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  1. TBF he’s down to 1200 Twitter followers - it’d actually be pretty hard to come across him by accident were it not for his horrible wee acolytes all having 300 accounts each.
  2. Can I *confirm* that the word does actually start with ‘co’?
  3. I think it’s a bigger factor now than then; in 2011 Labour being able to win general elections was fresh in everyone’s mind. Currently I’d be surprised if they win another one before 3011.
  4. It’s one of the many arguments that helped support for independence go from ~30 to 45% over the first referendum campaign.
  5. Which illustrates the need to GTFO beautifully.
  6. Yeah, no, she’s under fire for that hideous interview where she said her pals are leaving California because they don’t like looking at homeless people. There’s also the fact she’s a hypocritical cuntress re female sports, but it’s the thinner end of the wedge. (No golf pun intended)
  7. None of which negates the fact Salmond is now electoral poison, as wholly demonstrated by his dismal showing in this election. When a 70s rock band needs to pay off a tax bill but fractures into ‘Starshine’ and ‘The Real Starshine’ nobody goes to see the one with the non-current lead singer and a shower of mutants for a backing band.
  8. Whether they do or don’t exist, I’m not entirely sure how Salmond - a man with worse approval ratings in Scotland than Johnson - being in Holyrood would have helped any. Let alone the particular ‘arseholes on Twitter’ - Stuart Campbell and Denise Findlay - he’d bring with him.
  9. Would be *thrilled* to have Stuart Campbell checking the contents of his pants at the pub khazi type post.
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