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  1. $12 is as high as I’ve gone, in OHare Airport. Doing the currency conversion, that’s what, 30 quid?
  2. I know this is gonna be generic blah blah hops out the arsehole 10ABV more hops blah that I’ll have had the same beer 100 times before but I’m going to buy this solely for the can art. I am a child.
  3. Remember Turdo tried that in Scotland and it went down so well with the rank and file they elected a gay woman instead.
  4. Eh, straight up evil’s still a likely favorite: Benefit claimants face a real-terms cut to their incomes next year as the Prime Minister Liz Trussand Chancellor Kwasi Kwarteng seek to claw back the Government’s spiralling spending. i understands ministers are considering not increasing benefits in line with inflation and instead basing the uprating on other economic figures such as earnings, which would be lower. This would mean that income for the poorest households would fall well below the increasing cost of living for another 12 months. Experts said basing the increase on earnings instead of inflation would amount to a cut of four percentage points and cost the average low-income working family with two children more than £1,000 a year. https://inews.co.uk/news/politics/benefits-real-terms-cut-liz-truss-kwasi-kwarteng-claw-back-costs-1885824
  5. https://www.tmz.com/2022/09/28/coolio-dead-dies-los-angeles/?adid=social-twa dunno if it counts because not UK obit, but TMZ are the most accurate in the business, mostly so they don’t get sued.
  6. Agreed. James McArthur, but better player, kinda scenario.
  7. shit is hitting the fan the point of having these interviews time could be better spent holding the government to account The BBC
  8. It sounds like someone in the R&D department misheard the old 'tuna and banana?' Yellow Pages advert and had a dreadful, dreadful brainfart.
  9. This is what the separatists have been telling you for years, there's no fucking difference. Get them all in the bin.
  10. Groups Where We'd Draw With Mongolia And Get Humped Out On Goal Difference thread for this pish IMO.
  11. Even Mick Hucknall’s sticking the boot in now
  12. 2 days is the bare arse minimum, so he seems to have been sentenced pretty standardly within California guidelines. https://www.idrivesafely.com/dmv/california/laws/dui-and-dwi-laws/ Wisconsin you can get away without seeing the inside of a cell until your third go https://wisconsindot.gov/Documents/safety/education/drunk-drv/owi-penchrt.pdf
  13. 5 days inside and 3 years probation isn’t overly lenient for the US; they don’t give much of a shit about drunk driving here until you kill somebody. This does not, however, alter the fact that you posted complete shite.
  14. It's not a bad shout. "My government has made you all trillionaires" would be a cracking soundbite for Truss.
  15. Writes utter drivel. Gets corrected Starts poking holes in the correction that he could've googled in 2 seconds flat rather than post the utter drivel. Excellent stuff.
  16. Pelosi’s husband got 5 days in jail, last month. Why bother writing shite that’s so easily disproven? https://www.npr.org/2022/08/24/1119185396/paul-pelosi-nancy-pelosi-dui
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