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  1. He said last week he wanted to be perp-walked and cuffed, presumably for even more publicity, although I’m not sure why he thinks there won’t be enough. He also apparently told an aide he thinks if he got shot, he’d win the election, although that obviously hinges on the shooter not being a very good shot.
  2. And you’ll need a fucking scary prosecutor to tell Jimmy Carter he’s best to take a plea deal and not hold out for trial now.
  3. Whoever he dictates his rants to is either fat fingered or is now deliberately taking the pish out of him
  4. Oh aye, they wouldn’t be able to send him to FL even in theory, would they, it’d be Rikers Island or confining him to Trump Tower? Were Cohen and Weisselberg’s convictions State of NY?
  5. Soon Soros and woke will combine to form Wokeros, the ultimate enemy of the right, although they still won’t know the first fucking thing about it.
  6. Not all that convincingly, from anything I’ve seen. And it should be fun watching how he tries to explain that he actually didn’t get his pants wedgied over his head by Disney yesterday.
  7. Unlikely; even in the event of a custodial sentence being passed the logistics would be so insane I’d think some sort of house detainment at Mar A Lago would be the best option. And I’m sure he can; didn’t Eugene Debs run from jail?
  8. Last head to head poll I saw - yesterday or Tuesday - had Biden beating Trump but losing to DeSantis if the election were held now. Indicting him will certainty galvanize his base and get him the nomination - but there’s nobody out there now who doesn’t know who he is and I don’t know that anyone outside of Fox News viewers who could think he’s being unfairly treated. There could still be some ‘centrists’ who could vote DeSantis out of ignorance.
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