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  1. 😄 great thanks. Even with the proceeds of the half time draw I am better off by two fillings but worse off by £103! Not sure what I'll spend tonight's winnings on. Botox perhaps?
  2. As someone who loves a pre and post match bevvy I'm not overly bothered about when the Somerset Hub opens. Actually getting onto the terracing again after 17 months or so remains the overriding priority.
  3. Big challenge for the Ayrshire Post this week to come up with a "Cammy is Jammy" headline without offending us all...
  4. Two goals in this fixture is plenty to get our teeth into!
  5. I won the half time draw. Pays for my upcoming colossal dental bill. The game? Meh. Again.
  6. I'd personally like to conclude our side of the deal before arranging prematch derby bevvy seshes next season. But one can dream.
  7. How we consume stuff has changed beyond all recognition over the last 12 months. Football is no different. Every lower league club that doesn't benefit from generous TV deals should have the right to maximise income from those supporters that can make the game in person or prefer for whatever reason to purchase a stream. Say for example you had a mad one the previous Friday night (we've all been there) and can't face going to the actual game but would like to view the game hungover from your home? Or maybe you're genuinely feeling ill but well enough to want to watch the game on TV on your couch. Or you're a pensioner or vulnerable person that doesn't fancy the weather on the day or are still nervous about being in a crowd post Covid? Every effort should be made to make sure watching your local team is easy, whether on a screen or IRL and monetise that to the benefit of the clubs.
  8. Great to see the club finally getting an online half time draw up and running. I've been entering one organised by the Barrow supporters trust for their games and won over £400 last year. I suggest they do it for every game, not just home games. Although I'm not sure if they're just intending on making the draw in front of the cameras at Somerset. The Barrow guy just films himself on Facebook live at his PC running a random number generator!
  9. I think most supporters will be counting down the sleeps when the first game with fans is announced. I was fortunate to get to Barrow v Salford (I bought a season ticket) between lockdowns and the rush when Faithless was playing over the PA as the teams ran out was almost overwhelming, despite them being very much a second team for me. I guarantee tears will be shed when Ayr run out to fans at Somerset again!
  10. We've only got two outstanding league games plus the Elgin cup tie I think?
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