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  1. The best thing I’ve had with it was a Pipeworks pineapple milkshake DIPA which was phenomenal; it did have actual pina juice in it and it played fantastically with that. This stuff -
  2. Do they print the hop bill on the cans? There’s a million and one hazy hypebeast efforts here, but I do know that I’ll avoid anything with Nelson sauvin: it has a grapey note that I don’t like, and some folks don’t like sabro because it’s got a coconut thing going on.
  3. If Alison had come in with a mohawk, I’d find it hard not to ask her if she’d gotten her tit pierced.
  4. I didn’t want to talk about anything particularly, I was just calling Graham Linehan a p***k. You fire on talking about whatever you fancy,
  5. I was making a joke to HTD about Graham Linehan; I have no interest in discussing transphobia and transphobes in general. They’re all rotten arseholes screaming because they’re desperate for getting attention from being victimised by some boogeyman they’ve conjured up and in 20 years time we’ll look at them as being on the same wrong side of history as the homophobes of that day. Who died and made you mod anyway?
  6. This might be the last place willing to host him before he eventually gets reduced to Parler. Or writing ‘I’m in this toilet and only this toilet because I’m a boy with a willy, yes I am’ on the walls of public conveniences.
  7. Personally I’m looking forward to Div signing a deal with Bezos that any posting to the OF forums renders the poster immediately sterile. He can have a hot tub the size of Love Street for that.
  8. Negative. Reading it’s made me feel drained to the point I’m a little flat.
  9. https://www.thescottishsun.co.uk/news/scottish-news/6702263/two-scots-women-accused-shoving-batteries-mans-anus/ You have to think if there was any excuse for making lots of puns relating to charges this would be it, but it seems to have totally whooshed them.
  10. Stool Urine Blood Hair Costco cheese counter
  11. Would a travel agent book that kind of thing for you or would you have to do it yourself (pardon the pun)?
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