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  1. In all seriousness, Jack Ross has to be under pressure already. That's not acceptable in the slightest, no matter how good AZ are, the way your team just kept on playing naively has to raise questions about Ross's tactical setup.
  2. That is a beautiful end to the athletics meet. A good night for Scotland on the track. I can only imagine the tears on the BBC.
  3. They've monumentally failed, Blackford and Sturgeon. They deserve every bit of criticism coming their way over this. Backing Grady even tacitly by not removing him from the party after the investigation found him guilty is dreadful.
  4. Ultimately, it has been a disappointing camp this time round. However the win tonight is a good one and does show the progress that the team has made, taking advantage of a gang in such a dismissive and comprehensive manner in the second half. Major issues in terms of lack of tactical flexibility and our defence tonight being a clowncar outfit. However I'll park that on this thread to celebrate the good stuff from Armstrong, Patterson and McGinn who all looked very bright tonight. Patterson is a big upgrade on Ralston, McGinn looked better tonight than his last three games. Armstrong was outstanding, and has had one of the few creditable camps this June. Roll on September, hopefully with a fit KT.
  5. Jack Hendry, Jesus f**k. Absolutely shocking
  6. Took in France 0-1 Croatia tonight. Croatia were superb in closing the game out in the last 10 minutes. Their use of the ball was superb. Outwith the final 10, they looked more threatening to get a second goal. France huffed and puffed but had little quality middle to front. Rabiot is a bad player.
  7. Watched Slovenia 2-2 Serbia last night. Was a very enjoyable encounter all in as the Slovenians came from 2 down
  8. That was embarrassing stuff. We were thumped and the game was gone half an hour in. Trying not to get too reactive but after standing and watching that, I'm really struggling to see why Clarke should remain in charge. He's far too slow to react to things going wrong and utterly tactically inflexible.
  9. That's an astonishing decision. West England getting the sort of breaks South Ireland got from 2000-2016
  10. Glad to hear that Hoose Rice is getting help and is safe. Hope to see him back posting soon and more importantly hope to hear things getting better for him soon too. All the best Hoose Rice.
  11. Yes I think the swift actions of the mods and posters should be recognised, well done to the mods and Andy Dufresne in particular. I hope Hoose Rice is safe.
  12. Stunned that a defence containing a geriatric Broadfoot, Wallace Duffy and Danny Devine were shite at basic defending. Stunned I tell you.
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