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  1. I thought he paid someone else to do that for him. With journos, at least.
  2. Not shares, but Michael Cohen was paid $1m for access to Trump's healthcare policy in 2016 by them - https://lawandcrime.com/covid-19-pandemic/major-producer-of-hydroxychloroquine-once-paid-michael-cohen-hefty-sum-for-access-to-trump/amp/?__twitter_impression=true
  3. Pound's just dropped 0.3% against the dollar on the news so that's my mortgage 2 or 3 quid cheaper.
  4. I just did and there isn't. EDIT - have scrolled back, and both of those are prior to him being admitted to intensive care, not since, which makes your point rather disingenuous. I suspect you know that and is why you didn't directly quote, as the quotes would be timestamped.
  5. Still scumbags tho - https://extra.ie/2020/04/06/sport/soccernews/liverpool-refuse-to-refund-atletico-fans-who-didnt-travel-amid-health-fears
  6. Tommy Lee not a fan of the President, it seems -
  7. https://www.lgbtqnation.com/2020/03/evangelist-mocked-coronavirus-response-anti-trump-mass-hysteria-dies-covid-19/
  8. Mine used to be and then I read H_B's posts and having a dirty protest seemed the only option.
  9. It's weird how small places feel when there's no people around; I'd figured it would have been the opposite, but things seem more claustrophobic without any life in them.
  10. It's a fixed menu mate; this week it's coq au vin, with 50/50 potatoes - apparently half potato, half butter - and pot de chocolat. It's this kind of stuff normally - https://www.alinearestaurant.com/site/cuisine/
  11. In the good books, as Alinea - 3 Michelin star joint that's normally $300+ a head for dinner - is doing pickup fixed meals for $40 and I've snagged the Mrs one for next Saturday.
  12. Good piece from the New Yorker that might shed a bit of light on some of the lunacies of the US system for some - https://www.newyorker.com/news/dispatch/illinois-confronts-a-chaotic-white-house-approach-to-the-coronavirus?fbclid=IwAR1GxIPbV51N4cR2xoy0yvDuW0GZHIsTAh-NUUzWLFIJmh5mOcks5CDYS_I
  13. 'Getting told to f**k off for trying to take pictures of folks in hospital' thread for this pish IMO.
  14. Communal 'dog' I guess - coyote on the Magnificent Mile in Chicago this morning
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