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  1. MET Office updated forecast for Strathclyde "the more persistent rain clearing by evening"
  2. Given the stand is the same price as the terracing, and I think the season ticket lets you in too on an unreserved seat, you can choose to watch the game without getting soaked. Some folk like their routines though!
  3. MET office website saying 25mph winds with 40mph gusts. Less windy than the ICT game called off last year due to high winds. Morton's Twitter page suggests they have no problems with the pitch or the easing conditions forecast.
  4. It is to calm down slightly tonight (weather warnings for wind and rain expire at 5pm and 3pm respectively), probably to Arbroath seaside standards so there is still a chance. Let's grow a pair and get this on!
  5. The players hate watching The Apprentice on catchup TV. Just a hunch.
  6. He's clearly reducing his landfill footprint by recycling old gear. To be applauded IMO 🌍
  7. There's nothing quite like having a rant to release tension. Enjoy Brora and have Clynelish whisky while you're up there. It's a choice dram.
  8. We're having a pretty reasonable season, thanks for asking. Just a helpful hint but perhaps your query is best directed to the QOS thread? Where QOS fans gather? Tool.
  9. Not quite, I'm talking about the fixture at the end of March. Could still be treacherous mind!
  10. ICT drawn at home to the weegie youth in the Tunnocks. They win that and its a Tuesday trip to the highlands for us.
  11. Is there a better plastic pitch than this in Scotland? The bounce seems very natural.
  12. What's bad about being next to the sea? Always think if you've been brought up by the sea it always lures you back. As opposed to Lanarkshire.
  13. I actually like that banner, a wee bit edgy, grounded, and guaranteed to rile up supporters of other teams which is always entertaining.
  14. When a man tires of Carlisle and wee Cumbrian darlings shaking it to The Prodigy in Border Rambler he is tired of life. Magnificent. I've accepted our fate that we will never beat ICT away, QOS away, and the big team fandans fae Glasgow.
  15. There is no better away day experience than QOS and two nights in Cumbria 💃 love the madness!
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