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  1. Groundshare with Stranraer while this blows over? A sneaky wee pint in a pub while we're at it?
  2. After watching the Partick friendly I didn't fancy it either. It puzzles me why ICT are not offering a better coverage to attract more PPVs.
  3. You just know the first game where we're allowed back in the weather might have the last laugh.
  4. Plus he had his own comic strip in one of the fanzines. I think I saw an Ayr player give him the fingers at the end of one home game after some abuse, then watched him walking away with a satisfied grin on his face. Even my nine or ten year old self thought that was nugget behaviour.
  5. It only went live around 14:55. I know, but mine didn't start automatically when other people were saying it had started.
  6. I'm at the old dear's house in deepest Argyll with standard BT broadband compared to my own supa doopah Virgin cable on Tuesday which was poor. I've no idea what makes a good streaming experience. This time I logged in at 2pm but then had to come out and back in again to get the thing going at 1455. Only one camera freeze at the start then it was fine.
  7. Three points and an excellent goalkeeping display is all I'll take from that on the pitch. Off pitch the streaming was excellent for me today, hopefully it continues. Forgot after seven months how stressful this is.
  8. Check your email inbox as I got another reminder email sent at 1244 with the code on it. Just noticed it was for season ticket holders but hopefully PPV folk get a reminder too.
  9. Just got the email with the code as a season ticket holder, cheers. Its case sensitive as per the Total Tickets dashboard so I'm pretty sure the one in capitals on the supporters card won't work.
  10. One thing to maybe clarify - the code on the season ticket card is all upper case whereas the same code on the Total Tickets account is not. Normally these checksum codes are case sensitive.
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