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  1. whisky lovers

    65 is about the same as it was in $USD when they dropped here earlier this year. I picked up the Lochnagar as it's standard Lochnagar and it's the only way to get it in this country. The rest of them are all unique liquids; the reviews haven't been good, barring the Clynelish, which was also about $65. The Singleton was the cheapest of them at $25-30
  2. whisky lovers

    Well no, but she just put it straight out there unprovoked. We're going to be using this as a lesson about context.
  3. whisky lovers

    If I have to put anything in a cage it'll be my daughter. Called me a bawbag on FaceTime today. Age 4. Charmer.
  4. whisky lovers

    Iv had the Winters Gold its shite. Sorry. x Much appreciated, that makes room in the suitcase for something non-shite.
  5. whisky lovers

    Anybody had the Dalwhinnie Winter's Frost? Mrs is back in Scotland and I've asked her to bring back a couple of things that don't make it to the US.
  6. People you thought were dead but aren't

    I've got some Nicklaus fivers, I'll let you know when he does pop his clogs, they'll be going on eBay
  7. Local shops

    I tend to go to the supermercados (Mexican grocery stores) for produce, because it's usually better than the stuff in the mainstream supermarkets, and also can get stuff like frozen croquetas, Colombiana etc. Go to independent beer stores (Bottles & Cans, Bitter Pops, Capone's) for beer because they've got a ton of shit in from local brewers who don't produce in enough scale to even think about supermarket listings. Sometimes go to a local chain called Mariano's - when we moved up here, the guy who put us up took us there, basically to show off - most of them have a bar, and you can get a pint and take it round with you doing your shopping and give em the glass back at the end - and the novelty of that hasn't quite worn off yet.
  8. Julian Assange Arrested

  9. The Official President Trump thread

    Although fun fact, Chicago now has a thriving peregrine falcon population; they nest at the top of the skyscrapers and use em as platforms to dive down on unsuspecting birds from above.
  10. Celtic v Rangers: Mothering Sunday: Midday

    Then the country's average IQ will go up 5 points as a result of him not being in it.
  11. Celtic v Rangers: Mothering Sunday: Midday

    Morelos is when Jiminy Cricket made PC Cabe a real boy.
  12. Things you want to share with P&B

    May have been conceived in an off-brand version of DA Baracus' sex pram; toothpaste advertising lady Dr Janice Pronstroller

    Oops. Got confused with the well known pirate Shandon Paaarrrr.
  14. The Official President Trump thread

    Let's see the report. At the moment all we have is a guy appointed to say 'nothing to see here' saying 'nothing to see here'
  15. Best school fight you saw

    Are you proposing a tinder style app that kids can use to match each other for a bit of handbags?