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  1. in the bottom left, the icon next to the settings
  2. It took about 5 minutes for the email to come in for me.
  3. Brighton v Palace is a derby due to some particularly spicy games between the sides a few decades ago.
  4. Are they still giving it the "cutting edge interview" bantz? I missed the intro.
  5. Well if he thinks 8/27 is 1/3 then he has to go. Get someone in that knows their fractions. And maybe basic algebra.
  6. and hence inflation. Lots of it. Don't hold too much cash!
  7. I'm still mystified as to why we continue to play at 3pm in darkness over the Winter months. Thats an obvious cost saving surely if the kick-off is changed to midday or 1pm? Or is there a regulatory requirement to play at 3pm pandemic or no pandemic?-
  8. The flag is just a wee bit too large for the fence. I take it hes just going to stand there all afternoon?
  9. I'm surprised by that, didn't realise the pitch needed to be replaced quite so frequently.
  10. I think your artificial pitch is the best I've seen by far in Scotland and would be quite happy for that surface to be laid at Somerset. Admittedly I'm basing that only on TV highlights of your games so far but you wouldn't know the surface was artificial without being told.
  11. Aye its a novelty having a match thread without "have you tried switching it off and back on" comments!
  12. Its damp but not windy. A soccer spectacular awaits. Just be grateful for your Tier 1 status!
  13. If you take the A76 you go through the glens rather than across the hills. Its a supper route.
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