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  1. Hmm. Could be accused of being a weirdo stalker without that context.
  2. What if the paramedic was quite fit and had big boobies?
  3. I’d probably keep them as Ben and Maisie, they’ll be used to those by now mate.
  4. Not according to Biden - https://www.nbcnews.com/politics/2020-election/biden-says-he-would-not-pardon-trump-n1207531
  5. Jim Murphy’s kids, who have gleefully taken up the mantle of ripping the hole out of him when his back’s to them.
  6. If it is, it’s the only one that’s ever smiled.
  7. I don’t even know if it’ll go as deep as that mate - we’re in the midst of a pandemic and we’re reading about death all the time, however because it’s invisible and esoteric, it’s sometimes hard for people to connect with it. When it’s someone she knows, regardless of how it happened, it brings it home and pokes a big finger of one’s own mortality at you, which is doubly stressful when you’re having to make big adjustments to the way you live life in order to keep yourself and everyone else safe.
  8. There’s now talk of Trump/Barr sending the Fed chuds from Portland into Chicago so given I’ve got a funny accent and look a bit Muslimy, I might get to live this one out in real time.
  9. If I change my star sign does that mean Graham Linehan’s going to hate me?
  10. It does seem a bit dishonest for someone who goes thru so many ID’s to be so against self ID.
  11. There was also the time in the wake of the Brass Eye fallout when I think the Mail were on day 4 or 5 of Channel 4 must be taken off the air being the front page, when they published pictures of her and her sister - aged 13 and 9 at the time - in swimwear - on page 3, dismally enough. And then the next day the front page was, again, hang Chris Morris for encouraging noncery.
  12. Might fall under data protection law; I can’t think of a *reason* they’d need to have it, so even if they do, busting it out might get them in schtum.
  13. Be nice if they had a bit of fun with it and got a silver hammer for offing her with.
  14. What Day of the Lords said is ideal, but if you’re not looking for a new bike just now and you don’t run drop bars, bar ends might help. Longer stem will make handling slower.
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