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  1. Farage was openly angling for one when it looked like it was going to be a narrow verdict for remain. Whether it'd have happened, we'll now never know, but the amount of press coverage and BBC exposure the odious little c**t gets, it wouldn't have been swept under the carpet.
  2. I got to the bit where he used the word 'wrongthink' and then threw up in my mouth and stopped.
  3. He's just annoyed because both the women that sometimes let him pump them like Justin more than him.
  4. I've become one of those c***s that shouts when they sneeze, and should do the decent thing and look at flights to Zurich.
  5. I'd agree with Dons_1988, it seems like you know what's eating you, and pretty much how to fix it but just can't get the bridging point. I don’t expect all the answers or a solution but I do know that I have to change, to stop being angry, to properly confront and sort out work issues and maybe try some new clubs or events but it just seems like a closed loop of hopelessness. This, and the bit about joining the new gym, seem like you're putting too much pressure on yourself, running a million scenarios thru your head and trying to plan ahead for them happening which is leading to anxiety and paralysis. You've mentioned hillwalking - I remember when I was a kid and my old man would take me into Tiso's in Glasgow, they used to have a noticeboard up for group hikes and the like. If those are still things - might not be in this day and age when everything's online - would be worth taking down a couple of numbers/emails. Don't commit to anything too much, but have it there. Alternatively, join something like the Ramblers Association - if you're putting member subs in, it might give you that bit of motivation to go and get a return on the money. Most of the events will be a haul around Arthur's Seat or similar rather than a full blown ice climb up north, so should be fairly casual and pressure-free. I can never beat going cycling to get out of my own head when that needs to happen.
  6. So in much the same way Father Jack woke up after 12 years and found out he was still a priest, Kincardine's woken up after 36 and found out he's still Rik from The Young Ones?
  7. Ooft. Just woke up to find the Bears win, gonked out at 17-20. Nagy is still a c**t.
  8. I have no idea who thought anyone in either Detroit or Chicago wants to listen to fucking country music.
  9. Also Nagy looks like a baldy Kris Boyd
  10. It's midday here and I've already got the imperial stouts cracked watching this pish.
  11. I thought this thread was for helping each other out?
  12. Hopeless attempts at haiku thread for this pish m9.
  13. She gave an interview after his falling, and apparently they were at it all over the set and Rod was packing a fair bit of...umm...rod.
  14. BRB, off to Twitter to inform Dean he is a prime OFTW.
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