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  1. Off Color’s rather excellent Oktoberfest. I’d love to talk about the dark caramel color and smooth head but I’ve kinda fucked that. Sorry.
  2. I went to Tacocat by myself last year because I found out there were still tickets on the day of the show. I’m old as f**k tho, so it was just a case of me standing up the back rather than me and the wife standing up the back.
  3. Not for me, she blocked me on Twitter for calling her an attention seeking arsepiece after she wrote that ‘If I was old I’d be happy to Covid and not hurt the economy’ piece in whatever fascist shitrag pays for her droolings.
  4. He might have but just didn’t fancy the kicking he’d have got from asking your maw.
  5. Kinda moved past that and into the step-Maw with her head stuck in the washing machine these days. I’m glad mine’s top loading.
  6. I’m out! And if I’d looked at the weather beforehand I’d have probably made my excuses, so might be a lesson in doing rather than overthinking.
  7. Can be. On an easier to notice (because you're not relying on a specific event or trigger) level, it's lack of interest in things you'd normally like. I'm not the best at the moment, and I *know* going out cycling will help; the fresh air, the vitamin D from the sunshine, the endorphins when you come back in, possibly a beer in the shower if I know I don't have to drive later on. All of it's great. Didn't manage to get out all weekend and then had to force myself out today. Glad I went now, trying to bookmark that feeling for tomorrow.
  8. Is the Chicago box just for subscribers mate? I’d love to get that for my old boy - he hasn’t made it across since Covid hit but I can’t see it anywhere on site.
  9. Maybe not the most salacious headline, but the accused’s name ties it up quite nicely
  10. I did to a discord server and it wasn’t although it was removed and the mod called me a manky b*****d, which is fair.
  11. My bird’s from Fife, all I needed to do was have most of my own teeth.
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