night. Great.
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