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  1. That’s how it went for my wife. First trimester she was nauseous the whole time and spent about a month not being able to eat much other than Rice Krispies and ginger beer. Latter part of the third was sciatica-a-go-go - getting a tennis ball, putting it between your back and a wall and moving up and down by way of massage helped with that. Second was the ‘glowing’ period.
  2. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/David_Clarke_(sheriff)
  3. AFAIK Macron was his first European call. Boris wasn’t til long into the next day after the AP called it. Certainly France and Ireland were before the UK.
  4. Emily Murphy doesn’t exist; it’s Barr in an NHS chemotherapy wig.
  5. You can request a firing squad in Mississippi, Utah and Oklahoma.
  6. I thought it was a reference to Harold and Fred pumping Jordan. Which they might have.
  7. Super soaraway seven page Sunday thus far. Anyone know what the Sunday record is? ETA - apart from the Sunday Mail. Ba dum tssh.
  8. It doesn’t, drug companies are bound by law to announce results as soon as they’re obtained to stop insider trading. It’s f**k all to do with politics.
  9. That’s phenomenal mate. You’re the cyberspace Ad Lib
  10. It’s also not true, 538 is called such because there’s 538 Electoral College votes in a US General Election. Bush’s margin of victory was 537 votes in FL.
  11. Youre telling me that marshmallow isn't doing this? Marshy’s quite happy now that he’s got the funding for his new Jamaican place.
  12. Aye. And was keen to rename US bases currently bearing the name of Confederates. Poor Donny doesn’t realise he’s just given the guy’s CV the kiss of life by punting him.
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