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  1. I could come on and post long and well argued posts like a number of you have above but it boils down to this for me Would I rather have Derek McInnes or Stephen Glass in charge? The answer is simple - Derek McInnes. So as much as I think things are stale, far better with the devil we know than some unproven coach.
  2. Glad I'm not the only one who has noticed this. He's the same for Southern Ireland. Makes mistakes frequently including positionally and loves to dive into heroic last ditch diving attempts to block shots.
  3. Not sure I know how you feel, think you need to get off the fence [email protected] On a side note, what is it with local lads and signing for the ****? Weasel b*****ds.
  4. Partick Thistle are shut down because they play at a level with predominantly part time clubs. That is because they were so shite last season that they deserved to be relegated. Football is a meritocracy, not a closed shop. Tough luck. Suck it up and get better.
  5. Turns out Hazard is worse. Another flappy error from him. Superb self destruction there from Celtic.
  6. Laxalt is dog shit is my only conclusion of watching the last 20 minutes of this game.
  7. They'll use the words "asked to" as the wriggle room. "Must" being used for 4am tomorrow being the difference. Self entitled wanks. Sent from my SM-G960F using Pie and Bovril mobile app
  8. Suspect that all of the following are applicable: 1) We couldn't shift anyone on 2) We may have budgeted for some more income by now which has not panned out due to Covid 3) We have stretched our budget to the max to land McCrorie among others in the summer. Ultimately while we lack a bit up front, we are relatively decent defensively so we have to hope that keeps us above Hibernian and win us the Scottish Cup. I think the only things I would like to see done differently is a continuation of the quieter period we have seen from Dave Cormack lately, we don't need updates every single day, and also if the season does get stopped, we need to furlough instantly. While the gesture of getting players to phone fans was nice, the cost savings lost in March and April might have been enough to land a player in January.
  9. Both very fair posts and I don't disagree. I guess it's frustration from my part on losing the lad but as many have said, it likely will be another Peter Pawlett style move where he's too fragile for England and ends up back at a wee team up here. Fair point chaps. Apologies for the moan.
  10. Hopefully we can give them a proper game this time round. The first game was meek and the game at Ibrox was just a horrible afternoon. We have looked rather powderpuff without the crowd behind us at Pittodrie and hating us at Ibrox.
  11. Understandably so but my point remains in that it is not a one off - it's a pattern that the club need to address.
  12. From my point of view, the biggest annoyance would be a player from our academy leaving once again for nothing more than a development fee like Fyvie and Fraser. You wonder how many times the club are going to get done like this before changing the way we do contracts with these younger players? McKenna being the exception to the above rule before anyone correctly points that out.
  13. Don't give me hope like that about Ojo being punted. I've already resigned myself to another half season of dross from the Belgian Pirlo
  14. Sums up my thoughts perfectly my good man. Chapeau. Frustrating but hey ho. The best thing about today was still Stuart Duff so let's not let a dull 0-0 get in the way of appreciating the great man.
  15. Not sure that DM needs to go for there to be a freshen up. I may have said on here before that in my mind if DM wants to continue on with us, the best thing he can do is shake up the staff around him to bring some fresh ideas to him. Appreciate that Tony Docherty and him are very close but sometimes there is a need for some different thinking, some new training ideas and also perhaps a shake up of the scouting network. I can't see us changing manager anytime soon.
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