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  1. And yet was a very creative force last season and again last Sunday his cross leads to the goal. I agree [email protected] - he's both very good and hopeless at the same time. Essentially a young player magnified 10 times
  2. Partner has a job at Raigmore and myself at Stoneyfield Business Park so within commuting distance of both is where we will be looking. Our house is on the market now
  3. I can safely say I was not at Kilmarnock but neither do I touch drugs. I've yet to see Kennedy in the flesh produce something
  4. Beginning to think Romeo is the online persona of either Davie Provan or Martin Compston as they are the only Celtic men with similar sized chips on their shoulders about The Famous Aberdeen
  5. Tactically we were hopeless with 10 men. Neither the players nor DM knew how to change when we lost Campbell and we made some dreadful substitutions. Having Cosgrove and Main on with 10 men was beyond mental and I know both McLennan and McGinn were quiet but they are better options than Kennedy and Hedges. 4 home defeats on the bounce and 8 wins in the last 23 games. I don't know where we go from here with the management team. We have a group of naive players who need strong tactical instruction which isn't DMs strong point. We did well in the cup but we are still in wretched form generally. We seem incapable of arresting this run either. I do realise we were up against after the red card but it's not a pretty picture just now. However on a selfish note with an impending move to the Highlands for Mrs BucksburnDandy and I, that win today should seal two "home" games for me next season. So every cloud and all that. Enjoy your night Staggies, you deserved the three points
  6. Fair play to Alex Dyer. Trying to shit it out 3-2 and gets knocked out
  7. Was just away to post the [email protected] - 45 minutes to keep our season alive. Crowds will fall off a cliff if we go out
  8. Safe to say Motherwell without Declan Gallagher are a fucking gang at the back.
  9. Not at [email protected] - provided useful information. I mentioned the Devlin fallout with DM post Scotland games so I'm probably to blame for the subsequent shit stirring
  10. On Devlin, no idea about yesterday but apparently he had a falling out with McInnes after his Scotland debut due to coming back with a "billy big baas" attitude. As we all know, DM has no time of day for that type of attitude and that led to a falling out and Devlin not really being seen for weeks after his f**k up at McDiarmid Park. Let's hope there's not been another falling out
  11. See I'll disagree (and I'm knit picking because I'm very happy with our performance yesterday) on the basis that our holding player, Ojo, had been struggling for a good five minutes before the winner. A bit more positional discipline when carrying an injured player might have seen us see out the point we deserved as a minimum. However I am very much being a grinch here, so apologies to all. Nothing personal. Just very frustrated to put so much in as a team and get f**k all from it. We were superb as a team, even McKenna who outside the weakness for the first goal dealt with the Celtic front two very well.
  12. We will agree to disagree on both points. I like Andy but don't commit if you can't get back. Primary job is to defend and not attack, as negative as that sounds. As for Dallas, I thought he was woefully inconsistent for both teams and is way out of his depth.
  13. Feel very conflicted today. While I absolutely fucking detest losing to both Celtic and Rangers, I have to confess general satisfaction with the performance. Felt like we competed superbly well and a point was the least we deserved. Outstanding performances from Main, Ojo, Ferguson, McLennan and Taylor but the pick of the bunch has to be Niall McGinn. He looks to have had a new lease of life playing centrally and with his pace not being there anymore, it suits him well. Only gripes with the Dons today was McKenna weak at the first goal, Considine not tracking Ajer at the second goal and Kennedy struggling to make an impact. However I think Kennedy will be good for us, he needs a full pre season with us. Andrew Dallas is absolutely hopeless as an official. Just absolutely shite.
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