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  1. Should be fine, was wet this morning but sun and showers this afternoon and forecast again for tomorrow. Will be windy though.
  2. Same for every team I suppose. Partick will be fizzing about dropping points at home to Cove then getting turned over by Falkirk in the cup which was quite funny for the rest of us.
  3. Its not so much a cash turnstile but a cash booth outside the away end like QOS that makes more sense.
  4. Planning on a couple of stops pregame based on internet research - Foresters Arms in Aberdour and then the Crown Tavern in Kinghorn. Can any Rovers fans advise if these are still worth visiting?
  5. I'm liking the capitals, reassures me that this game is definitely going ahead.
  6. Both teams to lose in the challenge cup them play the game on Saturday December 10th which some daft bugger has decreed has been set aside for the next round.
  7. There may be English games called off due to London police expecting millions to arrive prior to the funeral but none up here hopefully.
  8. Seems the strong expectation is that the funeral will be on Monday 19th so at least that ensures football a week tomorrow. Perhaps all four clubs involved (Ayr, Partick, Morton, Falkirk) can agree with the SPFL to punt the Trust cup fixtures to some time in October, given the next round isn't till December 10th, and reschedule the league games to Thursday or Friday night 22/23 September. Bash some heads together, get the show back on the road FFS. Not sure if any players are away for international games though.
  9. No chance of tomorrow's game being moved to Tuesday then?
  10. Noticed Cove swapped the home and away dugouts for the Hamilton game. I take it Jim McIntyre didn't like being close to the away fans for the Ayr game? I see he didn't appreciate the comments from the home fans either (11:57)
  11. To be fair the missed chances continued into our first game v Arbroath, now looking like two points dropped.
  12. Three more games and we've played everyone, nothing much to fear so far, just ridiculously cramped seating.
  13. All that hassle getting a ticket online only to be told "we don't do scanning". Could have easily flashed last season's ticket at the turnstile bloke.
  14. If we're all in the stand then I assume those paying with cash at the turnstile receive a seat number in block F or G?
  15. Just bought a ticket as I don't fancy any ticket office nonsense especially if there are queues. The digital download didn't work on my phone so I did it on my laptop, downloaded the pdf then sent it to my email account. To see the digital ticket you have to select "Purchase History", then click on the Transaction ID for this game, then the View button. Then the "Mobile - PDF" button to get the digital ticket and save to your PC. It didn't work initially when I selected a seat in row A but just selected a random seat in row F and worked then. Looks like it doesn't remove seats that have been sold The digital tickets have worked before so no reason why not this time.
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